How To Add Shop Now Button To Facebook Page

How To Add Shop Now Button To Facebook Page

Boosting sales on your eCommerce website can be as simple as adding a ‘Shop Now’ button to your Facebook page. It’s a straightforward tweak that can significantly enhance your customer’s journey, leading them directly to your products with just one click.

Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy; adding this powerful call-to-action (CTA) button is easy, and you’ll see how it can transform your page into a shopping hub. Whether you’re sticking with the classic Facebook business page or using the latest layout, you’re covered. Let’s jump into making your Facebook page a shopping destination.

Why add a Shop Now button to your Facebook page?

Why add a Shop Now button to your Facebook page

As you’re leveraging Facebook for eCommerce success, the importance of a Shop Now button cannot be overstated. This single feature bridges the gap between social engagement and shopping action, functioning as a seamless transition for customers from browsing to buying. Here’s why incorporating it makes a world of difference:

  • Direct Customer Traffic: The Shop Now button acts like a beacon on your Facebook page. It’s an unmistakable signal that you’re open for business and makes it incredibly easy for potential customers to navigate straight to your store.
  • Increase Conversion Rates: With convenience at their fingertips, users are more likely to make purchases. A simplified shopping process often leads to an upsurge in sales, as the reduced steps curtail the chance of losing interest.
  • Optimized Mobile Experience: A substantial portion of Facebook users access the platform via mobile devices. By implementing a Shop Now button, you tailor their experience to be mobile-friendly, which is essential given the growing trend of mobile commerce.

To fully leverage your Facebook page as a sales channel, it’s crucial to harness every tool at your disposal. In this ultra-competitive digital space, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase Facebook accounts from reputable sources.

Having multiple accounts at your service can potentially amplify your reach and ensure that your Shop Now button is seen by a wider audience.

Integrating this button is straightforward and can drastically influence your sales metrics. It’s a subtle yet powerful call to action that can transform your Facebook followers into paying customers.

Remember, the easier you make it for customers to access your products, the closer you are to clinching that sale. Make sure your Shop Now button stands out and watch as it works wonders for your online storefront.

Facebook’s Shop now button missing

Encountering an issue where you can’t find the option to add a Shop Now button to your Facebook page can be frustrating. It may leave you scratching your head, wondering what went wrong. First things first, check if you’re a page administrator.

Only admins have the privilege to modify or add Call To Action (CTA) buttons, including the Shop Now button. Without these administrative rights, you’ll find yourself at a standstill.

If your role on the page allows it but the button still isn’t appearing, consider the possibility of a glitch or temporary issue with Facebook.

In some instances, features may not show up immediately due to updates or changes being rolled out on the platform. Patience here is key; give it a little time, then try again.

Here’s a quick checklist to troubleshoot the missing Shop Now button:

  • Ensure you’re an admin on the Facebook page.
  • Verify that your page category is compatible with e-commerce features.
  • Look out for any notifications from Facebook about updates or maintenance.
  • Try refreshing the page or accessing it via a different browser or device.

On the off chance that these steps don’t resolve the mystery of the missing Shop Now button, exploring Facebook’s help center or forums might offer a solution. Other users may have experienced similar issues, and their resolutions could guide you through your own.

Remember, Facebook’s functionalities can be complex, and with frequent updates, features might move around. Keep a close eye on any announcements from Facebook about changes to the business page layout or functionality, as these can impact how you interact with the platform.

Another critical point is to check if your page complies with Facebook’s commerce policies. Non-compliance could result in certain features being restricted or removed from your page, the Shop Now button included. Make sure all your listings and business practices align with the terms set by Facebook to avoid any hiccups.

By ensuring admin access, staying updated on Facebook’s ongoing changes, and remaining compliant with the platform’s policies, you’ll be better equipped to address the absence of the Shop Now button and effectively integrate it into your business page.

How to add a Shop Now button to your Facebook page

How to add a Shop Now button to your Facebook page

Step 1: Access Your Facebook Page Settings

To kick things off, make sure you have admin access to the Facebook page where you want to add the Shop Now button. Navigate to your page and look for the cover photo at the top.

Below the cover photo, you should see an option to Add a Button if one isn’t already present. If a button already exists, it’s crucial to know that Facebook’s policy allows for only one action button per page.

Step 2: Edit the Button

Once you’ve located the Add a Button option, click on it. If you need to adjust an existing button, hover over it, and you’ll see the Edit Button option. When you click this, a variety of button functions will appear, offering a diverse range of actions that can be tied to your page. It’s here that you’ll select Shop with you to proceed.

Step 3: Choose the Button’s Destination

Upon selecting Shop with you, you’ll be prompted to link the button to a destination where users will be directed when they click on it. This is where you choose Shop Now.

Next, click on Website Link, and enter the URL of your store or the specific page you want potential customers to visit. This step effectively connects your Facebook page to your eCommerce platform.

Step 4: Customize the Button’s Appearance

Customizing the appearance of your Shop Now button is limited within Facebook itself; but, it should automatically align with your page’s aesthetics. If you’re aiming for further customization, you will need to create the button externally and embed it, ensuring it’s congruent with your brand image.

Step 5: Preview and Save the Changes

Before you finalize the process, it’s essential to preview the Shop Now button on your Facebook page. Ensure it’s prominently displayed and easy for users to find.

Once you’re satisfied, click Save to carry out the changes. Utilizing Facebook Insights can provide valuable data on who has viewed your featured collections, offering insights into audience engagement and content reach. Always remember to test the button to confirm that it redirects to the correct webpage and functions as intended.

Pro Tip: To maximize the visibility and effectiveness of the ‘Shop Now’ button on your Facebook page, ensure it’s prominently displayed and easy for users to find. This involves carefully selecting its placement, ensuring it aligns well with your page’s design, and testing its functionality to confirm it leads directly to your online store or the specific product page you want customers to visit. A well-placed and functional ‘Shop Now’ button can significantly streamline the shopping experience, leading to increased traffic and sales from your Facebook page.


You’ve now mastered the art of adding a ‘Shop Now’ button to your Facebook page, a simple yet powerful tool to drive traffic and sales. Remember, having admin access is key, and with only one action button allowed, making it count is crucial.

After customizing and saving your button, don’t forget the all-important step of testing to ensure everything’s running smoothly. With this new feature in place, you’re well on your way to providing a seamless shopping experience for your audience right from your Facebook page. Happy selling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my Facebook business page have a like button?

The absence of a Like button may occur if your Facebook page is linked to a personal profile or if you’ve switched to the new page design, which changes Likes to Follows. The Like button is only for pages that can be publicly liked on Facebook.

How do I add a shop to my Facebook page?

To add a shop to your Facebook page:

  1. Go to Meta Business Suite on the left side of your screen.
  2. Select All tools, scroll to Sell products and services, and click Commerce.
  3. In the Facebook Commerce Manager, click Get Started followed by Create a shop to set up your store.

Why is my shop not displaying on Facebook?

If your shop tab isn’t showing, ensure that the “Show Shop tab” is enabled in your page’s “Templates and tabs” settings. After making sure it’s on, return to your page, click on “Shop,” and accept Facebook’s Seller’s Terms and Policies to proceed.

How do I change the action button on my Facebook page?

To change the action button on your Facebook page:

  1. Tap your profile picture at the top of Facebook and switch to the page you wish to edit.
  2. Tap below the cover photo.
  3. Select Edit Action Button, then Edit buttons.
  4. Pick a new button for your Page.

Does Facebook have a shop feature?

Yes, Facebook has a shop feature which serves as an online storefront where customers can browse, explore, and purchase products directly on Facebook and Instagram. You can highlight featured products and create a unique shopping experience with customizable collections and design tools.

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