How To Get Facebook Reviews

How To Get Facebook Reviews

Businesses have evolved over the years. From retail where you can physically check goods to online shops which are highly accessible and widely used. Receiving and getting feedback also changed with different online platforms available. Product reviews can be seen through blogs and customer feedback through comments sections of websites.

Tips on Getting Facebook Reviews

Tips on Getting Facebook Reviews

Whether your business has just started or has been around for a few years, feedback is important to help grow the business and to understand your customers better. Using different social media platforms such as Facebook allows you to promote products to users and also have a feedback system in place.

Having more reviews for your product can also be a way to reach out to other potential customers and encourage them to support your product.

These are some of the tips to get you started on your Facebook reviews.

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Make sure your Facebook review functionality is on

This is the most important tip of all. If you’re expecting to get reviews but this functionality is not even activated, you might not be getting any. Activating it is as easy as opening the “Settings” button on your page and clicking on the “Review” button. Don’t forget to save changes on your Facebook page. 

Post on Your Facebook group

All pages start out with zero reviews, so asking people you know to review your product or content is one way to go.

What’s good about this is that most of them are your first customers.

They will give honest feedback on your product, which will help improve your business.

At the same time, you’ll be able to make use of their connections to reach out to more potential customers.

Ask Your Customers For Reviews

Your customers are the best source of reviews as they have experienced the actual service or product that you have. Your friends and family might sugarcoat their reviews for your page as they are there to support you all the way. Getting reviews with the intention of improving your business is best when you get them from your first-time and return clients. That is why you need more customers to leave a Facebook review to grow your brand reputation. 

As you build your brand, you might want to directly ask your customers via private message using your Facebook page. The platform makes it easy to not only reach out and keep your customers engaged, but it allows you to get a response faster compared to requesting feedback via email.

Customers are likely to respond to your direct message as you have shown that you acknowledge and appreciate their support. Focus more on the satisfied customers to ensure that the reviews that you will be getting are on the positive side. You can also include discussions on promotions for your product to keep them coming back.

Make a Review Process to Get Feedback Regularly

Eventually, as your business becomes bigger, you will need to create a process to ask for reviews in a continuous manner. There are a lot of aspects in your business that you need to focus more on and automating this process will help you minimize the time that you spend on it.

Create a process where you can send out review requests to your customers on a scheduled time and day. You need to have a continuous stream of reviews to maintain your Facebook page’s activity and traffic as well as the review ratings. It is also nice to see active reviews from customers as it can be a gauge for your potential customers that your product or service is active and for you to see improvements in your business.

Also, make it easy for your customers to provide reviews so that they won’t spend too much time on it. Most people would not bother providing reviews if it takes too much time to finish one. That’s why it is a good idea to provide them a simple guideline on how to write a review on Facebook.

Highlight Reviews on Your Facebook Page

There are people who might want to provide feedback but are unable to do so because they don’t know where to go. Adding a “call to action” on your Facebook page or website will help direct them to the right place. The most honest reviews come from candid responses as they are created solely to provide reviews.

Another way to encourage more reviews using a call to action is by incentivizing the activity. This needs to be planned out carefully as you don’t want to receive average reviews or skew the reviews positively just because of the prize that will be received by the customers. When done properly, you’ll be able to get a lot of responses which will help boost your ratings.

Pro Tip: To get Facebook reviews that boost your brand, first ensure your review function is active. Then, directly ask satisfied customers via Facebook messaging for reviews. This personal touch shows appreciation for their support and encourages positive feedback. Remember, genuine customer reviews are invaluable for building your brand’s reputation on Facebook.

Why are Facebook reviews important?

Why are Facebook reviews important

We can all agree that Facebook reviews do help businesses. People tend to research products and read reviews before buying anything. They research the latest product and how it differs from different brands. They can check the actual price of the item before even going to the physical store or adding it to their virtual shopping cart.

Aside from these, they are able to check the feedback of users on the product, through different product reviews and customer feedback forms available.

Shows customers a glimpse of your product

Feedback and Facebook business page reviews have become one of the sources of information as to whether products get sold online. It serves as the connection of buyers to the product without spending anything on it. It encourages other people to buy your product knowing that a lot of people have bought and reviewed your product. 

With the rating system in place, it becomes easier for customers to compare your business with others, so Facebook reviews have become an important tool for business owners. It reflects the credibility of your business, especially with highly rated Facebook pages.

Reflects the how the customers perceive your business

Facebook reviews have become the accessible feedback system of your business. You can see how your customers see your business through the ratings and reviews that they post. Customers are able to point out the details that they appreciate and the things that need to be improved. Potential can use these reviews in their decision-making. 

Helps promote your Facebook page further

Aside from having your connections see your page, getting reviews and having a high rating enables your Facebook page to get more exposure in other people’s news feeds. Your page needs to get rated and reviewed continuously so that it will keep on showing up on their feeds. 

FAQs To Get Facebook Reviews

Here are some frequently asked questions we get regarding getting Facebook reviews.

What are Facebook reviews?

These are comments and ratings left by users as feedback to the service or product of a Facebook page. They can use text or images in their reviews which can be viewed by everyone using the platform.

How do I get Facebook reviews?

You can get Facebook reviews when the review option on your page is active. This will show all the reviews made and users can also add new reviews on the Facebook page.

Who can create reviews on Facebook?

Any user who has an active Facebook account can create reviews on any page. Non-users can only view the reviews posted on the page.

Why can’t I see reviews on Facebook?

There are several possible reasons why you can’t see reviews on Facebook. One is that the page does not have an active Review function. This can be resolved by turning it on on the Settings page if you are the admin. For more information, read this post on how to find the admin of a Facebook Page.

Another reason is that the account you’re looking at is not a Facebook page. The review functionality is only available for Facebook pages and not for user accounts. 

Lastly, it may be unfortunate that there are no reviews yet for the Facebook page. Encourage your customers to drop a review on the Facebook page so that there will be reviews for users to see.

How do I get ratings for Facebook reviews?

The reviewers have an option to put a rating on their created reviews, 1 star being the lowest and 5 stars as the highest score. The scores are averaged based on all the ratings that the Facebook page received have accumulated over time.

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