Top 8 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Arizona

Are you looking to give your business an extra edge with Facebook marketing? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll discuss the top Facebook marketing agencies in Arizona that will help you take your business to the next level and reach new audiences.

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies Arizona

The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Arizona

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the potential of Facebook marketing in their social media strategies. Arizona is home to some of the best Facebook marketing agencies that can help businesses reach their goals on this platform with ease. We will look at the top Facebook marketing agencies in Arizona that are renowned for their services and support.

Painted Brick Digital

painted brick digital logo

Painted Brick Digital is a cutting-edge content creation company, offering AI-optimized content written by humans and tailored for search engines. Their methodology focuses on doing the things that move the needle without risking their clients’ safety.

Their team of writers are backed up by smart A.I., ensuring that each piece of content meets or exceeds expectations. Not only do they specialize in crafting copy, but they also provide strategic advice to help brands reach their target audiences through digital advertising and other platforms such as Facebook.


  • The Team: Painted Brick Digital has a team of world-class writers whose work is supplemented by Artificial Intelligence, providing exceptional quality content every time.
  • Business Strategy: They specialize in creating strategies to spread your reach or sell products, with guidance from experienced business strategists who understand the industry inside and out.
  • Facebook Marketing: Painted Brick Digital knows how to craft stories that resonate with people across different channels, including Facebook – helping you get more exposure and build relationships with your audience.
Contact Details:(602) 529-1494
Address:15333 N Pima Rd #305 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Digital Results

digital results seo logo seo agency

Digital Results is a leading company that offers digital advertising and SEO services to help businesses reach their goals. The team of experts has over 25 years of experience and are knowledgeable in the latest technology available on the market today.


  • Discovery Audits: Through paid and SEO audits, Digital Results uncovers technical and on-site optimizations to deliver better results for each client.
  • Content & Creative: With experienced writers and creative minds, Digital Results can create effective content and eye-catching visuals to capture audience attention.
  • Facebook Marketing: Digital Results provides top-class display advertising service combined with cutting-edge audience targeting procedures so you can reach desired users through Facebook.
Contact Details:(833) 348-7758
Address:15379 N 91st Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Premiere Social Media

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Premiere Social Media is a one-stop shop for all your online marketing needs. Led by Shyla Collier, the team at Premiere Social Media have 15 years of experience in marketing and specialize in social media management and training, website and graphic design nationwide and women’s networking groups throughout Arizona.


  • Facebook Marketing: The team at Premiere Social Media understands the importance of using Facebook to market your business or organization. They create custom strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs that maximize visibility, engage their audience, and generate leads.
  • Women’s Networking Groups: With women’s networking groups across Arizona, Premiere Social Media provides opportunities for professional women to network with each other while also learning more about how to leverage digital tools like social media into their businesses.
  • Authorship & Contributions: The owner of Premiere Social Media, Shyla Collier has authored several books including “Social Media Key To Credibility” an introduction to social media marketing and the popular platforms as well as contributing authoring work on Amazon Best Sellers such as When You’re Done Expecting and Redesign Your 9 To 5.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:1930 S Alma School Rd # B104 Mesa, AZ 85210

Northern AZ Social

Northern AZ Social

The Northern AZ Social, LLC team is the leading digital and traditional marketing experts in Prescott, Arizona. With over 17 years of experience, they understand that time is money and are dedicated to helping businesses succeed.


  • Facebook Marketing – Leveraging their knowledge and expertise in social media, the team can develop targeted campaigns for Facebook to reach your desired audience and increase brand awareness.
  • Partnerships – Established partnerships within their community provide additional opportunities for clients to gain exposure.
  • Customized Programs – Every business has different needs and objectives; therefore, each program is tailored to meet the specific goals of the client.
Contact Details:+1 928-710-7910
Address:201 N Alarcon St Suite C Prescott, AZ 86301

Signa Marketing

signa marketing logo

Signa Marketing is a digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive services, from web development and creative to business and sales coaching. They have an experienced team of professionals who are passionate about helping their clients succeed.


  • Search Engine Optimization: Their strategies enable them to find opportunities in your market where they can maximize the impact of their efforts by minimizing cost and increasing conversions.
  • Social Media: Signa’s approach combines both paid and earned social media tactics to rapidly gain momentum in the public eye, as well as earn credibility through valuable content.
  • Facebook Marketing: The team at Signa has deep expertise in leveraging Facebook for advertising purposes, allowing them to capitalize on this powerful platform to generate leads and increase ROI.
Contact Details:(602) 456 – 2906
Address:112 N. Central Ave. 1st Floor, Phoenix, Arizona 85004


jd scribes logo

EZZEY is a digital marketing agency with an experienced team of professionals who are passionate about helping clients reach their goals. They have over a century of collective experience in the industry, and have achieved impressive results for many businesses worldwide. 


  • The Team: EZZEY has a diverse team of experts from around the globe including strategists, creatives, developers, and salespeople. This combination of skills ensures that they can deliver top-notch results to their clients.
  • Facebook Ads: EZZEY has extensive knowledge when it comes to making campaigns on Facebook, giving them an edge when creating effective advertisements. In 2019 alone, they put 1.4 million customers in front of their clients through these means.
  • Results Driven: Above all else, EZZEY is focused on delivering tangible results to their clients. Their laser-focused approach allows them to create strategies that get real, measurable outcomes.
Contact Details:877 793 9939
Address:8160 East Butherus Drive Suite #10 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

The Tigrett Agency

The Tigrett Agency

The Tigrett Agency is a full service digital marketing, branding and advertising agency based in Scottsdale, AZ. They strive to create meaningful connections between people and brands while driving business growth.


  • Creatively Led: Above all else, the Tigrett Agency cares about quality and integrity of the work. Their creative passion drives them forward.
  • Strategically Driven: The path to world-class work lies in a clearly defined creative strategy with measurable objectives. They understand the importance of understanding your brand’s ‘why’ before building a brand purpose-driven strategy.
  • Unified Systems: From brand development to performance marketing, every phase of the customer journey should feel connected. As such, they bring together departments and work so that it operates harmoniously.
Contact Details:15169 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite #205, Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Address:+1 480-881-0109

Phoenix Online Media

Phoenix Online Media is an enthusiastic team of marketers with over 10 years of experience and continuous education in everything marketing related. They specialize in providing services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO), Website Design/Development, Social Media Marketing/Management, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Branding to help their clients succeed online.

The team at Phoenix Online Media stands out due to their high ethical standards: integrity, accountability and transparency.


  • Expertise: With a keen understanding of the internet and how customers and clients search for services and products online, Phoenix Online Media has the expertise needed to get your business in front of its target market, showcase its value and ensure it stands out from its competitors.
  • Commitment to Quality: Phoenix Online Media does not use any black hat or shady tactics, instead they win online for businesses by building a better internet presence than the competition.
  • Variety of Services: Their range of digital marketing services includes all of the latest strategies, including Facebook Marketing, which is becoming increasingly important for businesses who want to reach potential customers.
Contact Details:1530 E Williams Field Rd, Ste 201 Gilbert, AZ 85295
Address:+1 480-539-2900

How We Test and Review Facebook Marketing Agencies in Arizona

To understand how we test and review Facebook marketing agencies in Arizona, we follow a standardized process that involves several steps.

  1. Our team of experts researches and shortlists the top digital marketing agencies based on their client reviews, ratings, portfolios, and industry recognition.
  2. Next, we evaluate these companies against specific criteria such as experience, services offered, pricing, industry knowledge, and communication skills.
  3. We perform an audit of their existing social media campaigns and analyze the results to assess their effectiveness towards achieving business objectives such as brand awareness, lead generation, or sales growth. We also engage with past or present clientele to get real-time feedback on the agency’s performance from a customer perspective.

Based on all the information gathered during this vetting process, we publish unfiltered reviews for each agency. These reviews offer readers an unbiased assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each agency’s Facebook marketing capabilities.

With this stringent evaluation process in place on how we test and review Facebook marketing agencies in Arizona, you can trust that any company featured on our list has provided superior digital services to deserving clients.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Facebook Marketing Agency in Arizona

When it comes to selecting the right Facebook marketing agency, there are several factors that one should consider. Below is a list of those crucial factors that you should monitor before hiring an agency.

  • Know Your Goals: It is essential to have a clear understanding of your objectives and marketing requirements so that you can select an agency with suitable expertise.
  • Budget: You need to set a budget or price range from the beginning since this will reduce time wastes in analyzing firms that do not fit your financial constraints.
  • Experience: Research about how long the company has been on the market and its case studies or success stories.
  • Social media specialism: The chosen agency should know the fundamentals of social media algorithms, user behavior, content planning so on.
  • Communication and response time: An agency with effective communication channels for raising questions or discussing problems is always beneficial. Check their response time too.
  • Culture match: Look for agencies whose values align with yours so you can operate more effectively together in the duration of the campaign.

Types of Facebook Marketing Services

In today’s digital era, having a robust presence on Facebook isn’t just desirable – it’s essential. Whether you’re a brand, an influencer, or a content creator, you know that numbers often speak louder than words. We provide an array of premium Facebook Marketing services to ensure your content doesn’t just reach the masses but also resonates with them. Explore our offerings and find out how each one can propel your Facebook marketing to new heights:

  1. Facebook Followers: Increase your fan base and boost your online presence by purchasing genuine Facebook followers who will engage with your content and help you reach a wider audience.

  2. Facebook Likes: Enhance the credibility of your page and increase your posts’ visibility by buying Facebook likes, which can attract more organic likes and improve your overall social media presence.

  3. Facebook Friends: Expand your network and establish a larger social presence by buying Facebook friends who can provide support, engagement, and exposure for your brand or business.

  4. Facebook Accounts: Acquire established aged Facebook accounts with a considerable number of friends and followers to jumpstart your online presence and save time on building a new account from scratch.

  5. Facebook Video Views: Boost the visibility and reach of your videos by purchasing Facebook video views, which can attract more organic views and engagement, making your content more shareable and viral.

  6. Facebook Reviews: Improve your reputation and build trust with potential customers by purchasing positive Facebook reviews, which can enhance your brand’s credibility and encourage others to engage with your business.

  7. Facebook Comments: Increase the interaction and engagement on your Facebook posts by buying comments on FB, which can make your content appear more popular and encourage meaningful conversations among your audience.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about what to look for when choosing a Facebook marketing agency in Arizona and some of the other locations where the best agencies are located, it’s time to start your search. Remember to take your time when evaluating potential partners, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or request references before making a decision.

With the right agency by your side, your brand will be able to reach more customers than ever before on this powerful social media platform.