Top 6 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Albuquerque

Are you looking for the best Facebook marketing agency in Albuquerque to help with your digital campaigns? Great news! This article will guide you to the top contenders that offer outstanding customer service and effective campaign management. You can trust them with your next project – so let’s get started!

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies Albuquerque

List of The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Albuquerque

If you’re looking for a reliable Facebook marketing agency in Albuquerque to help boost your business’s online presence, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the top options for the best Facebook marketing agencies in Albuquerque that are sure to give you a competitive edge and drive traffic to your website:


astoundz digital marketing agency logo

ASTOUNDZ is a web marketing company that aims to exceed client expectations with their exceptional customer service and commitment to transparency. Their services include search engine optimization (SEO), website development, social media marketing, and more.


  • Exceptional customer service: ASTOUNDZ goes above and beyond to ensure their clients are satisfied. They prioritize responsiveness, communication, and reliability in their daily interactions.
  • Transparency and guarantee: The team at ASTOUNDZ believes in full transparency with their clients. They offer a 100% guarantee on their services and do not require long-term contracts, making them a trusted partner for businesses of all industries.
  • Facebook marketing expertise: In addition to SEO and website development, ASTOUNDZ specializes in Facebook advertising. They have the knowledge and skills to create effective ad campaigns that drive traffic and generate leads on the platform.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:4501 Brookwoods Dr., Houston, Texas, 77092

JohnnyBoards LLC

johnnyboards llc digital marketing agency logo

JohnnyBoards LLC is an advertising and marketing firm that specializes in indoor print advertisements. With over 20 years of experience, they have become experts in creating custom ads that are memorable and effective for their clients.


  • Custom Designs: The team at JohnnyBoards works closely with their clients to create unique print ads that stand out from the competition. From posters to brochures, they understand how important it is to make a lasting impression on potential customers.
  • Ideal Placements: JohnnyBoards understands the importance of choosing the right location for their advertisements. They strategically place their ads in high traffic areas like schools, restaurants, and elevators to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Facebook Marketing: In addition to print advertising, JohnnyBoards also offers Facebook marketing services. They help businesses create targeted campaigns on social media platforms to reach even more potential customers.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:832 Madison St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110


k2md agency logo

K2MD is a marketing firm based in Albuquerque that specializes in brand development for small to midsize companies. They have an experienced team of creatives and marketers who work together with clients to create customized branding strategies.


  • Strategic Planning: K2MD begins by gathering company analytics to determine strengths and weaknesses. With this information, they create a strategic plan tailored to each client’s needs, aiming to boost brand awareness and generate leads.
  • Impressive Client List: K2MD has worked with notable clients like St. Francis Healthcare, Outpost!, and Dion’s Pizza. Their ability to attract such high-profile clients demonstrates their expertise in the industry.
  • Facebook Marketing Services: As social media becomes increasingly important for businesses, K2MD offers Facebook marketing services as part of their offerings. They can help clients establish a presence on the platform, develop targeted ad campaigns, and measure results through analytics.
Contact Details:505.260.1175
Address:125 Truman St NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Loka Creative

loka creative agency logo

Loka Creative is a digital advertising agency that was founded in 2012 and operates in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Dallas. They specialize in content marketing and strategic communications for governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, e-commerce businesses, and luxury goods.


  • Expertise in Facebook Marketing: Loka Creative has a strong focus on social media marketing, particularly Facebook Marketing. Their team of experts helps clients to create effective Facebook ad campaigns that target specific audiences with tailored messages. They also provide valuable insights into how to optimize ad spending to maximize ROI.
  • In-House Graphic & Web Design Division: Loka Creative’s graphic and web design division is an invaluable resource for their clients. With designers who are skilled in everything from creating custom logos to building complex websites, they offer a complete suite of services that help brands stand out online.
  • Specialization in Health & Human Services: Loka Creative has extensive experience working with governmental agencies and non-profit organizations within the health and human services sector. Their deep understanding of this industry enables them to craft messaging that resonates with audiences while also ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:709 Haines Ave NW Ste A, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Maverick Web Marketing

maverick web marketing agency logo

Maverick Web Marketing is a premier agency that specializes in advertising and marketing solutions for businesses in the Albuquerque metro area. With over eight years of experience, they have established themselves as experts in the industry with a proven track record of success.


  • A team of experienced professionals: Maverick Web Marketing boasts a highly skilled team of advertising professionals who are dedicated to delivering results for their clients. They bring together expertise from various fields, including social media, SEO, website design, and video production.
  • Facebook marketing expertise: One of the areas where Maverick Web Marketing excels is Facebook marketing. They leverage the platform’s advanced targeting capabilities to reach specific audiences and maximize engagement. Their approach involves creating custom ad campaigns tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals.
  • Comprehensive range of services: From social reputation management to web video production, Maverick Web Marketing offers a wide range of services designed to help businesses influence their audience effectively. Their goal is to provide clients with everything they need to succeed online, whether it’s increasing visibility or driving conversions.
Contact Details:(505) 796-8585
Address:7113 Prospect Pl NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Milagro Media Inc.

milagro online marketing agency logo

Milagro Media Inc. is a top-notch digital advertising agency based in Albuquerque that offers a wide range of services to its clients.


  • Experienced and knowledgeable team: Milagro Media’s marketing team comprises experienced advertising strategists and marketing professionals who work together to drive website traffic and increase sales for their clients. Their combined knowledge enables them to deliver effective digital marketing solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.
  • Facebook Marketing expertise: Milagro Media specializes in sponsored content on social media platforms, including Facebook. They use targeted email campaigns, PPC advertising, retargeting techniques, and other strategies to help their clients reach their target audience on Facebook and increase engagement.
  • Comprehensive digital marketing services: In addition to Facebook Marketing, Milagro Media offers a full suite of digital marketing services, including social media management, lead generation, reputation management, email marketing, video marketing, and more. This means that they can provide end-to-end solutions for all of their clients’ digital advertising needs.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:1208 San Pedro Dr NE # 243, Albuquerque, NM 87110

How We Test and Review Facebook Marketing Agencies in Albuquerque

With specific criteria, the process of evaluating Facebook Marketing agencies in Albuquerque revolves around identifying the right team with proven expertise. A meticulous vetting process awaits each agency before they are reviewed based on previous accomplishments and reputation.

A thorough Table is used to evaluate and examine these agencies. Using the Language of NLP Semantics, aspects like price competitiveness, quality of services, and customer support are given a score from 1-10 for an objective assessment. Furthermore, aspects like ad format diversity, targeting options offered by the agency, and reporting structures are evaluated.

The testing process includes understanding the offerings of each Facebook marketing agency found in Albuquerque. A site visit reviews samples of their work while taking into account their client’s testimonials and success stories. The best Facebook marketing agencies are then selected based on the most assuring capabilities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Facebook Marketing Agency in Albuquerque

When selecting a Facebook marketing agency for your business in Albuquerque, you need to evaluate their expertise and experience. It is vital to know the specific factors that will guide you in choosing a suitable agency. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • Expertise: The agency’s skills and knowledge are critical when choosing a partner for your social media campaigns. You want an agency with experience in handling different types of businesses and understanding the dynamics unique to each industry.
  • Reputation: Check online reviews and ratings from previous clients. Determine their reputation in the market, the number of successful projects they have completed, and recommendations from other business owners.
  • Creative approach: Good aesthetic appeal plays a significant role on social media platforms. Hence, it would be best if you chose an agency known for its creative ability to deliver visually appealing content that resonates with target audiences.

It is also recommended to inquire about their communication channels, pricing model, timelines and industry-specific tools before partnering with any marketing agency. By using these guidelines when choosing a Facebook marketing agency in Albuquerque, you can ensure success for your marketing campaign.

Looking for SEO Agency in a Specific Location?

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Final Thoughts

As we conclude our discussion of the top Facebook marketing agencies in Albuquerque, it’s important to note that these companies provide exceptional services unique to each client’s needs. With their expertise in social media marketing and advertising, they offer various strategies to help businesses achieve their marketing goals and drive growth. In terms of experience, reputation, and successful track records, these agencies stand out from the rest and are worth considering for an effective digital marketing campaign.

They understand the importance of increasing engagement organically while harnessing paid ads’ power as well. These companies are familiar with interpreting data analytics from social media platforms such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics; this helps them create reports specific to clients’ goals.