How to Manage Multiple Facebook Accounts

Managing multiple Facebook accounts can be done by anyone. From marketing managers, business owners, and any user, you can do this with available tools out there to help you with the activities that you need for your account.

You can set up pages for your business, create posts to engage more users, do analysis for your traffic, and a lot more.

Managing Facebook accounts

Facebook Business Suite and Creator Studio are powerful tools for managing multiple accounts efficiently. If you’re looking to streamline your account management even further, you can learn how to switch accounts on Facebook seamlessly. By doing so, you can access various profiles and pages effortlessly, making it easier to monitor and interact with your audience.

These tools also have different purposes which can maximize the potential of your Facebook accounts. 

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Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite

This tool helps you with the business side of your Facebook page. If your page is related to businesses and has set up ads or is planning to subscribe to one in the future, you can see the options on this tool. There is also a Commerce Manager in the tool where you can put up your products and services and use Facebook as a shop on its own. If you’re planning to sell on this platform, you can learn how to add a product feed to a Facebook Catalog here.

Setting up your account in Facebook Business Suite is easy as this is connected to the Facebook website.

  1. If you are the owner or admin of the Facebook page, you just need to log into Facebook Business Suite and this will automatically show up upon successful login.
  2. To add more Facebook pages, go to Settings or the gear icon on the left side of the screen. Select Business Settings among the options and this will direct you to another webpage.
  3. Under the Accounts option, you will see the Pages selection. Click on the Add option and search for the additional Facebook pages that you will be managing.
  4. From the Accounts option, you can also link other social media and messaging service applications that you need to manage. This will help you manage your business’ assets within a single webpage.

Creator Studio

Facebook Creator Studio

If your Facebook page is more on content such as blog posts and videos, the Creator Studio is the best option. It helps in the collaboration of content with other users, how you can monetize your content better, and tracks all the activity that your Facebook page has. It also has a dashboard to help you analyze your content and traffic as well as control the frequency and scheduling of the post that you can create.

To be able to view the Facebook page that you manage, simply log in using your Facebook credentials in Creator Studio. Unlike the Facebook Business Manager, you need to request access to the pages that you will be handling before you can see them in the dashboard.

Pro Tip: If you’re managing multiple Facebook accounts, streamline the process by using Facebook’s Business Suite and Creator Studio. These tools allow you to oversee all your accounts from one dashboard, making it easier to post, analyze, and engage with your audience across different pages. Plus, they offer the flexibility to add other social media accounts, ensuring a unified approach to your online presence.

Benefits of using Facebook managing tools

Before, managing Facebook accounts rely on logging in to your personal account. The activity for your Facebook page might be posted through your personal account which may cause confusion or issues. Also, managing multiple Facebook pages can take more time than usual as you need to access them separately. Using tools to manage multiple Facebook accounts provides more flexibility and a streamlined process for each.

  • Customization

Using the management tools allows you to customize a lot more things for your Facebook accounts. You can manage your posts to when and how frequently your content shows up on your Facebook page. You can standardize responses received by users when they contact you through your page. The options are endless and would depend on how you want to use your page to reflect your goals.

Also, being able to manage multiple Facebook accounts on one page allows you to see the things that are happening to your account from a wider perspective, which includes activities made by multiple users.

Depending on their task, you can easily assign different accesses to each user type to limit their permissions to the Facebook account. This also emphasizes the importance of the safety and security of your Facebook page so that you are in control of what gets posted to the public.

  • One tool for all accounts

Whether you use the Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio, you are able to view all your accounts on one dashboard. No need to switch accounts to access multiple Facebook pages. You can do a similar action for all your managed Facebook accounts within the tool which minimizes possible errors. There are also more options provided by the tools compared to managing your accounts directly on Facebook.

  • Easier analysis

The tools provide more advanced and specialized tools which can help you with your business. You can track user engagements and traffic on your Facebook pages so you can plan better and make use of the information for future activities. The more information you have, the more prepared you can be on how to handle achievements and challenges. It also enables you to compare multiple Facebook pages and to set targets for each account. Your working activities can be reapplied across the accounts that you are managing.

  • Add other social media accounts

Being able to link your other social media accounts helps lessen the time you spend on different platforms. It also ensures that the content that you post on Facebook will be the same as that on Instagram. You can respond faster to your customers this way as you see the messages and comments in real-time in all your linked accounts from different platforms.

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FAQs About Managing Multiple Facebook Accounts

Can I have multiple Facebook accounts?

Yes, you can, but it is advisable to only have one so that you will be able to manage it properly.

Can I have access to multiple Facebook pages?

Yes. You can create multiple Facebook pages and ask for access to other pages from the page owner. 

How do I manage multiple Facebook pages?

You can use the dashboard found on the Facebook website. You just need to select the appropriate Facebook account to use. You can also use tools such as Facebook Business Manager to help you manage multiple accounts. This shows all the pages you manage on one website.

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