How to Add a Product Feed to a Facebook Catalog

How to Add a Product Feed to a Facebook Catalog

Want to get more more sales for your products on Facebook? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right post. It’s time to take advantage of Facebook Catalog to generate more revenue.

Before we share with you how to add a product feed to a Facebook Catalog, we’ll explain what is a Facebook Catalog.

What is Facebook Catalog?

Facebook Catalog

Facebook Catalog is one of the platform’s advertising systems that enable you, the business owner, to link a product feed from your store’s website to Facebook. Connecting product feed to Facebook is especially important because of three main reasons.

  1. Firstly, it allows the platform to provide potential customers with essential information, such as product quantity and price. This ensures the accuracy of the ads that it will produce.
  2. Secondly, Facebook’s link to the product feed enables it to tweak ads based on the availability of the product.
  3. Finally, having Facebook linked to the product feed lets you use particular ecosystem ads, like Instagram shopping tags or a Facebook shop–options you would otherwise not have.

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What do I need to prepare to use Facebook Catalog?

The number one requirement for Facebook Catalog is a product that complies with Facebook policies.

Second, you will need a website with a storefront, serving as the source of the product catalog. The information on your website must be accurate and updated. 

Next, you need to have a Business Manager account with your store linked. This is necessary for creating the catalog.

You will also need a Facebook tracking pixel installed onto your website, so that Facebook can access information on the website and keep track of information such as sales. 

A Facebook page is not absolutely necessary, but it may help you maximize the types of ads you are allowed to use. For instance, boosted posts. You may also create an Instagram business account, although this is not required if you do not plan to run shopping ads. For more information to customize your page, you can read this post about how to change your Facebook page URL.

How do I add a product feed?

Assuming you have gone through all the steps of creating a catalog, it is time to add a product feed. There are five easy methods from which you can choose depending on your capability and needs.

settings to add items to Facebook catalog
  1. Use the Facebook Catalog Batch API. For this method, coding skills are necessary as you will need access to the Batch API. This is suggested for storefronts in which data varies often or in which you have large amounts of data that will take a long time to import.
  2. Add products by syncing with existing e-commerce platforms, for example, Shopify. Note that the instructions for adding products may vary from platform to platform, but these should be fairly easy to follow.
  3. Add products manually. This way, you add items one by one and it can work for up to 50 products. This is appropriate for smaller storefronts or those where data does not need to be updated often. You must have product details and images ready, the latter possibly needing to be formatted to fit the ad system. This also works for all catalog types, except real estate.
  4. Add a data feed file, another manual technique in which you upload one batch file containing the information which Facebook will analyze and add as new products. 
  5. Link to a Facebook pixel for data imports. This works well for stores with over 50 items, but is limited only to e-commerce product catalogs.
Pro Tip: Before adding your product feed to a Facebook Catalog, ensure you’ve accurately updated your website with all necessary product details. This step is crucial as it forms the basis of your Facebook Catalog, enabling you to connect with potential customers more effectively by providing them with key information like product quantity and price​​. ”

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FAQs About Adding Product Feed to a Facebook Catalog

How do I create a data feed?

Creating a data feed especially for your e-commerce business is easy and convenient. Do the following:

  1. Sign up for a Squarefeed account.
  2. Subscribe to an appropriate plan.
  3. Import your items.
  4. Map your fields.
  5. Download your feed file then upload to your Facebook Catalog.

How do I set up a catalog on Facebook?

Facebook has been developed to be very user-friendly, so setting up a catalog on Facebook has been simplified. Here’s what you can do.

  1. Choose the catalog where you want to add products.
  2. On the left menu, click on “Catalog” and then “Data sources.”
  3. Choose “Add Products.”
  4. Choose “Use Bulk Upload.”
  5. Choose “Scheduled feed.”
  6. Paste the feed URL from your Squarefeed account.

You will then be redirected to an interface showing you the processing result of your product information. 

How does Squarefeed work with Facebook?

Data from Squarefeed that is sent to a Facebook Catalog enables you to tag your products on Instagram as well as create dynamic product ads on both Facebook and Instagram. With a more integrated system and with more interfaces for your customers to engage and host secure transactions, you can ensure better sales and profit for your business. 

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