How to Stop Seeing Reels on Facebook

Tired of endless scrolling through Facebook Reels? You’re not alone. While Reels can be entertaining, sometimes you just want your old feed back. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t offer a one-click solution to banish Reels for good, but don’t worry, you’ve got options. If you’re considering a fresh start, you might even think about looking to purchase a Facebook account that’s more aligned with your preferences.

Whether you’re navigating Facebook on your phone or desktop, you can take steps to minimize these short videos from popping up. By tweaking your settings and using some clever workarounds, you’ll see fewer Reels in no time. Ready to reclaim your feed? Let’s immerse.

1. Use Facebook Web

How to Stop Seeing Reels on Facebook

If you’re looking to cut down on Facebook Reels showing up in your feed, switching to the web browser version might be your top option. Unlike the mobile app, where the pursuit for engagement is robust, the web version often offers a more controllable browsing experience. You’re less likely to encounter the incessant stream of Reels as they’re not as prominently featured.

Logging into Facebook from your desktop or laptop allows you to bypass some of the auto-playing content that’s hard to avoid on mobile. Autoplay features are less aggressive, and this alone can significantly lessen the intrusion of Reels into your browsing time. Plus, navigating the site with a mouse and keyboard gives you more precise control over what content you interact with.

To further reduce distractions from Reels on the web, take advantage of Facebook’s customization settings. Within the browser, it’s easier to overlook suggested content and stick to your newsfeed, sans the Reels. For those interested in occasionally indulging in this feature without the constant interruption, mastering the art of viewing watched reels on Facebook can be a game-changer. This allows you to selectively enjoy Reels at your own pace, ensuring they don’t overrun your browsing experience. Stick around as you’ll learn how to hide Reels and turn off autoplay for an even smoother Facebook experience.

2. Hide the Video Icon From Your Navigation Bar

Tired of Facebook Reels popping up uninvited? You can take control of your feed once again by hiding the Video icon from your Facebook navigation bar. Doing so decreases the chances of encountering Reels with an unintended tap.

The default setting for the Video icon is ‘Auto’, a mode where Facebook may add or remove the icon from your navigation bar at will. Thankfully, you have the power to change this. Simply navigate to Settings and privacy, select Navigation bar, and then choose Customize the bar. Here, you’ll find the option to hide the Video icon by tapping the inverted triangle next to it and selecting Hide.

For Android users, an alternative option to avoid newer app features like Reels is to install an older version of the Facebook app. But, iOS users don’t have the luxury of downgrading apps due to Apple’s restrictions.

By refining these settings, you can create a more tailored Facebook experience, putting you back in the driver’s seat of your social media consumption.

3. Use an Older Version of Facebook

Seeking a more reel-free experience on Facebook? You might consider using an older version of the app. Before the introduction of Reels, older Facebook versions provided a more straightforward social media experience, focused primarily on friends and family updates without the flashy interlude of short-form videos.

But, before you jump into this option, it’s important to understand the risks. Security could be compromised when downloading apps from sources other than the official Google Play Store. Updates that you’d miss from older app versions often include important security patches and bug fixes.

Remember, while you’ll be taking a step back from Reels, you’re also stepping back on security. If you decide to pursue this, always download from a reputable source and maintain vigilance with your digital security. Android users have the flexibility to install APK files of older app versions, whereas iOS users face restrictions.

Given these implications, you might want to weigh this option against easier, risk-free methods to reduce the presence of Reels in your feed.

4. Hide Content You Don’t Like

Tired of unwanted Reels popping up on your feed? There’s a straightforward solution within your grasp. Facebook’s Hide feature is a game-changer for curating your social media experience. When a Reel surfaces that doesn’t spark joy, simply tap the three dots at the bottom of the screen and choose Hide reel.

By selecting this option, you’re sending a clear message to Facebook’s algorithm—this content doesn’t align with your preferences. As a result, the likelihood of similar Reels appearing in your future scrolls drops significantly. Think of it as teaching the platform to better understand and cater to your taste, one Hide at a time.

  • Locate the three horizontal dots on the right side
  • Tap them and select Hide—or See fewer posts like this

Remember, consistently using the Hide feature sharpens the algorithm, leading to a drastically improved browsing experience. The more you use it, the more Facebook’s system learns what to exclude from your News Feed, making every login a breath of fresh digital air.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to reduce Facebook Reels in your feed, a useful strategy is to hide the content you don’t enjoy. Simply tap the three dots on a Reel and select the option to hide it. This action tells Facebook’s algorithm your preferences, potentially reducing similar Reels from appearing in your feed. It’s a simple yet effective way to tailor your social media experience to better suit your interests.

5. Disable Auto-Playing Reels on Facebook

Disable Auto-Playing Reels on Facebook

Tired of Facebook Reels starting automatically as you scroll through your feed? You’re not alone. Auto-playing videos can be intrusive and disruptive, but luckily, you’ve got the power to turn them off. Here’s how to regain control over your Facebook experience.

Step 1: Open the Facebook app on your device and click on the profile button to access your account settings.

Step 2: Navigate to the ‘Settings & Privacy’ option, then tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 3: Within settings, look for ‘Media and Contacts’ and select this option to get to the video settings.

Once you’re in the ‘Media and Contacts’ section, you’ll find an option to disable autoplay for videos and Reels. This setting prevents Reels from playing automatically, So saving you data and minimizing distractions.

Keep in Mind: Restricting auto-play features may lead to a significant decrease in unexpected content popping up as you browse. But, manual playback of Reels will still be possible, giving you full discretion over what you watch and when.


You’ve now got the tools to take charge of your Facebook experience and say goodbye to unwanted Reels. Whether you switch to the web browser version for a cleaner feed, tweak your navigation bar, or go old school with a previous app version, you’re in control. Remember, hiding Reels and disabling autoplay are powerful steps to personalize your News Feed. Stick with these strategies and you’ll enjoy a more focused and tailored browsing experience on Facebook. Keep at it and watch your feed transform into a space that truly reflects your interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I control what I see on Facebook Reels?

You can influence the types of Reels you are shown by tapping the three-dot menu on a Reel and selecting “Show More” or “Show Less.” This helps the algorithm learn your preferences.

Where are Reels settings on Facebook?

Reels settings are accessible through the hamburger menu on your Facebook home page. For Android, it’s at the top right; for iPhone, at the bottom. Reels are found toward the top left within this menu.

How do you hide Reels from your feed?

To decrease Reels frequency, click the three-dot menu on a Reel and select “Hide”. For autoplay, navigate to “Settings” → “Videos” → turn “Autoplay videos” off.

How do I remove the Reels icon from my story?

To remove the Reels icon from your story, drag the text box to the trash can icon and double-tap the Delete button. This should remove the username and Reels logo.

How does Facebook choose what Reels to show you?

Facebook’s algorithm selects Reels based on your interactions: if you watch a Reel completely, like, comment, or create a Reel using the same audio, it influences what is shown to you.


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