How to Measure Your LinkedIn Success

How to Measure Your LinkedIn Success

Starting our own digital business online comes with a lot of pros and cons. On one hand, there will be a lot of competitors in a specific niche given that creating content is accessible for anyone who has the internet. On the other hand, most of the things that were usually done manually shifted to a more automatic and computer-generated process.

This includes one important thing that we all need to check, especially if we are only just starting our brand: our marketing’s success rate. LinkedIn provides a lot of analytics for its users to take advantage of. So if you would like to know how to check if you’re effective in your marketing strategies on LinkedIn, here are some things to take note of that will definitely help you out.

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Number of LinkedIn Connections

Let’s first check the most obvious one, which is your connections. The more connections that you have reflects – to a certain degree- how successful your LinkedIn profile is. You should not forget to make your account public first. This increases your chances of getting more viewers and connections.

If people decide to connect with you, that simply means that they like the content that you are making and that they want to be updated with your posts. It is just like any form of social media platform. The more followers, friends, or connections you have, the popular you become.

This also sets up further success for your page since users tend to connect to those who already have an established good number of connections.

Check the engagements on LinkedIn

Although you might have a great number of followers on your page, it’s still important to check whether they do engage with your content. This includes the likes, shares, reactions, and comments on your posts.

If you see that a lot of your connections/users engage with your posts, then that means that you really produced something relatable to them and that they liked it. You, of course, need to check whether they are positive comments. Some might be correcting you for any possible misinformation or perhaps updated news that you weren’t able to immediately catch on that particular subject.

Whatever it may be, it’s better if you first take their comments without being defensive. It is good to always engage with other users in a respectful manner, especially online. But more often than not, the number of shares and likes you get usually signifies that your brand is going on an upward trend.

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Views of your LinkedIn profile

Another great thing that LinkedIn provides that can indicate to you how successful your page is the view count that shows up on your home page. To locate it, just simply go to your home page and the first number that you see on the left side of the page is the number of views that your profile has garnered.

This number tells you how many people have checked out your page. It is important for you to regularly keep an eye on this number because it does reflect how much you attract other users to your page.

Visibility on the search bar

connections on LinkedIn Visibility on LinkedIn

The more popular you are, the more the LinkedIn algorithm makes your account visible to other accounts who search for keywords that are connected to your content’s niche.

Before anything else though, you have to note that you are also somewhat in control of making your profile visible to other people who’re using the platform. This is through ensuring that you use the right keywords in your page’s description.

As long as you have related keywords on your page, LinkedIn will help you out in making your account visible to those who search those keywords. So it’s also important to know how to properly set up your account because this will definitely benefit you in the long run.

If you then create high-quality content about your niche, they will start connecting with you which will then further improve your presence and eventually your brand’s success. This will also certainly help you to build your brand on LinkedIn.

Know your connections on LinkedIn

connections on LinkedIn

More than just being aware of the number of connections you have, it is also important to check who they are. Are they part of your target audience? Are they someone who is known in this field?

It is important for you to routinely do a quick background check on some of your connections. Identifying them so will also indicate how successful you are on LinkedIn. If a person who’s in the same business or someone who is popular and influential in your field connects with you, then there’s a big chance that they like your content.

This can cause a domino effect wherein their followers will also follow you. It might be a hassle to really go through their accounts one by one, so just keep in mind who are the key people that you should keep an eye on in LinkedIn and who you would want to follow or connect with on your account.

Check your posts’ analytics

Analytics For LinkedIn Post

This can also be one of those tasks that are quite tedious to do but it will really tell you your success rate on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers in-depth analytics on specific posts that you publish on your page.

To do that, just simply click Me and then under Manage, locate and click Posts and Analytics. Here, you will be able to check a particular post’s analytics — from its views to its engagements through statistics.

By regularly doing this, you will be able to identify what types of posts attracted and encouraged more engagement from your audience. You can then adjust your content based on this newfound knowledge and create more posts like that,  limiting the ones that really didn’t do well with your audience.

Furthermore, you can easily look and see statistics showing how many people actually clicked on the link that’s embedded in your posts. If you’re using LinkedIn hashtags in your posts, which you definitely should be, just keep track of your hashtag’s performance through analytics as well.

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FAQs About Measure Your Success on LinkedIn

Here are some FAQs about measuring your success on this social media platform.

Are likes important in LinkedIn?

Yes. The algorithm in LinkedIn rewards specific posts that receive a lot of engagements from other users (likes and comments) by making them more visible on the platform.

How do I get more views on LinkedIn?

You can get more views by producing high-quality and relatable content about your niche. You can attract a lot of views on your posts. You can also make use of LinkedIn-generated hashtags to further increase your post’s visibility.

Is there a limit in the number of hashtags that I can use?

No, there’s no limit to it. However, it’s ideal to keep the number of hashtags that you use only to around 2-3 per post.

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