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Looking to buy LinkedIn Likes to grow your online presence? Now You Can! At SocialAppsHQ, we offer LinkedIn Likes packages that are from real users at an affordable price. Check out our packages below.

LinkedIn Likes That You Can Afford

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About SocialAppsHQ’s LinkedIn Likes

Waiting for those likes on your posts to come in might feel like it’s taking forever. Creating high-quality content for your LinkedIn audience is already a daunting task itself, that’s why we, SocialAppHQ, understand how important this is and is offering you a service wherein you can buy likes for your posts.

You might be quite hesitant about the idea of buying likes for your LinkedIn posts.

However, think of it as an early investment to immediately boost your engagements in your LinkedIn profile. There was a study that showed that LinkedIn users will more likely react to a post if they saw that it has already a good number of likes.

So having as many likes as possible early on is important in attracting traffic to your account and jumpstarting your LinkedIn profile.

If you choose to avail of our LinkedIn Likes service, here are some things that you can expect that we will be offering:

Premium Quality Likes

All likes are manually done by interested parties/real accounts that we tap, making it more genuine over other companies’ services.

We don’t just settle for likes done through an application or by bots. SocialAppsHQ assures you that you will be receiving the authentic likes that you deserve.


We stay true to our word. Once we settle on a deal, we will deliver accordingly.

So you won’t be surprised by a drop in the number of likes that we agreed upon, especially after the transaction and once the work is done. Those likes will stay there permanently, 100% guaranteed.

Unlimited Likes

We believe that our customers should have the power to choose how many likes they want to have for their LinkedIn page. That is why if you decide to buy this service, you will be given the option to choose how many likes you want to buy with no cap.

Cheap Price Per Like

Another good thing about availing of this service is the fact that it is very much affordable and our packages are competitive.

We are not going to charge you unreasonable prices for the likes that you will be asking for.

100% Safe

This service is really safe, especially as there are no third-party apps used to obtain those likes.

Rest assured, you will be getting the number of likes that you bought for while still abiding by the rules of LinkedIn. You don’t have to worry about your account getting suspended or terminated by LinkedIn.

Customer Support

SocialAppsHQ boasts a very responsive team, so you know that we always have your back. Whenever you need us, just contact us and we will assist you as soon as we can, especially as we are available 24/7 all around the globe.

Why Buy LinkedIn Likes

Check out the reasons on why buying LinkedIn Likes is a good idea to grow your online presence on this social media platfrom.

Boosts your online presence

LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards posts that have a lot of interactions.

This means that the more people react or like a post, the more LinkedIn prioritizes showing that to other users in the community.

Gives your page more traffic

As more people see your posts because of all the likes that it’s getting, the more traffic your profile gets. Traffic is important in starting up your brand because that way, your account will certainly be shown first when recruiters and top companies search for keywords that are related to your niche on LinkedIn.

Increases your followers over time

Other users tend to be more attracted to profiles that produce content and which gain a lot of likes. It’s sort of creating that sense of credibility and trust in the content that you are posting. So if people see that you get a lot of likes from your posts, there’s a high chance that they will in turn follow you back.

How To Buy LinkedIn Likes

When buying LinkedIn Likes from SocialAppsHQ, we make it super simple process which only takes 3 steps.

Click your chosen package

Choose a package that you want, depending on the number of likes that you are targeting for your page, and then you can now proceed to the payment section.

Choose which posts you want to be liked.

After the payment, you will then be asked to provide the links to the LinkedIn posts that you want to be liked.

Get More Likes on LinkedIn

A quick reminder: If your customer email and PayPal email don’t match, there’s a chance we might ask you to confirm it first. We will then process your request immediately, or at most 24 hours after the transaction. Please note, however, that the delivery time will take more than just 24 hours.

Other LinkedIn Marketing Services

Here in SocialAppsHQ, we know that it takes more than just likes to attract more traffic to your LinkedIn page. To get the maximum benefits from buying our LinkedIn likes service, you can also check here the other LinkedIn Marketing Services that we can offer to our customers:

  • LinkedIn Followers – If you want to have an established number of followers to kickstart your LinkedIn account, we also offer packages for this kind of service. Even if you just want to add more followers to your account, we understand how important this is, and that’s why we will be giving you real followers and not computer-generated bots.
  • LinkedIn Shares – Another way of increasing your online presence is by having your content actually be seen by other users. We can help you with that by availing this service which will ensure that your content gets constantly and continuously shared by real accounts on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Connections – Having connections is different from having just followers. So if you want to really boost your image in the LinkedIn community, you should seriously consider buying relevant connections which will help you with your success, as well as attract other users from the same niche/community as you are.
  • LinkedIn Endorsements – Having relevant endorsements on your LinkedIn page will surely increase the amount of traffic that you will be getting. You don’t have to worry anymore about being ghosted by your connections. Availing of this service from us makes sure that your skills will get endorsed by proper and relevant connections.
  • LinkedIn Recommendations – The more recommendations you have, the more your profile and brand get promoted online. Creating a positive image of your account is important too, especially if you are trying to attract recruiters and other top companies. If you avail of this service, it’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll get that much-needed recommendation for your profile.
  • LinkedIn Accounts – Want to get started on LinkedIn but don’t have an account yet? We have both aged and fresh LinkedIn accounts available.

FAQs About Buying LinkedIn Likes

Does Buying LinkedIn Likes really work?

Yes. Other users will tend to like your post if they see that there are already a good number of likes in it. We have many clients that we worked with and have shown amazing results from our LinkedIn likes packages.

Can others find out if you Buy LinkedIn Likes?

No. We promote your post by launching marketing campaigns. So the likes come out and seem natural; other users wouldn’t even notice that they were bought. (Note: We do not use bots to fulfill any of our orders.)

How do you deliver Linkedin Likes?

We’ll run a marketing campaign to promote to active users who are interested in your posts It will be drip-fed or gradually be delivered and spread out to your respective posts, ensuring that LinkedIn doesn’t detect an unusual change in traffic on your account.

Can I get likes from selected countries like the UK, US, Canada?

No. We only promote to relevant users who are interested in your posts. The likes you’ll be getting are from Worldwide from different countries.

Is it safe to buy LinkedIn Likes?

Yes. It is safe to buy LinkedIn likes from SocialAppsHQ. This is because we get likes on LinkedIn by running online marketing campaigns.

Are these likes from LinkedIn real?

Yes. They are 100% active users who are relevant to your business/niche. So the likes that you will be getting aren’t created through an application or from computer-generated bots.