Facebook Video Tips To Get More Views

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Are you looking for tips on how to get more views on Facebook videos?

You’ve been posting videos for a while now, but they don’t seem to be getting the traction that you were hoping for. Maybe it’s time to change up your strategy and try something new.

Follow these simple steps to increase engagement with your video content so it gets seen by more of your followers.

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Hook Your Viewers within 3 seconds

Hook your viewers within the first three seconds. The first three seconds of a video is called “the Golden time” because it’s when most people decide if they want to watch more or not.

To do that, you’d need to want to have a good opening line.

The first sentence of your video should be catchy and intriguing, it should make viewers want to know more or watch the rest of the video. For example, you can start by asking a question and then answer it in the video.

One thing you should never do is start by introducing yourself or your company, no one cares about that right now.

Instead, introduce what’s happening in the video with an interesting sentence: “Imagine if I told you…”  or “Hey guys! In this episode.

Custom thumbnail for Facebook Videos

It is important to use a custom thumbnail for Facebook videos.

This is because you want to make your Facebook video stand out from other videos in the newsfeed.

You’ll want to create an eye-catching, attention-grabbing cover image that will attract the viewer’s attention.

This is because Facebook has a “Gaze” feature, which will stop scrolling once it lands on your post or video in the newsfeed. *Here are some tips to create an eye-catching cover image for Facebook Videos:*

  • Include text and visuals that catch viewers’ eyes (For example, use bright colors, try a different font and use emojis)
  • Keep it simple (Don’t include too many words or images that will distract viewers from your main message)
  • Include Facebook branding in the image (For example, use any of Facebook’s four logos on the cover).

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Add Subtitles For Your Facebook Videos

Facebook Videos Example

For all your Facebook Videos, you want to make sure you are adding subtitles.

This way, people who do not have the sound on will still understand what is happening within the video and they can choose whether or not to turn up their volume.

Sometimes, your audience might be watching a Facebook Video while their sound is turned off because they are at work or somewhere that does not allow for loud noises.

With subtitles, you can continue to reach your audience without relying on the sound from the video.

This will help boost and increase your views as more people who cannot hear well watch your content!

Embed Your Facebook Videos on Your Website

You can also embed a Facebook video on your website.

This way, you can draw in an audience that is not following you on social media and give them a chance to see what the content of your videos is all about.

Embedding also allows for more views from people who would have otherwise never seen this specific piece of content!

You will want to make sure you use the Facebook video embed code.

To do that, go to your Facebook Video and click on “Embed” in the upper right corner of your screen.

This will bring up a box where you enter the URL for your video, with an option at the bottom that says “<iframe src=”URL HERE” width=”600 ” height=”350″ frameborder=0 scrolling=no allowfullscreen >

Embed Facebook Videos

We suggest that you publish your video on Facebook first, and then embed the video into your website.

This way you are maximizing views by using both social channels.

Catchy Headline on Facebook Videos

You can use a catchy headline to get more views on Facebook videos. Your title should be compelling and relevant to the content of your video.

For example, if you’re posting a video of your dog, the headline could be “Hilarious Dog Goes Crazy When He Sees Snow for the First Time.”

To come out with catchy headlines for your Facebook videos, you can use these tricks:

  • Use numbers in your headline. For example, “24 of the Best Cat Videos You’ve Ever Seen.”
  • Be specific with headlines. So if you’re posting a video about making pancakes from scratch, use a title such as “How to Make Pancakes From Scratch”.
  • Use a quote or tagline at the end of your headline. For example, “You’ll never laugh so hard.”
  • Add an exclamation point or exclamation mark to your headline for extra emphasis or suspense. For example, “You’ll never laugh so hard!”
  • Use a question in your headline. For example, “What’s Your Favorite Type of Pancake?”
  • Use humor in your headline to make it more catchy and attention-grabbing.

And if you’re still having trouble coming up with catchy headlines for Facebook videos, then you can take this as your first tip: make a list of the best Facebook video titles you’ve ever seen. Take those headlines and use them in the future to brainstorm ideas for new videos!

Vertical video outperforms square

For all of your Facebook videos, we suggest that you upload them in vertical video format. Vertical videos are more popular, so your audience will be able to see them without cutting off the top or bottom of their screens.

This is because vertical videos are mobile-friendly which means that most of the people who are watching your video will be on their phone or tablet.

Square videos are not as mobile-friendly because they take up the whole screen and will often cut off part of your video.

So make sure that you upload all Facebook videos in vertical format!

Pro Tip: Hook your viewers within the first three seconds of your Facebook video. This “Golden time” is critical as it’s when most viewers decide whether to continue watching. Start with a catchy and intriguing opening line to grab their attention, avoiding mundane introductions. Instead, pique their curiosity with an engaging sentence right off the bat.

Promote Your Facebook Videos

Most Facebook page owners just upload their videos and expect them to have views. But the truth is, you have to promote your Facebook video to get more views.

So what can you do to get your Facebook videos noticed?

1. You can use Facebook’s paid advertising to promote your videos. With Facebook’s advertising options, you can target who sees your ad and what they see. Note: We suggest that you use the “Video Views” objective when running Facebook Ads to promote your video. This will allow Facebook to optimize your ads to show to a group of audience that is most likely to check out your videos.

Facebook Video Views Campaign Objective

2. If you have an email list, you can use that to promote your Facebook video through an email blast.

3.You can also use Facebook Stories to promote your video. This will allow you to promote your video in a Facebook Story that will be seen by the people who follow you.

We suggest you try those Facebook Video Tips to get more views and see how they work for you. This will give you a good idea of what Facebook’s video strategy might is best for your industry.


We have discussed some of the best ways to get views for your Facebook Videos. From how you title them, to how to promote your Facebook Videos – we’ve covered a lot! If these tips sound helpful but feel overwhelming all at once, don’t worry–you can always contact our team with any questions or concerns about anything in this blog post on getting more Facebook video views.

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