How To Add A Call Now Button To Facebook Posts

How To Add A Call Now Button To Facebook Posts

Looking to boost customer engagement directly from your Facebook posts? Adding a Call Now button can be a game-changer for your business, providing a simple way for potential customers to reach out to you. With just a few clicks, you can set up this powerful feature and start receiving calls right away.

Don’t worry about the setup process; it’s straightforward and free. Whether you’re a seasoned Facebook user or new to the platform, you’ll find that integrating a Call Now button into your posts enhances your page’s functionality and could lead to an increase in customer interactions. Let’s jump into the quick steps to make your posts more actionable and effective.

Why Add a Call Now Button to Facebook Posts?

Adding a Call Now button to your Facebook posts could be the game-changer your business needs to enhance customer engagement. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, convenience is key. When customers scroll through their feeds, immediacy in communication secures a competitive edge. By embedding a Call Now button directly on your posts, you encourage spontaneous inquiries and customer interaction without the added step of navigating to your contact page.

With Facebook standing as a colossal platform with over 2.8 billion monthly active users, tapping into this user base can vastly increase your business’s exposure. A Call Now button capitalizes on this audience by offering a straightforward way for potential clients to reach you. Also, posts with clear call-to-action (CTA) features often experience higher levels of engagement which, in turn, can drive better results for your campaigns.

Consider this: when users see your Facebook post and decide they’re interested in what you’re offering, their intent is high, but it’s fleeting. By having an actionable step captively present, you’re seizing the moment of high intent and converting it into tangible action—a phone call. This immediacy can’t be understated, as it allows for real-time, personalized communication that can lead to quicker customer acquisition and sales conversions.

Finally, it’s essential to strengthen your social media strategy, and including a service to get more Facebook likes is a vital part of this. Adding a Call Now button is just one part of the puzzle in driving post engagement to new heights. A robust presence on Facebook, complemented by a growing number of likes, enhances credibility and trust in your brand, encouraging more customers to take the initiative to call.

Here are a few quick steps to ensure your posts become more actionable:

  • Open your Facebook Page.
  • Click on Create Posts.
  • Add the contextual Facebook post text.
  • Click the three dots under the text field to expand more options.
  • Select Get Calls and input your business phone number—remember to include the correct country and area code for international visibility.

How to Add a Call Now Button to Facebook Posts

Creating a Facebook post with a Call Now button could substantially increase customer interaction by providing a quick way for potential customers to reach out to your business. Similarly, optimizing your communication through Facebook Messenger can further enhance engagement and customer service. Explore our Facebook Messenger tips to discover how to effectively utilize this tool for improved customer interactions. Follow these easy steps to make your posts more actionable and ensure your business is leveraging Facebook’s full potential for customer engagement.

1: First, Fire up Facebook and Head to

facebook business manager
Begin by opening your preferred web browser and navigating to Facebook’s Ads Manager. It’s essential to use Google Chrome, as it is the supported browser for accessing the full range of Facebook’s advertising tools.

2: Hit the ‘Business Manager’ Dropdown and Click

Once you’re in your Ad Manager account, you’ll find the ‘Business Manager’ menu. Clicking on this will give you access to various business-related functions including page management and ad account settings. Ensure that you’re logged in with a profile that has admin, editor, moderator, or advertiser privileges.

3: Click on ‘Create Post’

Locate and click on the ‘Create Post’ option under the ‘Page Management’ section. This is your starting point for crafting the content that will be visible to your audience, including the essential Call Now button.

4: Add Your Post Details

Here’s where you’ll need to articulate your message:

  • Enter the text for your Facebook post. Keep it engaging and relevant to your audience.
  • Remember to include critical details like promotions or services offered.

After entering the text, click on the three dots below the text field to expand more options.

5: Create Post

Select ‘Get Calls’ from the available options, which allows you to add a Call Now button to your post. Add your business phone number, making sure to include the proper country and area codes, as Facebook operates internationally. Adding an image or video is mandatory, so choose one that reflects your post’s message effectively.

6: Schedule and Publish

Once your post seems ready, you have two options. You can publish immediately or schedule it for a later time and date. Scheduling can help you plan a content strategy effectively. After deciding, hit the publish or schedule button, and your post, complete with a Call Now button, will be shared with your audience or queued for the future.

Pro Tip: Enhance your Facebook posts’ engagement by adding a Call Now button. This straightforward feature allows potential customers to easily contact your business directly from the post. Begin by navigating to your Facebook Ads Manager, create a post, and select ‘Get Calls’ to add your business phone number. Incorporating a Call Now button can significantly boost customer interactions and drive sales conversions by offering an immediate communication channel.

Best Practices for Adding a Call Now Button to Facebook Posts

Best Practices for Adding Call Now Button to Facebook Posts

When you’re looking to boost customer interactions through your Facebook posts, adding a Call Now button is a strategic move. While it’s a simple feature, it can translate to a significant increase in calls from prospective customers. To maximize the potential of this tool, let’s explore some best practices that can help enhance its effectiveness.

Keep it Relevant to Your Business

The key to success with any call-to-action (CTA), including a Call Now button, is relevance. Before adding this feature to your posts, ensure that it aligns with your current business goals and offerings. For instance, if your business thrives on real-time conversations like consultancy or service bookings, this feature can be a game-changer.

Ensure that the content accompanying the Call Now button clearly communicates the value you offer. When potential customers understand what they stand to gain from calling you, the likelihood of them taking that next step increases. Always match your posts with the intentions of your audience to create a smooth transition from reader to caller.

Use Attractive Graphics

Visuals play a critical role in capturing attention on Facebook’s busy News Feed. Posts with high-quality, relevant images or videos stand out and encourage users to stop scrolling and engage with your content. Select graphics that complement your message and entice viewers to act.

Consistency in your visual branding will help regular followers quickly recognize your posts. Pairing this with a prominent Call Now button can result in an efficient visual cue that prompts quick action. Remember, the goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you, and visuals that pop make your CTA more noticeable.

Include a Clear Call to Action

The Call Now button itself is a clear CTA, but it doesn’t operate in a vacuum. The accompanying text should be direct and persuasive, guiding users towards making that call. Your language should reflect urgency and convenience, indicating that getting in touch is just one click away.

In your post, you can address common customer queries or needs that your business can immediately satisfy. Your message should resonate with the customer’s intent: whether they’re seeking information or ready to make a booking, your post must make it clear that a call is the next logical step. Successful CTAs eliminate ambiguity and make the path forward obvious, so keep your language engaging and to the point.


With the simple steps you’ve learned, you’re now ready to boost your customer interactions with a Call Now button on your Facebook posts. Remember, it’s all about making it as easy as possible for potential customers to connect with your business. By following the best practices and ensuring your content is both engaging and relevant, you’ll be well on your way to seeing an uptick in calls and, hopefully, business growth. So go ahead, give your audience what they need to reach you instantly, and watch your customer engagement soar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is click-to-call on Facebook?

Click-to-call on Facebook allows users to tap a button in an ad to directly initiate a phone call to the business, enabling real-time communication from their mobile device.

Why does my Facebook post have a ‘Call Now’ button?

Your Facebook post has a ‘Call Now’ button because it is likely part of a call-to-action ad campaign designed to prompt immediate action from potential customers, such as calling your business.

How does the ‘Buy Now’ feature work on Facebook?

The ‘Buy Now’ feature on Facebook allows users to directly purchase items via Marketplace with an on-platform checkout process, and eligible purchases are protected under Facebook’s Purchase Protection.

Why can’t I add a call-to-action button to my Facebook post?

If you’re unable to add a call-to-action button to your Facebook post, it could be because you lack the necessary administrative or editorial rights on the Page, or you don’t have permissions to edit ads and manage content.

Does Facebook still offer a call-to-action button?

Yes, Facebook still offers a call-to-action button feature, which can be added to ads through Ads Manager to prompt specific actions that align with your advertising campaign objectives.


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