Best Facebook Commenting Tricks

Best Facebook Commenting Tricks

There are many interesting things on Facebook, and the Facebook comment section is one among them. The comment section is so flexible and functional. It is often utilized in boosting your brand, helping you to connect with your viewers to create good customer relations.

It is a no-brainer that folks check the comment sections of a post all the time. The more comments you have, the stronger your bond is with your viewers. With better engagement, the more likely they’ll help your brand flourish.

Now that you recognize the importance of the comment section, it is time to find out the ways to utilize it when boosting your brand and connecting with those that you would like to cater to.

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Best Commenting Facebook Tricks and Tips You Should Know

Best Commenting Facebook Tricks

After working with different Facebook marketers from all over the world, here are the best Facebook commenting tricks that you can apply.

Facebook Comment Ranking

If you’re getting comments that are not relevant, turning on comment ranking is the solution for you. Additionally, if you want to ensure that only the most constructive feedback is visible, disabling comments on Facebook ads might be a beneficial strategy. This can help maintain a positive image of your brand and prevent any potentially harmful comments from detracting from your message. Enabling comment ranking will take the foremost appropriate comments according to your post and boost it to the top spot. Users’ comments with the most interactions will convince the viewers of your post to read more about your brand.

It is often an eyesore for viewers to see rows of comments that are irrelevant to your post. To improve your Facebook comment sorting and prioritize the most meaningful comments, consider implementing comment ranking.

In response to the challenges of spam and trolls in comment sections, many are turning to strategies like Facebook page commenting to enhance their online community engagement. By focusing on this approach, administrators can leverage Facebook’s tools to prioritize and boost the most relevant comments. This method not only helps in managing spam and trolling but also significantly improves the quality of interactions. Consequently, a well-moderated Facebook page becomes a more attractive destination for viewers, fostering a positive and interactive online environment.

To turn on comment ranking;

  • Click the Settings and Privacy icon at the top of your page.
  • Select settings and click on public posts.
  • Head to Comment Ranking and click on edit.
  • Toggle on or off.
settings for Facebook Comment Ranking

Do Not Ignore Negative Comments on FB

Being responsive doesn’t simply mean responding to the positive feedback you receive, but also assisting those who are not satisfied with your product or service. In every business, there’ll always be someone who is less than satisfied, but clearing out things and assessing their complaints in a diplomatic fashion can help both parties. It’s essential to find your Facebook followers and engage with them proactively to address any concerns they might have, turning their dissatisfaction into an opportunity for improvement.

Leaving negative comments and not responding to them can create tension and can get out of hand, so it’s important to mitigate and address the issue before things escalate.

It’s unavoidable that there’ll be people who will test your patience. But always remember to keep your emotions in check. One way to creatively express your responses or emphasize your message is by altering Facebook post font style, which can make your posts stand out and convey your tone more effectively. This small change can significantly impact how your message is received, adding a layer of personalization or seriousness to your communication. Thank them for their feedback and apologize for the inconvenience.

Address their concerns and help them through the situation. If you are feeling that the matter is getting out of control, suggest the conversation be continued in a private message. However, if you decide to stop users from commenting on your post, you can check out this article on how to turn off Facebook comments.

Mention Who You’re Replying in the Comments

Once your post gains attention, it is often quite confusing trying to spot who is talking to who. This is where you might encounter issues like Facebook comments not showing, which can disrupt the flow of conversation and engagement on your posts. Tagging the user you’re replying to will send them a notification that you’ve replied to them, which may urge them to reply in return. Ensuring that comments are visible and engaging directly with your audience can significantly enhance interaction and keep the discussion lively.

You can mention an individual in your reply by simply clicking the reply button under their comment or by using @nameofuser.

Make Use of Text Effects

To make your social media content even more engaging, consider posting to Facebook with text effects in your updates. By incorporating these special words that trigger animations or visual enhancements, you can create a more dynamic and interactive experience for your audience. This approach not only adds a layer of fun but also encourages users to participate in the conversation, making your posts stand out in a crowded news feed.

Some of the words that trigger these effects are:

  • Thank you so much
  • You’re the best
  • Congratulations
  • Best wishes

Avoid using fonts

Using fonts may look nice, but only to those with devices that will support them. Fonts from online font generators should be avoided, because they aren’t viewable to everybody. Some android devices don’t support these sorts of fonts, which leads them to be seen as boxed question marks instead. As a result, a handful of your viewers won’t be ready to access the content you’ve posted or commented on.

Other than not being readable by devices, those with sight disabilities who use text-to-speech applications on their mobile devices also will not be able to access your content. It’s important to think about everyone when thinking of content to post or comment on.

React to each Facebook comment

In addition to replying to your viewers’ comments, managing comments on Facebook advertisements is a crucial aspect of maintaining a positive online presence and fostering engagement. Actively monitoring and engaging with comments can help in identifying customer concerns, gathering feedback, and creating a community around your brand.

By doing this, you may get more interactions on your profile, which may boost your brand, helping you reach more people. Reacting to comments not only shows appreciation for viewer feedback but also encourages more interactions, further amplifying your reach and engagement on the platform.

This can even be helpful once you want to acknowledge a comment, yet don’t know how to reply. There are reactions fitted for every situation: the haha react, the heart react, the wow react, the sad react, and the classic like react.

Though reactions are very versatile, it’s important to take care when reacting to a comment to avoid any misunderstandings on the viewer’s side. For users who rely on streamlined versions of apps for better performance, understanding features like reactions on platforms such as Facebook Lite becomes crucial. To learn about Facebook Lite and its functionalities, exploring its features can provide insights into managing reactions and engagements more effectively. If you react to the wrong or negative comments, the commenter may become angry and harm the reputation of your page.

Customize Public Comments

If turning on comment ranking still hasn’t helped you with spam comments or troll commenters, then you may want to use the customize public comments tool. With this tool, you’ll be able to choose who is allowed to comment under your post whether it’s your followers or random people that see you on their timelines.

In the process of managing your online interactions, it’s also crucial to consider how your data is being used online. Taking steps to stop Facebook data tracking can significantly enhance your privacy, limiting how much of your personal information is collected and used for advertising purposes. This is especially important in a digital age where data privacy concerns are at an all-time high, and taking control of your digital footprint can lead to a safer online environment.

To activate the customize public comments tool follow these steps:

  • Click the Settings And Privacy icon at the top of your page.
  • Click settings, then public posts.
  • Scroll right down to get to comment ranking and switch on.
  • Reply Fast

The faster you reply to a comment, the better it is. Replying immediately is vital if you want to leave a great impression on your viewers. Typically, you ought to reply within a 60-minute time mark, whether the comment is positive or negative.

Though fast replying is key to engagement and relationship building, if you see your commenters having a discussion that doesn’t require your attention, then it’s best to allow them to discuss among themselves. Try to not meddle unless they mention you or raise an issue that must be answered.

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FAQS About Facebook Commenting Tricks

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Facebook commenting tricks

How am I able to increase my comment rank on Facebook?

You may try uploading a post that encourages engagement and post comments. With this, people will be urged to reply or react to your comment. The more replies and reactions, the higher your comment rank will be!

How do I handle negative comments?

The best thing to do is to deal with the comment. Ignoring it may leave a not-so-good impression on not only the customer but other readers/ viewers. Apologize sincerely and don’t make promises you cannot keep. Find common ground between you and the commenter, and do your best to make sure that their problem is addressed as best as you can and as soon as possible (if it’s valid).

What is a ghost comment?

A ghost comment may be a reply to a post that contains no text and is blank. Commenters use it as a symbol of acknowledgement that they have seen the post.

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