How To Clean Up Your Facebook Account

How To Clean Up Your Facebook Account

Protect your online branding and improve your privacy.

This can’t be stressed enough: Whether you’ve been on Facebook for a year or over a decade, make it a habit to clean up your profile at least once or twice a year. Even if you’re not really particular about what gets posted in public, things can still slip through the cracks. Doing regular clean-ups makes it easier for your friends and followers to sift through relevant information about you.

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Importance of Cleaning Up Your Facebook Account

Importance of Cleaning Up Your Facebook Account

Cleaning up one’s Facebook account is a tedious task, which is why many choose to sit this one out. You may think: Does it really matter? The answer is YES. If you’re not careful, your Facebook profile can become a liability. 

For example, you’re applying for a job and your potential employer goes through your profile. They may stumble upon an embarrassing video that may put your application in jeopardy – or worse, you may not be even put on the list for consideration. Many companies nowadays check an applicant’s social media accounts as part of their corporate background check. 

Certainly, here’s the updated content with the anchor text “disabling likes and comments” added in the middle of the content, along with 1-2 sentences to support it based on the topic:

Another concern for high-level executives is that if you’re suddenly involved in a scandal, people can use your profile against you. You might have posted an insensitive rant or commented something inappropriate, and these actions can damage your professional and personal life. In such situations, disabling likes and comments on your social media posts can help mitigate the impact. By limiting the ability for others to engage with your content, you have more control over the narrative and can prevent further negative comments or reactions from escalating the situation.

These days, your social media presence can make or break you. Remember, screenshots exist. You should always think before you click.

Pro Tip: Regularly updating your Facebook profile photo and cover image can make a big difference in maintaining a positive online presence. Ensure these images are current and professional to reflect your best self. This small change can significantly impact how you’re perceived online, whether by friends, potential employers, or business contacts.

Tips on How to Clean Up Your Facebook Profile 

To get you started, here’s a list of what you can do to tidy things up: 

  • Update your FB profile photo and cover photo

These two are what people see first when looking at your profile. Make sure that you use an updated photo of yourself that is appropriate and of good quality. This also ensures that your profile is still active. 

  • Fill out your “About Me” information

This section contains important information about you like where you graduated and previous work experiences. This is helpful, especially to potential employers who might want to do a background check on you. Don’t worry because you can always customize the privacy settings of each piece of information.

Additionally, if you need to update personal details like your birthday, you can easily do so by changing birthday on Facebook. Keeping your birth date accurate is important, as it can affect how others view your profile and can be used for verification purposes.

  • Untag, delete, or change the visibility of your photos 

All public photos are visible in the Photo Section of your profile. The good news is that it’s now easier to manage the privacy settings of your photos since Facebook automatically divides them into three: Photos of You (tagged photos), Your Photos, and Albums. Untag yourself from irrelevant or inappropriate photos to remove them from your profile. 

  • Delete irrelevant, questionable content in your timeline 

Your timeline shows your status updates, including shared and tagged photos. Facebook allows you to either Hide or Delete them. 

  • Unfriend or unfollow Facebook friends

This is to streamline your feed. If you’re still connected with a friend somehow and don’t want to seem rude, just unfollow them so that their posts won’t show up on your timeline.

  • Adjust your privacy settings on Facebook 

There are some posts that are appropriate to publish publicly while others might be better to only share with certain people. You can manage your posts through Facebook’s privacy settings. Select the Down Arrow button on top of your homepage. Scroll down and select Settings & Privacy> Settings >Privacy. In this menu, you can choose to: 

  1. Limit the privacy of old posts. You can share them to the Public, Friends of Friends, or just your Friends. 
  2. Limit or refrain others from sending messages and friend requests.
  3. Control whether your profile can be searched outside Facebook.

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FAQs About Cleaning Up Your Facebook Accounts

Here are a few FAQs about Facebook profile clean-ups that might be useful to you. 

Can I mass delete my Facebook posts?

Yes. Facebook has now added a bulk delete tool. To use it, simply select the “Manage Posts” on top of your timeline to view them in thumbnail form. Choose whether you want to hide, archive, or delete selected posts. Facebook will wait up to 30 days before permanently clearing out your recycle bin just in case you change your mind. 

Can I disable some of my notifications? 

If you’re an active user, there are some notifications that you’ll receive by default. These can add up over time and become annoying. To manage them, including push notifications to your mobile device, go to “Settings” and choose “Notifications.” You can choose to turn off notifications from comments and tags to event reminders and updates from friends.

If you don’t want to receive updates from groups you’re part of, you can go through their page directly and turn off all notifications. 

Is there a way to know who viewed my Facebook profile? 

Facebook allows you to know who visited your profile in the last 30 days, as well as those who viewed your most recent posts.

To do this, open your app and click the main drop-down menu. Scroll down until you find “Privacy Shortcuts.” From there, you will see a “Who’s viewed my profile” option under “Privacy Checkup.”

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