Top 6 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Atlanta

Are you based in Atlanta and looking for the best Facebook marketing agency to help promote your business? Look no further – you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you will find the top agencies that offer social media marketing services in Atlanta.

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies Atlanta

Conklin Media

conklin media digital marketing agency logo

Conklin Media is a marketing agency with a team of experienced professionals who help businesses grow through customized strategies. They offer a wide range of services including design, development, video production, content creation, SEO, email marketing, and Facebook Marketing.


  • Highly sought-after team: Conklin Media boasts a team of experts who are not only knowledgeable in their field but also recognized as speakers and faculty members for prestigious digital marketing training companies. Their expertise ensures that clients receive top-notch strategies tailored to their specific business needs.
  • Profit-focused approach: Unlike other agencies that focus on metrics like clicks and video views, Conklin Media understands that the ultimate goal is profit. With experience owning businesses themselves, they prioritize strategies that lead to tangible financial success for their clients.
  • Facebook Marketing expertise: Among their array of services, Conklin Media specializes in Facebook Marketing. They have honed their skills by successfully implementing thousands of campaigns for numerous clients, resulting in millions of dollars in sales. Their deep understanding of this platform allows them to maximize its potential for business growth.
Contact Details:[email protected] | (717) 951-8349
Address:2600 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17603

M16 Marketing

m16 marketing facebook marketing agency logo

M16 Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping clients increase traffic, leads, and revenue. The award-winning team of experienced professionals offers strategic web design and SEO services to ensure businesses succeed online. With an approach inspired by the military’s planning and discipline, they are dedicated to achieving the best results for their clients.


  • The Team: M16 employs a talented team of web designers, digital marketers and strategists with deep expertise in all aspects of digital marketing from web design to Facebook marketing. Their experience allows them to create helpful, reliable content that drives results for their clients.
  • Strategy: At M16 Marketing, strategy comes first before any other service. They have an obsessive focus on proper planning and execution to ensure their campaigns achieve maximum performance for their clients.
  • Facebook Expertise: As one of the leading names in Facebook marketing, M16 has helped countless businesses grow through effective social media campaigns tailored specifically for each client’s needs.
Contact Details:‪(404) 407-5500
Address:730 Peachtree Street NE #570 Atlanta, GA 30308

Hughes Media

hughes media facebook marketing agency logo

Hughes Media is a digital marketing agency that has been in business since 2000. With their team of experienced specialists, they offer customized solutions for both B2B and B2C clients across local and international markets. The company guarantees that their clients will always own the work they produce.


  • Expertise: The team at Hughes Media have years of experience managing a variety of digital marketing campaigns, such as PPC, email marketing and Facebook advertising. This expertise allows them to provide tailored solutions to best meet their client’s needs.
  • Results-driven: Over the years, Hughes Media has been able to deliver outstanding results for their clients – increasing leads by 600% in one year for an elective surgery client and decreasing cost-per-lead by 50%. They prioritize long-term success over short-term gains and aim to provide maximum return on investment for all of their campaigns.
  • Facebook Marketing Specialists: Having managed $300,000+ in pay-per-click per month and 46,000+ emails per month, Hughes Media understand the power of leveraging social media platforms like Facebook for businesses. As experts in this field, they can help any organization maximize its potential with targeted Facebook advertising solutions that are tailored to its goals.
Contact Details:(404) 848-0487
Address:280 Interstate North Circle SE Suite 225 Atlanta, GA 30339

Precision Creative

precision creative facebook marketing agency logo

Precision Creative is a digital marketing agency that specializes in web development and marketing. They utilize cutting-edge technology to get results for their clients, providing them with superior creative media services.


  • Their use of efficiency: Precision Creative understands how important it is to be efficient in order to get the most out of their client’s business. By utilizing technology and finding the right components, they can provide custom solutions for every customer.
  • Their expertise in Facebook Marketing: The team at Precision Creative has extensive experience in using Facebook as a marketing platform. From creating compelling ads to optimizing campaigns, they know how to maximize reach and engagement on the platform.
  • Their commitment to results: Above all else, Precision Creative knows that success comes from providing great results for their clients. By staying up-to-date on new trends and technologies, they strive to exceed expectations every time.
Contact Details:(770) 771-5921
Address:1770 The Exchange SE Suite 275, Atlanta, GA 30339

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive facebook marketing agency logo

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency that has been helping businesses from all over the world since 2005. They have dedicated account managers and proven methodology to ensure their clients’ success and help them outgrow their competition.


  • The Team: Thrive’s team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about providing top-notch services for their clients. They invest in state-of-the-art tools and resources to stay ahead of the curve and provide excellent customer service.
  • Facebook Marketing: Thrive offers comprehensive Facebook marketing services, including paid campaigns, custom audiences, retargeting options, and more. Their team is well versed in the latest trends and tactics ensuring maximum results for your business with minimum effort.
  • Professional Excellence & Integrity: At Thrive, they maintain the highest standards of quality and integrity to ensure success for everyone involved – employees, partner agencies, and the community at large. This commitment to excellence is at the core of everything they do which allows them to sustain long-term growth.
Contact Details:(866) 908-4748
Address:4604 Park Springs Blvd Suite 140 Arlington, TX 76017

Joseph Studios

Joseph Studios is a marketing intelligence agency based out of Atlanta, Georgia with a deep background in the intelligence community. The team at Joseph Studios goes beyond traditional marketing by placing a strong emphasis on relationship building.


  • Expertise: With their long history in the intelligence world and years of experience in digital marketing, the team at Joseph Studios has an impressive level of expertise when it comes to understanding target audience and developing effective strategies for boosting brand loyalty.
  • Facebook Marketing: Joseph Studios specializes in utilizing Facebook as an effective tool for connecting with customers and creating engagement. Utilizing their expertise in this area, they can help create campaigns that will bring maximum results from the social media platform.
  • Reaching Out: As part of their strategy for increasing organic reach, Joseph Studios places emphasis on building an online footprint that can attract more customers to your brand’s website. They also monitor reputation management initiatives so as to maintain a positive image across the internet.
Contact Details:+1 800 663 0126
Address:3350 Riverwood Pkwy, Suite 1900 Atlanta, Georgia, 30339

How We Test and Review Facebook Marketing Agencies in Atlanta

For our evaluation of Facebook marketing agencies in Atlanta, we use a rigorous process to test and review their capabilities. Our methods include assessing their level of experience, expertise with various tools and techniques, and track record within the industry. We also take into account their approach to customer service and overall ability to meet client needs.

The following table displays the parameters we consider when reviewing Facebook marketing agencies in Atlanta:

ExperienceHow long has the agency been in operation?
ExpertiseDoes the agency specialize in particular areas of Facebook marketing?
Tools & TechniquesWhat resources does the agency have at its disposal for effective Facebook marketing?
Client SuccessesHas the agency performed well for previous clients?
Customer ServiceDoes the agency provide exceptional customer service?

In addition to these considerations, we take into account any unique qualities or strategies that make an agency stand out from its competitors. By using a combination of objective metrics and subjective analysis, we are able to compile a list of the top Facebook marketing agencies in Atlanta that can drive your business forward.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Facebook Marketing Agency in Atlanta

When picking a Facebook Marketing Agency in Atlanta, several aspects must be considered. For instance, the company’s experience is crucial and should be evaluated based on its previous client cases, portfolio, and notable achievements. Another factor that must not be overlooked is their pricing structure. Some agencies charge hourly, while others have fixed rates for a particular package offered. The communication approach adopted by the agency can also have an impact on your business relationship with them.

Here are some more essential details to keep in mind when selecting a Facebook Marketing Agency in Atlanta:

  • Ensure you verify the agency’s transparency level in all their dealings.
  • Get insight into how they handle data protection and guarantee confidentiality.
  • Look out for online reviews from past clients to understand the level of service delivery.
  • Steer clear from agencies who promise unrealistic expectations within a short time frame.

A careful evaluation of these factors will go a long way towards ensuring you make an informed decision when choosing the best Facebook Marketing Agency suitable for your business needs in Atlanta.

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our analysis of the top Facebook marketing agencies in Atlanta, it is evident that these agencies serve as reliable partners to businesses seeking to raise awareness and drive engagement. With their tactical approach, cutting-edge strategies and industry expertise, businesses can effectively leverage Facebook’s enormous user base to build brand loyalty and maximize ROI.

These agencies employ data-driven tactics, including audience segmentation and testing, to create personalized ad campaigns that attract and convert prospects. They also provide regular reports on campaign performance which helps clients make informed decisions.

It is worth noting that each agency offers its unique advantages when it comes to Facebook marketing. Some excel at identifying new ways of targeting audiences while others specialize in visual storytelling through creative content production. Ultimately, selecting an agency depends on your specific goals and target audience.

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, having a robust social media presence is essential for business success. And with these top agencies in Atlanta at your disposal, you can rest assured of achieving your desired business objectives by harnessing the power of social media marketing.