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Boost your business by increasing your reach to users worldwide. Buy real and quality Facebook followers with ease.

SocialAppsHQ provides this unique Facebook Marketing service wherein we help brands grow their audience in the most efficient and effective manner.

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About SocialAppsHQ’s Facebook Followers Service

In SocialAppsHQ, we can help you in growing your audiences and engaging with Facebook followers, which promotes your reach throughout the digital sphere.

Real & Active Profile Followers

All of our Facebook followers from our services are 100% real. No fake accounts with stolen images or bot-generated accounts, which are likely to be banned.

We match your brand with the right audience. Thus, the followers you gain are from real Facebook accounts and Facebook profiles.

And as they find real value in your high-quality content, they are more likely to recommend you to more followers. This, in return, will stimulate more activity and traffic for your page.

Cheap Price Per Followers

Our standard Facebook followers packages offer the best value for your money and have the most competitive rates compared to other service providers. The more followers you get, the cheaper it becomes.

When you buy Facebook followers package from SocialAppsHQ, you're assured of profile followers that are active, authentic, and who will genuinely engage with your profile or page. They're real people and so you have the potential to create a dedicated fan base.

Unlimited Followers

Want to take your brand awareness and community engagement even further? We have the right resources to support your business.

Our unlimited pool of followers helps increase your engagement depending on your strategy. We customize packages to help set you in the right direction for your Facebook followers.

100% Safe

Our priority is to deliver quality service and results to our customers and partners in a safe and secure manner. We only deal with actual Facebook profiles and employ a more organic approach to gather more followers for your Facebook page.

We operate within Facebook’s Terms of Usage to avoid any unusual activities.

Fast Delivery

We guarantee fast delivery so that results reflect faster and you gain the metrics you need for your Facebook pages. You may even check the Facebook profile of the followers to see that they are active and authentic.

Our social media marketing strategy is top-notch and we offer a 100% money back guarantee! Our goal is to provide quality Facebook followers and service without sacrificing the speed of delivery.

24/7 Customer Support

A 15-day warranty is given to all services, as well as a responsive 24/7 support team to answer your asked questions. Our live chat channel is open for all your inquiries.

If you have any questions about Facebook followers packages , do not hesitate to read out to us via the live chat or via email.

Why Buy Facebook Followers

Facebook has become the go-to social media marketing platform to increase your business’ reach to a wider global audience. Buying additional Facebook followers increases your engagement and exposure to more users from different locations. And this will generate more leads and conversions for your business, meaning more sales. With organic growth and authentic engagement on social media, you’re assured of greater growth.

Promote engagement with real Facebook users

Adding more followers to your Facebook page will not only boost your credibility as a business but also increases your chances for more users outside of the immediate network to join. Like most social media platforms, they rely on your network to get your message across.

A few followers will snowball to more users and the possibilities are endless. Followers buy Facebook credibility, meaning they believe that what comes across their feed is of value and relevant to their interests.

Increase in traffic

The more Facebook followers join your page, the more active your page becomes.

Whether users only read your content or share it on their timelines, it increases the exposure to other users.

A stagnant will not help you achieve your goals.

Boost sales

One of the reasons why brands buy Facebook followers and avail of this unique Facebook followers service is to draw more attention to their business.

Whether you are selling an idea or a product, interaction with users increases the chance of people actually buying and trying your service and product.

SocialAppsHQ’s Facebook Followers Vs the Competition

There are many social media marketing providers in the market. Here are some reasons why many people especially business owners prefer buying Facebook followers from SocialAppsHQ.

SocialAppsHQ’s Facebook Followers

Other Social Media Providers

How To Buy Facebook Followers

It’s easy to buy real Facebook followers from SocialAppsHQ. All it takes is 3 simple steps. Our services include support for Facebook followers. Whether you need hundreds or thousands of real Facebook followers for your FB page, we have you covered.

Select Your Preferred Package

We have a selection of standard packages for our services. Need a more customized plan for your marketing campaign?

Want more followers and people to like your page? Let us know the number of followers that you would like to buy.

We promise quick delivery time and swift turnaround when buying followers. We make buying Facebook followers strategic and effective.

Provide your details to buy

We care for people’s safety and security. We don’t ask for sensitive data such as login information to complete your request.

Just the name of the profile or Facebook page that you want to promote, and we’ll take it from here.

Our social media marketers are ready to work on your order.

Wait For The Results

SocialAppsHQ guarantees top-quality services. Get followers from different locations and increase your reach around the world.

You’ll see the numbers and increased activity will speak for themselves.

Buying facebook followers will help you achieve organic reach, high-quality results, and brand awareness that will make you top-of-mind among consumers.

How To Get More Followers For Your Facebook Page

To determine whether it’s time to buy our service, try the following first to maximize your reach and network. Here’s how to increase your Facebook followers organically.

1. Users will most likely follow social media pages that they believe are relevant and credible, so invest in polishing your content and building a stronger profile. Get more likes by being clear with your brand and services.

2. People head to Facebook to be entertained and informed, so why not deliver both by diversifying your content. Explore different types and formats.

3. Make sure that your page is searchable by your target audience. Provide your links to your website and other social media accounts.

4. Instead of simply waiting for people to come across your page, be proactive and share your page in other communities. You may also invite potential followers by using Facebook ads.

5. Securing real facebook followers is one matter, and keeping them is another. Keep followers by sharing high quality content and engaging with them. If they like the experience, they’re more likely to share your page and invite others from their own network, exponentially growing your followers.

If you’ve done the following and you still want results, maybe it’s time to consider the next step – buy facebook page followers.

FAQs About Purchasing Facebook Followers

Is it safe to buy Facebook followers?

It is 100% safe to buy Facebook followers. When you buy Facebook followers, you’re getting real users following your page. We don’t use bots or any applications which violate Facebook’s Terms of Usage for our Facebook followers service. We also assure our customers’ safety and security by requesting non-sensitive information for their requests.

How is Facebook followers delivered?

After completing the order, allow us 24 hours to process your request for real followers. We use the drip feeding method to increase your Facebook followers.

When you buy Facebook followers, we ensure slow and steady growth of your FB followers and community. You’ll observe that your posts will steadily gain many more likes and engagement. FB followers like your page and profile at a trickling rate instead of a one-time drop. This allows more organic growth for your page and keeps it safe from being flagged as unusual activity in traffic.

Are your Facebook followers real and legit, or are they fake followers on Facebook?

You’ll get 100% real followers on Facebook from our services. SocialAppsHQ engages with a number of users and promotes connections with other users from their networks to build your followers. We guarantee a safe and secure service that can only be provided to actual, authentic users.

Is the delivery of Facebook followers fast? Is it safe to deliver these services faster?

Depending on the package and services that you have selected, it takes around a week to a month to deliver the number of Facebook followers that were requested. We encourage users to like posts and follow the natural flow of users to prevent the flagging of unusual activity for your post or page.

Where do the followers come from?

The Facebook followers come from different users all over the world. Your page will be promoted in different channels and will be present in different countries. Your posts – especially if they’re of quality – will garner the interest of those in their network. This increases the chance of more people outside of our service following your Facebook page and facebook profile and liking your posts.

Can I buy a number of followers from a specific country?

This is frequently asked question. Unfortunately, as we’re dealing with real users, their location will be varied and cannot be targeted to a specific country. Check their facebook profile and see that they’re real. What can be assured, however, is that the number of users following your Facebook page use the language that you use in your post and profile.

How much does it cost to buy Facebook page followers?

Our standard packages range from 250 to 1000 number of followers, which cost $20 to $70. Should your request be beyond this, feel free to contact us anytime so that we can provide you with a more extensive package to suit your needs.

Will I get Facebook Likes If I Buy Followers

It depends on the number of followers that you buy. However, you need to make sure that you’re posting great content that attracts your audience to like your page.

Let us help you achieve your goals

Whatever your social media marketing goals are, SocialAppsHQ is the best place to get new followers. We’re here to help in different ways!

From developing the right posts to boosting the right visuals to having your real facebook followers like your posts and facebook profile, our services can help optimize your facebook ads, page, and performance.

Our staff is highly trained to provide the quality service that you deserve. Our services are guaranteed to be 100% safe that uses real and active prof. We include a 15-day warranty for all our services to keep your mind at ease.

We are here to assist you every step of the way with our 24/7 support and services. For any questions, we are available any time through our many communication channels. We value the time you spend with us and are willing to hear out your concerns to further improve our service. All it takes is one message.

Let us start you up with the best Facebook followers service and secure a package from us today! Buying a package is easy! Get results for your product and service!


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