Top 5 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Connecticut

Are you looking for the best agency to market your business on Facebook in Connecticut? You’re in luck! Here you’ll find a list of the top agencies that will take your Facebook marketing game to the next level. With our expert guidance, you can quickly get the results you desire. So, let’s get started!

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies Connecticut

List of The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Connecticut

List of The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Connecticut consists of the top agencies that specialize in providing effective marketing solutions for businesses using Facebook. These agencies have been shortlisted based on their performance, customer reviews, and industry expertise. If you’re looking for reliable Facebook marketing services to promote your brand, these are the best options available in Connecticut.

Let It Be - Local

let it be local digital marketing agency logo

Let It Be – Local is a digital marketing agency based in Connecticut that specializes in local SEO, website design, Google Ads management, and social media services.


  • Expert Team: Let It Be – Local has a team of experienced professionals who understand the importance of reaching a local audience. They have been helping small businesses elevate their online presence since 2008 and have a proven track record of getting results.
  • Facebook Marketing: As part of its social media management packages, Let It Be – Local offers targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook to increase brand awareness, followers, and conversions. They also monitor reviews on Facebook and provide instruction on how to respond to reviews and handle reputation management.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Let It Be – Local provides comprehensive monthly reports that help clients understand current trends and key statistics. These reports enable clients to measure the success of their digital marketing efforts and make informed decisions about future strategies.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:243A Bank Street New London, CT 06905

Connecticut Coast Media

connecticut coast media agency logo

Connecticut Coast Media is a small, family-owned marketing company based in Southeastern Connecticut. Founded by Alicia Brothers, the team has grown to include a wide range of services for their clients including social media marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing services.


  • The Team: With an experienced and passionate team behind them Connecticut Coast Media have been able to grow and develop into a full time agency that supports both small, mid-size and large businesses. They understand what it means to pour your whole heart into your business, which is why they strive to provide comprehensive strategies for each of their clients.
  • Facebook Marketing: Connecticut Coast Media offers strategic Facebook marketing services that can help your story reach the people that matter – whether it be locally or globally.
  • Intention & Meaning: With every client they work with Connecticut Coast Media wants to drive results with clarity and intention behind them. This way they are able to build meaningful relationships with each of their clients so that they can create engaging stories together for the brand’s digital presence.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:149 Roxbury Rd, Niantic, CT 06357, United States

AdEdge Digital Marketing

AdEdge Digital Marketing

AdEdge Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency located in Westport, CT. They specialize in helping businesses increase their online presence and grow through research, development, and optimization of various digital strategies.

The team at AdEdge have the expertise and experience to help your business succeed.


  • Facebook Marketing: AdEdge can provide you with an effective solution for getting your message across on one of the most popular social media platforms today. With a deep understanding of how to use Facebook’s algorithms to get maximum reach, they will develop and implement campaigns tailored to your target audience.
  • SEO: AdEdge understands the importance of optimizing search engine rankings for visibility, which is why they focus heavily on search engine optimization (SEO). Through keyword research, content creation, link building, and other tactics, they can ensure your website ranks higher in Google, Bing, and other major engines.
  • Mobile Optimization: As more people turn to mobile devices, it’s important to have a website optimized for these users. AdEdge can create responsive designs that look great on any device, ensuring your customers have a positive user experience regardless of where they access your site.
Contact Details:+1 203-682-4585
Address:Westport, CT 06880



BEPHORE is a Connecticut-based digital marketing agency that excels in Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development, SEO & SEM, and Content Marketing. Their team of experienced strategists, designers, and analysts use proven strategies and formulas to help their clients see real results.


  • The Team: BEPHORE stands out for its small but dedicated team of uncompromising entrepreneurs who prioritize delivering high-performing digital marketing programs for their clients. With vast experience in the industry, they can create tailored solutions that meet your brand’s needs.
  • Facebook Marketing: With BEPHORE, you can let their social media management team execute an existing plan or customize a strategy that suits your organic and paid social media needs. They have the expertise and knowledge to ensure success with your campaigns.
  • Iteration: BEPHORE uses iteration to fine-tune their plans based on data and feedback from their clients. This ensures that all their strategies are up-to-date, relevant, and effective.
Contact Details:203-979-0792
Address:Give them a call for more details.



Stratedia is a strategic marketing agency that specializes in delivering creative campaigns that inform and engage their clients. They have assembled a talented team of experts from various disciplines, including Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Pay Per Click Advertising, Content Marketing, Advertising, and Business Strategy.


  • Highly Experienced Team: Stratedia’s team consists of experts with years of experience in the industry. This allows them to develop impactful solutions for their clients.
  • Excellent Website Design: With over 100 WordPress websites built, they strive to exceed expectations by creating visually beautiful sites designed to rank high in search engines.
  • Facebook Expertise: The team also has considerable experience managing and optimizing Facebook accounts, as well as running successful Facebook advertising campaigns.
Contact Details:+1 860-415-0340
Address:424 Judson Avenue Mystic, CT 06355

How We Test and Review Facebook Marketing Agencies in Connecticut

To test and review Facebook Marketing Agencies in Connecticut, we follow a structured process that helps us identify the best agencies in the state. The process involves evaluating an agency’s experience, reputation, services offered, and pricing structure.

We start by researching agencies that offer Facebook marketing services in Connecticut. We compile a list of potential candidates based on their online presence, client feedback, and past work. From this list, we evaluate each agency based on several key factors.

The table below outlines the criteria we use to evaluate Facebook marketing agencies in Connecticut:

ExperienceNumber of years an agency has been providing Facebook marketing services
ReputationAgency’s rating and reviews from clients across various platforms
Services OfferedRange of digital marketing services an agency offers beyond Facebook marketing
Pricing StructureAgency’s pricing models, package options, and value for money

Using this evaluation framework allows us to assess each agency objectively and compare them against one another. Additionally, it helps us identify key differentiators between agencies so that we can recommend the most suitable firms to our clients.

By using a systematic approach to choose the best Facebook marketing agencies in Connecticut, it offers our clients confidence when making decisions about their online advertising campaigns. The method makes it easy for customers to understand how we arrive at our recommendations, making them more comfortable choosing one of our recommended partners for their business needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Facebook Marketing Agency in Connecticut

When looking for a Facebook marketing agency in Connecticut, there are several factors you need to consider. These factors can determine whether or not the agency you choose can deliver on your goals and help your business grow its brand on Facebook. Here are some of the factors that should guide your decision-making process:

  • Experience: Look for an agency with a proven track record in Facebook marketing. Check their case studies and client feedback.
  • Expertise: Verify whether the agency’s expertise aligns with your business niche and growth objectives.
  • Services Offered: Analyze if the services offered by the agency meet your current business goals.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA): Ask about SLAs like project turnaround times, frequency of progress reporting, management expectations, etc to match it with your expectations.
  • Price: Closely evaluate whether paying that price will give you adequate ROI for employing such an agency.
  • Culture Fit: Culture fit is important. Ensure you work with someone who understands what matters most to you and takes time to understand your brand culture.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the best Facebook marketing agency in Connecticut, it can be a tough decision with so many options available. However, after reading this article, you now have a better understanding of the best agencies in this area.

Before making your final decision, here are a few key points to keep in mind:

  1. It is important to consider your specific business goals and needs before deciding which agency to work with. Each of the agencies mentioned in this article has their own unique strengths and specialties, so take the time to research each one and determine which would be the best fit for your business.

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and have open communication with a potential agency before signing on. This will help ensure that you fully understand their approach and strategies, as well as provide an opportunity for any concerns or questions to be addressed.

  3. Keep in mind that working with a Facebook marketing agency is not a one-time project but rather an ongoing partnership. It’s important to choose an agency that is committed to long-term success and growth for your business.

Lastly, remember that there are many factors beyond just working with an agency that contribute to successful social media marketing on Facebook. Consistency of content creation and promotions also play a vital role in reaching and engaging your target audience.