How To Use LinkedIn Hashtags

Are you a business owner or professional looking for ways to grow your network and get more exposure on LinkedIn?

Hashtags are an easy way to do just that. They’re like keywords, but instead of searching by keyword, people search using hashtags. You can use them in your posts and updates so other professionals will find you when they search for the same hashtag. Here’s how!

Use this guide to learn about the best practices for using hashtags on LinkedIn. It’ll help you create better content that gets noticed by others who share similar interests with you. And it’ll help make sure your posts reach the right audience–the one that matters most to you!

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What is Hashtags On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Hashtags are a way of organizing posts. They allow you to group similar content by topic and make it easier to find what is already out there on that subject matter. You can also use hashtags to call out a topic that is trending.

For example, if you search for #marketing on LinkedIn, you will find posts related to marketing.

It is very important to use relevant hashtags in order for your post to show up when people search on LinkedIn.
LinkedIn Hashtags Example

Why Use LinkedIn Hashtags

There are many reasons why you should use LinkedIn hashtags.

Increase the engagement of your content on LinkedIn

You want to make sure that your content is easily found when people search the hashtags you have used. You can do this by using relevant tags and keywords in your post, tagging other members of LinkedIn, or including any links that will help readers find more information about the subject matter.

Get more views and shares on LinkedIn

The more people engage with your content, the more likely it is to be shared. If you use a relevant hashtag in your post, then readers who find that tag while searching will have an easier time finding what they are looking for. This also increases the chances of getting noticed by other LinkedIn members or potential connections.

Increase your visibility

If you use LinkedIn hashtags in your post, then it will show up on the general feeds of people who follow them. It also gets a higher ranking when someone searches for that hashtag and increases the chances of being shared across all networks.

Connect with others in your industry

If you use a relevant hashtag, then it will show up on the feeds of people who follow that tag. This increases the chances of making new connections or rekindling old ones. You can also use hashtags to call out other members and invite them to share their perspective on a topic.

Best Practices To Use LinkedIn Hashtags

To get the most of LinkedIn Hashtags, here are some best practices to follow:

Use relevant hashtags

The more relevant your tags and keywords are for what you’re posting about, the higher chance it will be found when someone searches on those terms. This doesn’t mean that all posts have to only include a certain hashtag–you can include as many (or few) hashtags that are relevant to your content.

Use at least one hashtag in each post

It’s always a good idea to include some type of hashtagging, whether it is the main tag or just tagging other LinkedIn members who have also contributed something on this topic. This makes it easier for readers to find what they are looking for.

Include Brand Hashtags

You can include your brand hashtag in every post as well. You might also want to create a unique tag for different types of content, such as lifestyle posts or special offers and promotions. This is because your audience might want to follow you for a specific type of content and using the same hashtag will make it easier for them.

Don’t overdo it

Don’t use too many hashtags in a post. It will make your content look spammy and people might not want to engage with you as much or share it if they have seen posts like this before. Make sure that the hashtags are relevant, but don’t feel pressured into putting one on every word just because it is trending.

Improve your content with tags that are already being used on LinkedIn

If you want to be more successful and generate more engagement, then make sure to research the hashtags that other people in your industry are using. You can also use this information when creating a hashtag for a specific topic or type of post so that your content is more easily found.

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FAQs about LinkedIn Hashtags

We’ve also created a list of FAQs about LinkedIn Hashtags:

What is the best way to use hashtags on my post?

Every situation will be different, but we recommend including at least one hashtag in your content or tagging other members who have contributed something related. This makes it easier for readers to find what they are looking for.

How often should I use hashtags?

Don’t overdo it. Don’t put a hashtag on every word just because you feel like you have to in order for people to find your content. Make sure that the tags are relevant and appropriate, but don’t include them if they aren’t necessary–this will make it look spammy.

Should I use my own brand hashtag in every post?

It’s recommended to include your brand hashtag in some posts, but not every single one. For example, if you post about a special promotion or event that is sponsored by your company then it’s only necessary to have the branded hashtag on those types of posts–not all of them.

How do I find good hashtags on LinkedIn?

You can find hashtags by doing a search for the topic that you’re interested in. If there is one term that’s particularly popular, then it will show up on other people’s posts who are tagging their content with this word as well.

How do I know what hashtags to start using?

Start off by finding out what other people in your industry are using. You can also use this information when creating a hashtag for a specific type of post so that it will be easier to find.


I hope this post has been informative and that you’ve learned something from it. Hashtags are a great way to increase your visibility on LinkedIn, but they can be confusing at first. The best thing to do is experiment with different ideas until you find what works for you! If there was one takeaway from this post, I would say it’s that hashtags don’t need to be complicated or difficult – as long as you’re being consistent in the types of hashtags used across posts and within your own profile page, then people will see your content more often.

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