Best Time To Post on LinkedIn

Best Time To Post on LinkedIn

Building a brand on social media websites – especially LinkedIn – has become one of the go-to methods of creating professional connections and sharing your industrial experiences in skills. Social media-focused strategies such as marketing campaigns can expose companies to large and extensive audiences. They can reach lots more people than by usual methods. LinkedIn itself has over 300 million users.

Keeping your audience engaged on LinkedIn requires plenty of focus on building your profile and crafting carefully thought-out content. However, if you aren’t aware of the best time to post on LinkedIn, you might be in trouble. There’s a possibility the people who follow you will never get to see your updates, which can be very tricky if you’re new to the game.

So you will need to figure out when would be the right time to post on LinkedIn for you to grab your targeted audience? With the right amount of research and observation, you’ll be able to master the art of scheduling or posting on LinkedIn in no time!

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Get to Know LinkedIn and its Timing Statistics

Get to Know LinkedIn and its Timing Statistics

LinkedIn is a social media website. Its networking works differently from your usual social media networking because of its business-oriented nature. The best days in a week to post are from Tuesday through Thursday. Mondays are usually used as recovering days from business travels or work-oriented weekends. Aside from that, Mondays are commonly hectic days, so it might not be ideal to choose this time if you’re looking to create more connections.

On the opposite side, Fridays are usually used to prepare for business-oriented weekends or used as a day for preparing personal activities such as family trips and the like. This is why it’s less likely for you to contact people or find initial connections on LinkedIn. When you combine this, the weekend, and a very busy Monday – posting can bring you nothing more than a few views but lesser engagement.

Although plenty of online-established businesses are present in a 24/7 period, observation and research provide data on the best and worst moments to post on LinkedIn.

Tuesdays bring in the most clicks and shares, usually around lunchtime. Sleeping hours, such as 10 PM to 6AM, is usually the worst time for you to do so. Whereas 7PM to 8AM and 5PM to 6AM are the most ideal times, and finally, the peak number of users on LinkedIn usually goes from 5PM to 6PM.

Of course, it is crucial to keep in mind that all of these are time zone-sensitive, so make sure you check in with that before diving in headfirst!

Time is not a One-Size-Fits-All for LinkedIn

Consider the industry you’re in or your target audience. There isn’t a standard time or a set ideal time to post that can apply to everyone because business depends on your market and its specifics. Get some research to learn about whose attention you’re trying to get so you can settle on the perfect time!

Media and Marketing Industry. For the media and marketing industry, these audiences are often observed checking their social media feeds before their actual day starts – almost like a newspaper as they drink their coffee! The best days to choose if this is your target audience is any weekday and either before or after work hours.

B2B Industries. For a Business-to-Business industry, the best thing you could ever do when posting is carefully analyzing web and online behavior. The people in this target audience are highly likely professionals, so the ideal time to post if you’re in this market would be before work, during break times, and in the middle of the commute.

Even though social media has presented itself as an easy way to strategize your presence in the industry and help make better connections, without the right amount of research and collected data – you might not be able to use its maximum potential.

If you don’t do this, chances are that when you do decide to post, it might be at a time where your audience is absent and offline. This means you won’t be getting enough engagement, enough views, and attention.

Building a brand takes time, effort, and, most importantly, analyzed data.

Other Things You Want To know About Posting on LinkedIn

If you’re planning to post on LinkedIn often, here are some important things you’d need to know.

How often should I be posting on LinkedIn?

The first two posts you make on LinkedIn will probably be your most-viewed, making it the most important. You have to set a good impression up for yourself, cater to your audience, and craft content that will catch their attention specifically.

Keep in mind that quality trumps quantity. No matter how much you post, if your posts aren’t substantial and strategic, your views might flounder, and LinkedIn will show your posts to fewer people. Keep in mind, all online algorithms prioritize good content.

Depending on your industry and audience, the best times to post within a week would be around two to five times, but all should be of good quality and relevant to your target market.

When you post on LinkedIn, who sees it?

You choose who can see what you post. Whenever you choose to share a post, you have the option to control who sees it right from the share box. Public LinkedIn posts can be shared and seen on other websites, as long as your profile is public. If it isn’t public, your posts will only be seen by members who have LinkedIn accounts.

What counts as a view?

When you share an update, views are counted when it is completely loaded on the viewer’s screen. They don’t really need to click through or read what you post to count as views, but they do need to have it loaded on their feeds.

Your Content on LinkedIn Matters

Ultimately, your LinkedIn posting strategy should be able to work in the long run, not just short-term and occasional plans. All audiences and industries have distinctions from each other. With all LinkedIn can offer, there are endless opportunities, and the importance of knowing when you should be posting helps you boost your profile’s visibility.

Even if posting is only one factor that might help you get your profile to stand out, this is still an open chance for you to make good impressions, showcase your skills subtly, and create quality content to show your targeted audience.

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