How To Change Your Facebook Page URL

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How To Change Your Facebook Page URL

If you’re familiar with your Facebook page URL, or what Facebook calls as your username, you know the best URL is the one closest to your page name. So if your URL is not effective enough or you just changed your Facebook page name, it’s important to also update your URL to make sure all your information lines up.

Facebook previously doesn’t allow changes to your URL but fortunately, they updated the site to allow edits. If you’re not sure how to change your Facebook page URL, here are some things you should remember and steps on how to update it.

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Reminders before you change your Facebook page URL

If you’re looking to change your page URL, it’s important to be familiar with Facebook’s username guidelines. Review the following to make sure you’re all set to change your page username or URL.

  • You should be a page admin

Before everything else, make sure you have an authorized role before attempting to change anything for your page. Like all other modifications for your page, Facebook requires changes to only be made by a page admin.

  • Your username should be unique.

When you input your page username, Facebook only allows unique names. If someone else is using the username you’re trying to use, you won’t be able to set that as your username. So try to find a variation of the username you’d like to use in case the username you prefer is already taken.

  • Using capitalizations or periods “.” are not considered variations.

If the username you’d like to use is already taken, keep in mind that Facebook does not consider the use of capitalizations or periods to modify a username. Usernames Jane.Doe, Janedoe, or janedoe are all considered the same by Facebook.

  • Avoid using extensions or generic terms.

Using extensions or generic terms like “.com” or “.net” is not allowed. Make use of alphanumeric characters or periods instead. Examples of characters you can use are the letters A-Z or the numbers 0-9.

  • Choose a username with at least 5 characters.

In choosing a username, it must be at least 5 characters long based on Facebook’s guidelines. Besides letters, you can use numbers or other allowed characters to make sure you reach the minimum.

  • Your Facebook Page username should not impersonate or imitate other people.

Facebook’s guidelines are strict when it comes to impersonation or copying someone else’s identity. In some features, they even have a dedicated team to review reported cases of this. So in choosing a username, make sure yours is unique and loyal to your own brand.

  • Your username should not violate Facebook’s Terms.

Facebook has its own terms and conditions that all users should abide by when using the site. With your username, it’s also covered by their terms so make sure you’re following them to avoid possible hassles.

You should also remember that if you recently created many new pages on Facebook, you won’t be able to immediately change your username. When your page is also inactive on Facebook, your username will be removed.

Changing your Facebook page URL

Your Facebook page URL and username are one and the same. To change it, simply follow instructions on how to change your page username.

Now that you’ve reviewed Facebook’s username guidelines and made sure your new username would be perfect, it’s time to change your username. Here’s how you can do just that.

On your browser

  1. Open Facebook and find  Pages in the menu on your left.
  2. Scroll through to find the page you’d like to change the username of.
  3. Find About on the left side of your page.
  4. Click the Edit option next to your page username.
  5. Input your new page username. 
  6. After reviewing your new username for errors or possible violations with Facebook’s username, click Create username to save your changes.

On your mobile

If you’re having trouble accessing your Facebook page on your computer browser, you can try to do it on your mobile. Although there is no direct way to change your Facebook URL on your Facebook mobile app, you can access your Facebook page through the browser on your mobile phone.

Once you access it, you should be able to follow the same steps on changing your username on your browser with no problem.

Pro Tip: Before changing your Facebook Page URL, ensure you’re an admin and your desired username is unique and aligns with Facebook’s guidelines, avoiding generic terms and mimicking others. To update your URL, navigate to your Page’s “About” section and click “Edit” next to your username. Enter your new username and click “Create username” to save changes. Remember, once you change your URL, the old one won’t work, so update your contacts accordingly.

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FAQs About Changing Facebook Page URL

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on changing a Facebook Page URL. Check it out below.

What happens to my old URL?

Once you change your username or URL, your previous URL will not exist anymore. If a potential connection tries to look for you using that Facebook page URL, they’ll receive an error message saying the page doesn’t exist. So be sure to update your contacts or flyers in case you’ll change your URL.

How many times can I change my Facebook page URL?

Similar to Facebook’s page name change, you don’t have a limit on how many times you can change your URL. What may affect your URL or username change is if you just recently created multiple pages. 

Can I redirect from my old Facebook page URL to my new one?

Facebook doesn’t have a feature of redirecting people from your old page URL to your new one. This is because once a username becomes inactive, other users may be able to use that free username.

What should I do if I get errors when changing my Facebook URL?

If you’re having technical problems or multiple errors when changing your username, contact Facebook’s help center for page troubleshooting. As long as you followed their username guidelines and terms, they should be able to help.

Your unique Facebook page username or URL is how people would find you on the site where millions of users may have a name or business name that’s similar to yours. Making sure your page URL is up to date and unique would help your page make it or break it. So if you’re looking to connect with new and old clients, your Facebook page URL can help you with that. Just make sure to follow these steps and remember these reminders for you to find your market.

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