How To Write a Facebook Review

How To Write a Facebook Review

Reviews and feedback are sources of information for people on the experience of an item or service. Whether the response is positive or negative, the responsibility lies on both the sender and receiver.

For the reviewer, it is in their hands to give honest feedback on how the product was for them. There are professional reviewers who have their names on the line to be able to give their best to other people. Their ratings affect how consumers perceive the item and business and how they respond to it.

For the businesses, as the receiver of feedback, they need to plan out how to respond to reviews on Facebook. Receiving positive reviews will establish their reputation further and they have to be mindful of how to manage the influx of queries and orders. But if it was the opposite, they will need to anticipate how to firefight any bad publicity that this will cause. Reviews on Facebook can make or break a business at some point, if not handled properly.

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Steps To Write Reviews on Facebook

Writing reviews on Facebook is easy as it looks. It is similar to writing a post on your friend’s wall as the interface of user-profiles is almost the same as Facebook pages.

  1. To do this, you need to login into your Facebook account and go to the page that you will review. From the Facebook page, look for the Review option. This can be viewed below the page’s name.
  2. Clicking the Review option will direct you to the page where you can see all existing reviews. You will also see a score out of 5 points which are from the accumulated reviews.
  3. A Yes/No question will also be shown there if you recommend the Facebook page. This is where the review will start. Clicking either yes or no will generate a popup box where you can place your text and/or images.
  4. You are required to put at least a 25 character review before you’ll be able to submit your review for other users to see. You can also limit the viewers of your review if you want this to be seen within your connections or to make it public.

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Other Things To Consider When Writing a Facebook Reviews

As reviews can be public and can be seen by other users, we need to be mindful of the things that we write.

  • Be appropriate

There are many ways to say something and how to properly convey it is a skill. Use the appropriate language when writing a review. You might be using a language that is not familiar to the owners of the Facebook page and your message will then fall short. Watch out for anything that can keep you in trouble as it will be seen and used by the many.

  • Make it actionable

The intention of creating a review is for people to be aware of the experience that you have. Writing to improve the product and not making it too personal is the way to go. Be objective in your feedback as this will be appreciated by the page owners and other users.

  • Keep it short

Not everyone wants to read a thousand-word review running in circles, nor have the time to spend on it. Facebook has made it easy for users to leave a review by making it at least 25 characters long. Making a point does not have to be too wordy.

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FAQs About Writing Facebook Reviews

Here are some frequently asked questions about Facebook Reviews.

How to write a Facebook review?

Go to the Facebook page and go to the Review button. From there you just need to answer “yes” or “no” if you recommend it and put a short write-up of at least 25 characters.

How to view Facebook reviews?

Go to the Facebook page and go to the Review button. All the existing reviews from the time the page has been created can be viewed from here.

Are Facebook reviews the same as recommendations?

Yes, it is. Reviews are updated on Facebook and are shown as recommendations instead. This makes the review process and scoring easier for the users.

Where do review scores come from?

The score found on Facebook pages is from all the reviews it received. Some of these are from the previous star rating system which allows users to appoint a score in their review. This is then updated to recommendations which allow the user to recommend/not recommend a page.

What is the review score for?

This is used as a reference for customers when looking for products and services. For businesses, this is a promotion tool so that their posts and page are more visible in user’s feeds.

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