How To Create High-Quality Facebook Videos

How To Create High Quality Facebook Videos
How To Create High-Quality Facebook Videos

With the exception of YouTube, social media giant Facebook may be the only other platform that is also a good video host. According to various sources, Facebook video usage has risen by 75% as far back as five years ago, with the number of views averaging at four million.

Facebook videos cater mostly to a younger demographic who have shorter attention spans. However, video makers may get an inaccurate measure of how many views their content gets due to Facebook video’s autoplay feature. Facebook can also track how many engagements your videos get and can even identify when a viewer unmutes your content to actually listen to it.

The more people watch your videos, the more often they appear in their feed. The same also applies when they see and interact less with your content. Facebook videos are also not based on search engine optimization (SEO). If you think about it, people do not really search for videos on the platform. Instead, they watch videos that pop up in their feed.

The approach then, to creating engaging content on Facebook, is knowing your audience rather than creating a video with the purpose of targeting an audience you wish to reach.

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How can I make Facebook Videos that people will watch?

One of the fastest ways to do this is to find out what your audience likes. In terms of brand promotion, figure out what about it draws in your audience: Do they watch product promotional videos? Instructional videos? Are they attracted to skits, interviews, or commercials? Or do they watch a mixture of all these types?

Pro Tip: If you come across a video that gets good engagement, we suggest you save the Facebook video so you can watch it later as a reference.

For more strategies to get more views on this social media platform, you can check these Facebook video tips.

Facebook Videos Example

Short Facebook Videos

Writing a script is also a good idea. The reason for this is to be able to time your video. The shorter a video is, the higher the chances are that a viewer will finish watching it. Stick to 1 to 3 minutes for optimal viewing.

Good quality equipment

In terms of actually recording the video, good quality gear is key. If you are recording an animation, you can animate largely and scale it down to size, or you can animate for the size and quality you are aiming for. If you are doing video, choose from among the high-quality budget cameras that are available on the market.

Crisp audio

For audio, video creators need to edit the sound so that ambient noise is canceled. Getting good microphones is essential to have clean audio and that is where editing comes in. Speaking audio will need to be cut and spliced in, and timing adjustments are required. If your video has no recorded audio, you will need to layer over it with sound. You may add in music and/or sound effects if it is relevant to your content.


All that is left to do now is to polish the video, editing it so that it comes out to a seamless and easy-to-watch video. Do not forget to test-watch it before uploading it onto Facebook, so that you can make the necessary tweaks if any.

Tip: We recommend you publish live videos on Facebook as you can connect with your audience in real-time and understand what type of video topics attract your followers.

How do I ensure that I am creating high-quality videos for Facebook?

In the technical aspect, Facebook has recommendations for videos in terms of format and modes to boost your chances of creating high-quality videos.

Exporting video

Because the video player on the Facebook website is different from, for instance, YouTube, you should export your video in the h.264 video codec (coder-decoder). This is the standard for most types of videos online, such as in Vimeo, YouTube, and even Blu-Ray media.


Your audio should be in AAC format, which is the audio equivalent of the above-mentioned platforms. This is the same one used by a range of technologies from YouTube to Nintendo DS, down to car audio systems. The audio should also be stereo, not mono.

High definition Video

Meanwhile, the video should be in .mov or .mp4 file format. Pixel-wise, your video should have a width of 1280px with an aspect ratio divisible by 16. Typically, the video should be 1280×720 to produce a 720p video. In fact, this is still actually a low definition value. It should also be 30 frames per second (fps) at most. Anything above that will be rejected automatically by Facebook.

Video size

In terms of video size, it should be no more than 4 gigabytes, although this is not a real cause for concern, as this maximum limit translates to more than four hours of high-definition video. Facebook limits video length to 120 minutes, but this is also rare for video creators to make, since, as mentioned earlier, Facebook users have short attention spans.

Pro Tip: For high-quality Facebook videos, focusing on crisp audio is essential. Invest in a good microphone to ensure clean, clear sound, eliminating background noise. Proper audio editing can significantly enhance your video’s overall quality, making it more engaging and professional to viewers.

FAQs About Creating High-Quality Videos To Post on Facebook

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about creating high-quality Facebook videos.

Why is my video blurry when I upload it to Facebook?

Sometimes, videos uploaded to the platform become less defined, or more pixelated, as Facebook compresses videos in the interest of smoother playback. When you first upload a video, Facebook takes a short while to post it in high resolution, particularly if it is a large video. While it is processing, Facebook will play a lower resolution version.

Does Facebook reduce video quality?

Even if videos are in HD, Facebook compresses videos for more efficient playback. However, you can set your videos to HD automatically. To do this, go to “Facebook Settings,” click on “Videos,” and set the Video Default Quality to “HD if available.” You can also set it to low or medium quality if you want your video to play faster.

How can I upload videos to Facebook in HD?

On mobile devices, you can upload pictures in HD from your account settings. For iPhones, tap the hamburger icon found at the bottom of the screen. Locate “Settings & Privacy,” and then tap “Settings.” Look for “Media and Contacts,” and then “Videos and Photos.” Under “Photo Settings,” tap “Upload HD.”

For Android devices, tap the hamburger icon. Tap “Settings,” then “Media and Contacts,” and then “Photo Quality (High).”

Facebook videos are a great format for engagement and promotion and it is highly recommended to study and maximize this option. The potential to reach and impress audiences is great and thus becomes a great tool – and it’s absolutely free to use on Facebook!

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