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In SocialAppsHQ, we provide authentic, high-quality Facebook comments to enhance your company’s online presence.

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About SocialAppsHQ’s Facebook Comments

If you’re in search of purchasing high-quality and legitimate Facebook comments for your post, then Social Apps HQ is the right choice for you! Check out below to discover what makes SocialAppsHQ’s Facebook comments services different from others.

Facebook Comments From Real Users

When you buy Facebook comments from SocialAppsHQ, we'll run a social media campaign to promote your posts to users that are most likely to comments.

Non Drop Facebook Comments

If you're looking for non drop FB comments, then we have this package for you. No matter how long time has passed we can guarantee you that the Facebook comments we provide in your post will always stay active and will never be deleted.

No Bots Used For FB Comments

In SocialAppsHQ, we focus on utilizing marketing strategies to get real FB users to leave genuine comments that can help you get more engagements to grow your brand.

Affordable Price Per FB Comment

We offer affordable Facebook Comments packages to all of our customers. If you need customized plan for our Facebook marketing services, you can just contact our social media specialist.

Why Buy Facebook Comments?

Facebook comments on your post are an essential element used to boost the relevance and quality of your Facebook post. The more relevant comments you have, the more people will check out your post.

However, it takes a lot more effort and time to figure out how to get active users to comment on your FB posts. 

To know more why you should consider buying our service, read on below and start improving your brand!

Reach To Potential Clients on FB

The chance of your posts to show up in the Facebook new feed increases when you get real users to comment.

By getting your post on Facebook commented on a consistent basis, it will help you to get your post seen by your potential clients.

Comments Establish Credibility

Facebook comments by real users on your post can help to build your credibility.

This can lead to is active customers will want to engage with you more.

Save You Time

Instead of wasting your time in planning strategies to boost your engagement, you'll be able to have more time focusing and improving your business by purchasing Facebook comments.

How to Buy Facebook Comments

Here are the steps to know how to buy Facebook comments with just 3 simple steps:

Choose Your Preferred Package

Choose your required package and add it to your cart.

Once you have made payment, you will be given a link to a dashboard where you can give us us with maximum 5 Facebook post link or photo link, and a max of 6 keywords to be included in the comments.

Take note to provide custom comments as well.

Work on Your FB Comments

We will start working on your order instantly or within 24 hours after you give us the needed info in the dashboard as required above.

Our team of social media marketers will start a campaign to promote your posts to relevant users on Facebook to leave a comment.

Get More Engagement on Facebook

The actual delivery will take longer than 24 hours.

We will inform you via email once it's there or you can check your post link to see if the comments have been delivered.

FAQs About Buying Facebook Comments

Are Your Comments Real & Legit or Are They Fake Comments?

All of our Facebook comments are from real users. This is because we run ads online to promote your post to users to comment on your Facebook post.

Why Is SocialAppsHQ the Best Site to Purchase Facebook Comments?

We can offer genuine and real Facebook comments by running ads, email campaigns and other marketing strategies to hit your desired goal. That’s what makes us different from other social media marketing company that uses bots to generate comments on Facebook.


Is Purchasing FB Comments Safe?

Yes. It is 100% safe to purchase FB comments from SocialAppsHQ. This is because we follow the best practice and the terms of conditions of Facebook when we run our campaigns. So there’s nothing to worry about.

Will Others Know if I Buy FB Comments?

They won’t know because you receive comments from real people.

How Fast Can SocialAppsHQ Deliver The FB Comments

An estimated of 5 – 14 days of delivery is to be expected, depending on the size of your order. We distribute orders throughout a period of time steadily rather than in one go to protect your FB accounts.

Can I Have Facebook comments from certain countries only?

Unfortunately no, you can’t. Your ordered comments will be given by users from all around the world and we cannot state any specific country. If your custom FB post is only available for a certain country, feel free to contact support before making your order.

If I Only Purchase FB Comments Will I Receive Likes and Shares Too?

Yes. It’s possible but we cannot guarantee as it is up to the users to like and share.