How To View Your Watched Reels On Facebook

Ever scrolled through Facebook Reels, found something hilarious or super informative, and later wanted to show it to a friend, only to realize you can’t find it? You’re not alone. Facebook Reels has become a go-to for quick entertainment, but tracking down those watched videos can be tricky.

How to Find Facebook Reels You’ve Watched on iPhone

How to Find Facebook Reels

If you’re an iPhone user, recovering the Facebook Reels you’ve previously watched is a breeze with a simple process. First, grab your iPhone and open the Facebook app. You’re just a few taps away from your watched Reels.

When you’ve launched the app, focus your attention on the bottom of the screen. Here you’ll find the Watch icon. Go ahead and tap it. It’s the gateway to all the videos, including those all-important Reels you’re looking to revisit. Now, don’t rush; it’s all about knowing where to look next.

Look towards the upper-right corner of the screen once you’re in the Watch section. Spot the profile icon? Tap on that, and a new menu will unfold. Select Your Watch. This is where things get interesting. Inside, there’s a treasure trove awaiting—your History. This section holds the key to all your previously viewed content, neatly cataloged just for you.

Here’s your chance to take a leisurely stroll down memory lane. Scroll through the list until you find that hilarious or intriguing Reel you’re searching for. Once it catches your eye, a single tap is all it takes to enjoy it all over again. Keep scrolling, tapping, and enjoying; your watch history is yours to rediscover at your leisure.

How to Find Facebook Reels You’ve Watched on Android

When you’re looking to revisit your watched Reels on an Android device, the process is straightforward. First, open the Facebook app and ensure you’re logged in to your account. Once you’re in, you’ll find the Watch icon at the top center of the main page—tapping this icon opens the video and Reels viewing section.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the constant stream of Reels and wish to take a break, there are steps to stop seeing reels. Adjusting your preferences within the app or taking a temporary hiatus from Reels content can help manage your viewing experience more effectively. This ensures that you can enjoy the content you love at your own pace, without unnecessary distractions.

Next, locate and tap the profile icon within the Watch menu. This action takes you directly to the “Your Watch” section, specifically tailored to your viewing history. Here, you’ll find a category labelled History. It’s a treasure trove of all the videos you’ve watched on Facebook, neatly stored for your convenience, including your previously viewed Reels.

To retrieve a specific Reel, scroll through your history. Once you find the Reel you’re interested in, just tap it. The Reel will spring back to life, ready for you to watch it again. Navigating your watch history on an Android is that simple—making rewatching your favorite Facebook Reels a breeze.

Pro Tip: To effortlessly organize and revisit your favorite Facebook Reels, consider saving them to ‘Watch Later’ or creating thematic collections such as “Workouts,” “Recipes,” or “Comedy.” This not only keeps your watch history tidy but also makes it easier to find and enjoy your preferred content whenever you wish.

How to Find Facebook Reels You’ve Watched on Your Desktop

Accessing your watched Facebook Reels on a desktop can be done with ease. Simply start by opening your preferred web browser and navigating to the official Facebook website at Once you’re logged in, find and click on the menu icon—typically this is your profile picture or it might appear as your name in the top-right corner of the page.

After clicking the menu icon, a drop-down menu will appear. From here, your next step is to select Settings & Privacy. This will open a submenu where you should look for the Activity Log. Click on this option to proceed.

Inside the Activity Log, Videos You’ve Watched will be listed as one of the features. By selecting this, you will unleash a comprehensive list of all the videos—Reels included—that you’ve watched on Facebook. They will be identifiable by their thumbnail images which are a visual clue to help you recall the content.

Should you wish to revisit and watch a Reel again, it’s as simple as clicking on the thumbnail. The video will instantly start playing, allowing you to re-experience the content right there on your desktop.

Remember that your watch history is a convenient way to track and revisit content that has caught your interest. With this knowledge, your favorite Facebook Reels are just a few clicks away, keeping your entertainment and discoveries within easy reach.

Organizing Watched Reels on Facebook

Organizing Watched Reels on Facebook

Finding your favorite Facebook Reels is just the beginning; organizing them can help keep your watch history neat and navigable. Whether you’re on your iPhone or sitting at your desktop, these steps will allow you to categorize the content you enjoy for easy access later on.

How to Organize Watched Facebook Reels on iPhone

With your iPhone in hand, you have the power to curate your watched Reels into collections that make revisiting content a breeze. Here’s how you can organize your watched Facebook Reels on an iPhone:

  • Start by opening the Facebook app and tapping on the Watch icon.
  • Next, tap your profile icon to find Your Watch option.
  • Inside Your Watch, select History to see your watched videos and Reels.
  • To curate a video, tap the three dots beside the Reel.
  • Choose Save to Watch Later for an immediate bookmark, or create a new list by tapping New Collection.

Creating collections allows for thematic sorting – think “Workouts,” “Recipes,” or “Comedy” – making it a snap to find the right entertainment or information when you need it.

How to Organize Watched Facebook Reels on Desktop

Desktop users aren’t left out in the cold when it comes to organizing Facebook Reels. In fact, the larger screen may make managing your video collections even more comfortable. Follow these streamlined steps to organize your watched Facebook Reels on a desktop:

  • Navigate to the Facebook website and click on your menu icon.
  • Hit Settings & Privacy, and then choose Activity Log.
  • Within the Activity Log, select Videos You’ve Watched.
  • Scroll to the Reel you want to organize and hover over it until the three dots appear.
  • Click these dots and choose Save video to promptly add it to a collection or Add to Collection if you’re sorting them categorically.

If you’re new to Facebook or want to expand your usage, you might consider the option to purchase an aged Facebook account, which can give you immediate access to a broader range of content and connections. Managing your watched content effectively means you’ll spend less time searching and more time enjoying the Reels that resonate with your interests or lighten up your day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find and watch Facebook Reels I’ve seen before on my iPhone?

Open the Facebook app and tap on the Watch icon, then go to Your Watch > History to find previously watched Reels.

Can I organize the Reels I’ve watched on Facebook?

Yes, you can organize watched Reels by saving them to Watch Later or creating collections in the Facebook app or website.

On Android, how do I find Reels I’ve previously watched?

Similar to iPhone, access Your Watch and History in the Facebook app on your Android device to find watched Reels.

How do I locate watched Facebook Reels on my desktop?

Access your Facebook account on a desktop, click the menu icon, choose Settings & Privacy, go to Activity Log and then select Videos You’ve Watched.

What are the benefits of organizing my watched Facebook Reels?

Organizing your watched Reels allows you to quickly revisit your favorite content without needing to search for it again.


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