How Facebook Reviews Help Small Businesses


Have you ever considered activating the Facebook Reviews tab on your FB company page? If you haven’t, then you totally should!

A new era in your growth to open communication with your customers is the advantage of having the choice of receiving direct feedback from your customers.

When you are a business owner, may it be a big corporation or a small company, Facebook reviews play a significant role in boosting up your brand’s identity and reputation. Just imagine the advantages and possibilities for your company that happy customers will bring. With the support of the current ones, there is a chance to begin marketing to new clients. And indeed, this is one of the company’s most potent distribution networks.

In this post, we talk about the top 5 Ways Facebook Reviews help small businesses (and even big ones).

Read on below to know more!

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1. Facebook Page Displays on Local Search Results


Most business owners don’t consider Facebook as a search engine. However, 1.5 billion searches are conducted on Facebook daily. For local businesses, this is an incredibly important statistic to remember, as Facebook continues to give special privileges to relevant and preferred local companies in the results.

If people search for services that you offer and end up on your Facebook page, it is good to have positive and good feedback from your other customers. This will give your business more credibility which will have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

2. Facebook Reviews Can Now Be Shared


Do you ever get a fantastic positive review On Yelp or maybe another local business review website, but have no other way to post it than to get a snapshot? With The Facebook platform, that is certainly not an issue!

Whenever you get a positive review for your small business on Facebook, you can now easily tap on the link beside your five-star ratings, then press on the drop-down arrow icon at the upper right of the review that you’d like to add to your homepage or site and get the code.

Put in another way, right below the reviewer’s name; you could right-click on the time stamp and copy the review link, then share the link wherever you desire to.

Sharing your company’s positive feedback will boost a website user’s viewpoint about your business and may increase the chance that they will find you.

3. People Will See if Their Facebook Friend Left a Review

It’s no secret that people are more likely to trust a suggestion made by a peer or family member.

That is why Facebook allows people to know when a Facebook friend has left a review or positive feedback on a local company. If individuals see that their mates at a local business have good experiences, they are likely to ask questions about the company or even try it out for themselves to gain the same experience.

This viral effect can have a huge impact on the ability of your business to be discovered by groups of people connected via Facebook.

4. There is a Nearby Places Feature on Facebook

We already learned from Google that customers use cell phones more often than not for local searches.

With the Nearby Locations and places feature of their application, Facebook capitalizes upon this. It helps individuals to check for local companies with specific categories close by to them whether they are in their old hometown or traveling around.

Clearly, a hot prospect is a person who is searching for a particular form of a business near them. Again by getting good feedback and reviews on your website, it could influence the potential client to give the products or services of your business a try.

5. Increase The Organic Reach Of Your Facebook Page

Unlike other types of content, when individuals or potential clients search for your business, your recommendations and reviews are discoverable on Facebook. If anyone has requested business advice and your company has been recommended by their mates because of the positive review given, your rating score will be noticeable in their messages.

This will encourage prospective customers to make fast and educated choices that can improve your business sales.

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Conclusion About Facebook Reviews For Local Businesses

Your business’s company review is one of the most crucial factors in increasing your brand reputation, credibility, and popularity. People in your area will most likely become a customer when they see that your Facebook page has excellent and positive reviews.

Not only does it expand your company, but it also encourages others to try your products and services.

Now you’ve understand that how important is Facebook Reviews for your business. It’s time to start collecting reviews for your Facebook Page!

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