How To Turn Off Facebook Reviews

How To Turn Off Facebook Reviews
How To Turn Off Facebook Reviews

You’ve started your Facebook page for your business and you’ve decided to activate the Review option. This gives you an opportunity to get more feedback from other users and to direct more traffic and attention to your page.

As it gains traction, you see more activity with regards to your content and you see all the reviews coming in.

But sometimes, things just don’t go your way and customers post negative reviews.

How do you deal? Here’s how to turn off and delete Facebook reviews.

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Why Turn Off Facebook Reviews Settings

There are a few reasons why Facebook owners decide to turn off the review section of their Facebook page. One reason might be as a response to firefight the influx of negative reviews. It is possible that the Facebook page is targeted by negative publicity which is not expected by the page owners. Instead of addressing each negative review, it might be best to turn off the review section and address the issue as a whole.

Another would be related to matters of safety. If the reviews received affect the safety of any individual, whether they are part of the Facebook page or anyone outside, it might be better to turn off the Review section. This is also applicable for fake and spam reviews, which post reviews not related to Facebook pages. For cases like this, it is also advisable to report the reviews so that the user accounts will be deactivated and/or reviews be removed from the Facebook page.

How To Turn off Facebook Reviews

Deciding to turn off your Facebook reviews should be decided carefully. If this is the best option for your business, the following steps will help you do this on your Facebook page.

  1. You need to log in to your Facebook account, first then go to your page. Look for the Settings button and click it. This will direct you to the Page Settings page.
  2. From the Page Settings, you will see the Templates and Tabs option. You need to click this to show all the tabs available for your Facebook page. Look for the Review slide bar from the options on the right side.
  3. Click on the Review slide bar. Make sure that the slide bar is grayed out. This means that you have successfully turned off the Review tab on your Facebook page.
settings to turn off Facebook Reviews

What happens when you turn off Facebook reviews?

As soon as you click on the Review slide bar to deactivate it, this will no longer appear on your Facebook page. This includes all the reviews made from the time you had created the page up to the last review that was received. Your page’s rating score will also not appear on the page. Users will no longer be able to add reviews on your Facebook page.

This might also affect your Facebook page’s traffic. Having a high rating score has a higher chance of getting promoted by Facebook to appear more frequently in users’ news feeds. Also, the frequency of updates received by a Facebook page is also considered. Since you will no longer receive additional reviews, your ratings will not be updated.

Pro Tip: Pro Tip: If you find yourself needing to turn off Facebook reviews due to an influx of negative feedback, it’s a simple process. Just head to your Facebook page’s settings, navigate to “Templates and Tabs,” and toggle off the review option. This will hide all past reviews and prevent new ones from being posted. Keep in mind, turning off reviews might impact your page’s visibility and engagement. Consider addressing negative feedback directly or improving services as alternatives to maintain your online reputation.

About Deleting Facebook reviews

There’s no way to delete reviews from Facebook pages, unfortunately. The possible reason that this functionality is made that way is to limit abuse. Users will be freely able to add reviews to pages without the worry of this being removed without their consent.

On the flip side, the page owners build their credibility with this in mind. The reviews shown will be both positive and negative and they cannot select which ones should be shown on their Facebook page.

Other responses to consider before turning off Facebook reviews

Aside from turning off the review section of your Facebook page, there are a few things that can be done. Facebook reviews, when used properly, can do more for your business than harm.

  • Do nothing

This might be a passive approach but doing nothing is accepting the status quo of your Facebook page. If you feel that there is nothing wrong with your business, then there’s no need to do anything. One or two negative reviews are normal and mean that there’s still room for growth for your business. Also, there might be more pressing issues that need to be resolved first besides focusing on getting more positive Facebook reviews.

  • Respond

There are different kinds of responses that can be done. You can get in touch with the reviewer to ask for more information on his/her response. You can also address the negative reviews as one general response through your Facebook page. Regardless of the intent of the response, the most important thing is to plan out on how to response to negative Facebook reviews that you will be making and not add more fuel to the fire. There are things you cannot take back once you have already made them public. page.

  • Report

If there are reviews that you feel violate the community standards, then it is an option to report them. These are related to harassment, hate speech, sharing false information, or the like, which are grounds for reporting. This is an opportunity to make the platform a better and more positive venue for people to share their thoughts and makes it safer for other users.

report fake Facebook reviews

FAQs About Turning Off Facebook Reviews

Here are some frequently asked questions about turning off the reviews on your page.

Can you delete a bad review on Facebook?

Unfortunately, no. Turning off Facebook reviews from your page can be an alternative for this. It will not remove the bad reviews but it will hide all reviews from your Facebook page.

Can you turn off Facebook reviews?

Yes, you can. From the Facebook Page Settings, you can choose to deactivate the Review tab. This will remove the section on your Facebook page, as well as the ratings that you’ve gathered from all the reviews you’ve received.

What happens when you turn off Facebook reviews?

You won’t be able to see the reviews, as well as your page’s rating. People will also be unable to add reviews to your page.

Can I delete a review I made on Facebook?

Yes. Much like a normal Facebook post, you can delete it. You can also edit your reviews as well as change the audience of your post. Whether you want to share it in public or just a handful of your friends, you can change this in your review.

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