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Now you can buy the best Facebook shares service in the market. SocialAppsHQ provides top-quality Facebook engagement packages that are 100% safe. Let us assist you with your needs through our customer support. We guarantee your customer satisfaction with all the services that we deliver.

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About SocialAppsHQ’s Facebook Shares

Get premium Facebook shares services from the best in the industry. SocialAppsHQ has the right experience and tools to help you plan your socialmedia engagements. Our services are 100% safe and in touch with real and activeusers. We only serve the best for our customers.


Real & Active Profile

All accounts that will be used for shares are active users with real profiles. Wedon’t use bot or application-generated accounts which are prone to banning.

Unlimited Shares

Need more Facebook shares? Our services support all Facebook requests by thebulk. Let us know how much you need and we’ll supply it for you.

Non Drop Shares

We guarantee that all our Facebook shares will stay in your accounts for life. Nobannable or suspicious accounts will be used for your request.

Cheap Price per Share

Our prices are relatively cheaper compared to other providers. We includequality services in our pricing so you don’t have to worry about anything.

100% Safe

We don’t ask for sensitive information from our clients to keep them safe. Our services only deal with legitimate sources to help grow your business naturally.

24/7 Customer Support

Need help on something? Our 24/7 support team will help find answers for you.We have multiple communication platforms to support you easier and faster.

Benefits Of Buying Facebook Shares

Facebook shares can increase your engagement by stretching out your reach toother users and even to more countries.

While it gets more attention to users, it also builds your image with the increased traffic that you get from the Facebook shares service.

Get your content promoted

By buying Facebook shares services, keeps your page or content trending andmoving. This allows your Facebook page and content to be promoted morefrequently in users' news feeds.

Increase in engagements

The more your Facebook page or content shared, the more traffic you willreceive. This increases the chances of more activity such as likes, views, andfollows for your Facebook account.

Helps build your social media image

Impression lasts to users, especially in different social media. More shares fromyour Facebook page or content enhance the image you present to users. It alsobuilds credibility on your social media presence.

How To Buy Facebook Shares

Buying Facebook shares from SocialAppsHQ is as easy as 1-2-3.

Let us help you start boosting your Facebook page or content with our 100% safe services.

Choose your package

Select from our available Facebook shares packages. If you need more, we can do customized packages to support your social media goals. Learn more about our services by contacting us.

Enter your details

No need to provide us with sensitive information to keep your accounts safe. Our dashboard requires a maximum of 5 links (Facebook page, photo, or post) which will be used for your request.

Wait For The Results

After completing the order process, we’ll work on our magic to complete your request. See your Facebook shares delivered within the target date and feel your user engagement increase.

Other Facebook Marketing Services

Aside from Facebook shares services, we also have a wide array of services to support your social media marketing goals. These services are all complementary and choosing more than one will enhance your engagements further.

  • Facebook Likes – If you need more boost for passive interactions with users, this service is for you.
  • Facebook Video Views – For more video content than posts or photos, this will help you become viral.
  • Facebook Followers – Make your Facebook page grow by adding more followers.
  • Facebook Reviews – Want to reach a 5 star status on your page? Let us help you achieve your goals with this service.
  • Facebook Friends – Reach out to more users with our Facebook Friends service.
  • Facebook Comments – Make your content and page be heard and seen more by subscribing to our Facebook comments plans.
  • Aged Facebook Accounts – Creating and managing accounts made easy with our Facebook accounts signature packages.

FAQs About Buying Facebook Shares

Is it safe to buy Facebook shares?

Yes, it is 100% safe. All users who will share your Facebook page orcontent are active and real users.

Can my competitor find out if you buy Facebook shares?

No, as we make sure that all shares are organic through drip-feeding.

How does buying Facebook shares works?

Once you have availed of our Facebook shares package and completed the dashboard requirements, we’ll process your request.We’ll run different marketing campaigns for you to receive the requested number of shares.

How do Providers Deliver Facebook Shares?

Our in-house social media marketers will whip out a plan to promote your Facebook page or content to relevant users. This will encourage users to share your page or content and will trickle down to more users.

How long does it take to start the Facebook share delivery?

From the time that we receive your request, it takes around 7 to 15 days for the Facebook shares delivery to start.

Is buying Facebook Share cheap? Can you do $5 share?

Subscribing to cheap Facebook shares service may not be beneficial for you in the long run and some might even be fake. SocialAppsHQ provides the best quality and value for your money.