Best Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

Best Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

If you want a successful digital marketing career, promoting your brand on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get started.

But, what type of content should you post?

It might seem like a trivial question but answering it is actually pretty tricky.

More than your interests, you also have to consider what your audience wants.

To be as visible as possible to the LinkedIn community, you have to attract as much traffic as you can to your page.

So if you are worried about how to do this, just continue reading below to find out what are the best types of content to post on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Post That Show Statistics

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People are almost automatically drawn to statistics. More often than not, we humans want a visual representation of the things around us to fully understand it. Additionally, most LinkedIn users are professionals who want to connect with those who are like them.

So regularly posting infographics and other related images that show statistics is one of the best content that you can share on your LinkedIn page. Now that you have your own niche, choose an even more specific area in which you can present it through statistics.

Just make sure that you will be using reliable and credible sources as statistics should present facts. Don’t forget to also credit your sources to avoid plagiarism.

Post about Motivational and Self-Improvement

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Wouldn’t it be nice to see some inspiring quotes and self-improvement tips during your daily routine of scrolling past down your feed? There are a lot of things happening in our lives and even just a little ray of happiness and positivity is something that we all want every day.

Creating posts that contain inspiring quotes is also a good type of content that you can have on your page. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the entire theme of your page, unless you are a life coach.

But having this type of content on your page would certainly not hurt you. You can also be creative in how you present it. You can add visuals or just simply do typography art. Either way, motivational and self-improvement posts are a good addition to your content.

Share some research about your industry

Again, we humans are fond of understanding how the world works. There is a lot of knowledge out there under different niches. So sharing reliable research that is relevant to you is definitely one of the best contents that you can share.

This might be research that you have conducted by yourself, or it can also be someone else’s. Remember again to credit your source if you are going to use other people’s work.

Sharing credible and factual researches also keep your audience interested in your page. They will try and keep themselves updated with your posts and over time, this will create that sense of trust where they can rely on you for new knowledge about that certain topic.

Blog Posts on LinkedIn

blog post on LinkedIn

If you are fond of writing blogs or having a more in-depth discussion of your niche, then posting blogs can also be great content for your LinkedIn page. As long as you are able to write it and hook your readers to what you’re going to talk about, blog posts are very effective in getting people to connect with you.

Make sure that you really know the topic though or at least do a lot of research before discussing it on your blog. Remember, you have to attract people who have the same interests as you. But it’s also better if you can make those who don’t know much about your niche become more interested in it.

If you have your own personal blog, or perhaps your company’s, you can also link them through a LinkedIn post.

Give some tips

If you really know your craft/niche and are passionate about it, giving ips and advice to your audience is another great type of content that you should consider doing.

People are easily drawn to pages that are educational and a lot of people go to the internet to learn new things. So creating posts that offer good advice about a particular topic is an effective way of drawing attention to your page.

It’s important again to remember that you really know what you are talking about because we would like to avoid spreading misinformation especially when a lot of people are relying on the internet now for accurate information.

Besides, some people will immediately know if you make sense or not with the tips that you give which can make or break your LinkedIn profile’s reputation.

Create List-Style Posts

Most of us have a short attention span, and that is most likely true to your audience as well. So creating direct yet informative content is the ideal way to go with LinkedIn.

There was a study that shows that list-style posts (or listicles) are one of the most effective types of posts that users prefer to read on their feed. Not all topics can be enumerated into lists. However, if you want to really have an in-depth discussion of them, go ahead and be thorough in an article.

But you can always identify which ones are possible to be presented in this style of post. As much as possible, this should be your goal if you are trying to create blogs directly on LinkedIn. Not only is it easier to do, but it is also a great way of getting connections on the platform. If you need help for this, you can always get help from a LinkedIn consultant. They will be able to consult you on what you need to do to grow your business through LinkedIn.

FAQs About the Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn

Here are some frequently asked questions that we get about the content to post on LinkedIn.

How do I write good content on LinkedIn?

The most important part that you have to remember in creating content is that you are very much familiar with the topic that you’re going to discuss. You need to be able to present facts and even further discuss them with your audience if possible.

What shouldn’t you share on LinkedIn?

Sharing too much personal information on LinkedIn, or on any social media platform, is always a big no. You have to maintain certain professionalism between you and your audience. Additionally, you should always stick to your niche and keep your posts relevant to it.

Should you like your own posts?

Liking your own posts actually helps with making other users see and engage with it since there’s a higher chance of them interacting with it. You can also ask for help from your close LinkedIn friends to help like your posts and to direct as much traffic as you can to your page.

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Rajat Garg
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