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Increase Facebook Likes and Mobile App Downloads

Get upto 5x better ROI using Social Ads to drive Likes for your Facebook Page and Mobile Installs

Mobile App Downloads

Several hundered customers have used our services to increase their app downloads via Facebook campaigns. With our experts who understand Facebook advertising & mobile apps deeply, we have already been able to reduce Cost per Install by upto 80% for large number of brands. Contact us today to get started.

Pay Per Like to increase your Facebook fan base

Increase your fan base by paying simply for likes you get - we do all the work to partner with other pages, create advertisements that convert on FB and do everything else under the sun to drive your likes, so you don't have to!
  • You must subscribe to one of the SocialAppsHQ packages and mark the page as paid in My Account. Pages marked as paid will be considered for our Pay Per Like package.
  • Minimum Spend of $1,000 required.
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Questions ?
I want a custom plan, so that I can grow likes for various pages and target different types of fans for every page
Please go to 'My Account' -> 'Pay Per Like' preferences and provide your details. You can also email us at and we will work with you on it
I want a lot of likes! Can you help?
Yes, we can. Simply sign up and contact us at We will take care of your requirements!
How do you get me likes and are they of quality?
  • Mainly two methods -
    1. We buy FB advertising on your behalf and use our technology to improve conversion, click through rates etc
    2. We will cross promote you on SocialAppsHQ pages and email to encourage customers to like your page.
  • Our targeting is focused to increase quality and relevance based on parameters defined by you. If you want to target your marketing efforts further, please contact
How much time will this take?
There are several factors like size of your campaign, demographic settings that determine the time frame.
You sent me an email that your order is cancelled. Why?
We evaluate your FB page based on whether you are promoting content that we are not comfortable with, involved in any corrupt/cheating practices, or, if you are in violation of any copyrights etc. Please note that this decision is totally up to SocialAppsHQ

Note that although we do our level best to meet our commitments and assess the estimated cost per like before the campaign starts to run, it may change as FB advertising system is very dynamic. If we are unable to meet our initial commitment, we will let you know ASAP and provide you with new estimated cost. You will have an option to either either cancel and get the partial refund or, pay remaining money given the new estimates. In past, this has only happened for 5% of our campaigns.
You cancelled my order, so where is my refund?
Refund processing typically takes couple of days to go through. If partial amount was spent on your behalf before campaign was stopped, you will be refunded the remaining balance.