Top 5 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Jacksonville

Are you struggling to create the best strategies for your Facebook marketing campaigns in Jacksonville? Look no further!

Here are the top four Facebook marketing agencies that specialize in creating impactful and engaging content. You’ll be able to achieve success with these experts who have years of experience and a track record of successful campaigns.

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies Jacksonville

The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Jacksonville

If you’re looking for the best Facebook marketing agencies in Jacksonville, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the highest-rated agencies that can help boost your business’s social media game.

CTRL+ALT Digital

ctrl+alt digital agency logo

CTRL+ALT Digital is a certified Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) and an award-winning, full-service digital agency that offers various services to its clients.


  • Expertise of a large agency without the overhead: CTRL+ALT Digital prides itself on providing clients with the same level of expertise as large agencies but at a fraction of the cost. This allows clients to receive top-quality services without breaking their budget.
  • Transparent and communicative partnerships: The team at CTRL+ALT Digital values transparency and communication when working with their clients. Clients work directly with the leadership team, ensuring that lines of communication are always open.
  • Facebook Marketing services available: In addition to other social media advertising options, CTRL+ALT Digital offers Facebook Marketing services to help increase brand awareness and drive traffic to client websites. Their team stays up-to-date with Facebook’s latest trends and algorithms to ensure optimal results for their clients.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:5011 Gate Parkway, Building 100, Suite 100, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Jacksonville Digital Marketing

jacksonville digital marketing agency logo

Jacksonville Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in website design, social media management, website analytics, brand development and strategy, email marketing and SEO.


  • Expert Social Media Management: The team at Jacksonville Digital Marketing are experts in social media marketing who can build communities on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They understand the importance of fast feedback loops and can drive high volumes of awareness, engagement and later conversion through punchy hashtags and influencer campaigns. Their social media managers combine rich videography with strong SEO to determine what works best for each business.
  • Responsive Website Design: Jacksonville Digital Marketing’s responsive web designs are optimized to engage visitors while driving business growth. Their pixel pushers create websites that not only look beautiful but also specialize in conversion by implementing software and analytic research to find, attract and capture leads.
  • Website Analytics: The team at Jacksonville Digital Marketing measures and tracks the progress of digital marketing efforts through website analytics. This allows them to gain insights into what works well for each client so they can continually refine their strategies for better results. They use this information to improve user experience (UX) which ultimately helps leads convert.
Contact Details: [email protected]
Address:13475 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32225

Dion Marketing

dion marketing agency logo

Dion Marketing is a woman-owned and women-operated small business based in Florida that specializes in focused and cost-effective marketing efforts. Their team is driven, positive, honest, creative, collaborative, open-minded, and nice to everyone they interact with. They pride themselves on being nimble and delivering excellence in a timely manner.


  • Facebook Marketing: Dion Marketing offers expert Facebook marketing services to help clients increase their brand visibility and engagement on the platform. With their strategic approach and effective use of data insights, they can create targeted campaigns that produce measurable results.
  • Design: The company also provides top-notch design services for various marketing materials such as logos, brochures, websites, and more. Their team of creative professionals ensures that each design element aligns with the client’s brand identity while also capturing the attention of their target audience.
  • Printing: In addition to digital marketing services, Dion Marketing also offers printing solutions for clients who need physical copies of their promotional materials. From business cards to billboards, they have the expertise to deliver high-quality prints at competitive prices.
Contact Details: [email protected]
Address:2014 Mayport Road (SR A1A) Jacksonville, FL 32233



5ivecanons is an award-winning digital design and marketing firm based in the United States. Founded in 2010, their team is composed of diverse creatives who are passionate about their work and process.


  • Their Team: 5ivecanons’ team consists of experienced professionals from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, allowing them to come up with innovative solutions for clients’ needs. They strive to create a well-balanced lifestyle where family time and hard work coexist.
  • Facebook Marketing: The company has extensive experience in developing successful social media campaigns via Facebook Advertising. Their team is well-versed in creating captivating visuals and copywriting to engage target audiences.
  • Awards & Recognition: 5ivecanons has been awarded numerous awards over the years for its creative work. They have received recognition from the Webby Awards, CSS Design Awards, and other prestigious organizations.
Contact Details: +1 904-353-2900
Address:10 South Newnan Street Jacksonville, FL 32202

BCP Digital Marketing

BCP Digital Marketing

BCP Digital Marketing is a renowned digital agency based in Jacksonville, FL. They offer an extensive array of online services such as web design, web development, ecommerce solutions, SEO strategies, PPC campaigns, and more.


  • Comprehensive Strategies: From initial setup to ongoing optimization, the team can develop a comprehensive Facebook marketing plan tailored to your business’s goals.
  • Expertise in Advertising: With years of experience in the industry, they know how to use the right tools to create engaging ads with maximum reach.
  • Analytical Insight: Their reporting capabilities provide valuable data on customer engagement, conversions, and ROI so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.
Contact Details:  +19047103203
Address: 433 Tortoise Trce, Jacksonville, FL 32259, United States

Kairos Digital

Kairos Digital

Kairos Digital is a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to providing exceptional Facebook marketing services. They strive to always be honest and transparent with their clients and are committed to only working with people they can actually help. 


  • Their Core Values: Kairos Digital has established core values that serve as the metric for how they hire, reward, recognize, fire, choose clients, and make business decisions.
  • Transparency: When it comes to dealing with their clients, Kairos Digital promises to never try to sell. Instead, they focus on being service-oriented and will tell you if they cannot help you.
  • Experience: With years of experience in digital marketing and Facebook Marketing specifically, the team at Kairos Digital knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping businesses reach their goals.
Contact Details:  (904) 267-1969
Address: 25 N Market St, #122, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Auxano Digital

Auxano Digital is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses grow and succeed. Led by Trevor, who has extensive experience in the tech industry, they specialize in combining technical coding with creative marketing and design to develop effective strategies for their clients. 


  • The Team: With extensive backgrounds in web development, analytics, and design, the team at Auxano Digital is well-equipped to handle any kind of project. They have expertise across different areas of digital strategy, from SEO to Facebook Marketing.
  • Their Strategies: Every client is unique and needs a tailored approach, so the team at Auxano Digital works closely with them to create customized solutions. From developing targeted content to creating campaigns on Facebook, they provide comprehensive services to deliver optimal results.
  • Success Stories: Their team takes great pride in seeing their clients succeed. By using data-driven insights and creating impactful campaigns, they’ve been able to help many businesses achieve their goals.
Contact Details: +1 904-657-4211
Address:50 N. Laura St, Suite 2500 Jacksonville, FL 32202

How We Test and Review Facebook Marketing Agencies in Jacksonville

To provide the readers with the best list of Facebook Marketing Agencies in Jacksonville, we follow a thorough testing and reviewing process. Here’s how we do it:

  • We first research all the Facebook Marketing Agencies operating in Jacksonville.
  • We analyze their website, social media, and other online presence for their services, client base, experience, and testimonials.
  • We shortlist agencies that meet our criteria on the basis of the services they provide, the expertise of their team members, case studies, or examples of past work done.
  • Next step involves personal interaction with selected agencies’ representatives to understand how they manage their clients’ campaigns and their communication strategies.
  • The final stage includes reviewing customer feedback and reviews about these agencies available on public platforms.

After completing this stringent testing and reviewing process, we rank only the top-performing Facebook marketing agencies in Jacksonville to share with you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Facebook Marketing Agency in Jacksonville

When it comes to choosing the right Facebook marketing agency in Jacksonville, there are several factors to consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. Experience – Look for an agency with a successful track record in Facebook marketing. They should have experience creating and managing campaigns that have achieved specific business outcomes.
  2. Expertise – Check if they possess expertise that matches your needs, such as copywriting, graphic design, video production or advanced data analytics.
  3. Pricing – Make sure the agency’s prices align with your budget and goals. The costs of hiring a Facebook marketing agency can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the level of service you require and the complexity of your campaigns.
  4. Communication – A reliable agency should provide clear communication throughout the process: from onboarding and strategy sessions to regular check-ins and campaign reporting.
  5. Technology – look for an Agency with a deep understanding of Facebook Ads Manager Platform & API (Application Programming Interface), Coding Skills and Google Analytics Platform.

It is essential to choose an experienced Facebook marketing Agency keeping in mind our requirements and budgets.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Facebook marketing agencies in Jacksonville, there are several options to choose from. However, based on their expertise, experience, and client satisfaction, we have narrowed down the top 4 Facebook Marketing Agencies in Jacksonville for you to consider.

With the right agency by your side, your brand will be able to reach more customers than ever before on this powerful social media platform.