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On Facebook, you can be assigned various roles to help run and manage a page. The role of Administrator (usually called Admin for short ) is by far the most important one.

With the role of Admin, you can be granted total permission and access to how a Facebook Page is run and managed.

This ranges from moderating comments of users, posting statuses, photos, and videos, to even deleting the page. Seeing as the Admin is such a vital role in the management of a page, it would help to find out who the Admin of a particular Facebook page is.

In this article, we will teach you how to do exactly that.

With Facebook changing its classic layout, it might be a bit confusing to find out the Admin of a particular page since buttons and information might be relocated.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

We will be discussing the process of looking for the Facebook Page Admin with the new Facebook layout in mind.

The method to find out who the Admin of the Facebook page depends on whether you are managing the Facebook page or not.

We will go over both methods starting with finding the Admin of a Facebook Page that you are not a part of.

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How To Find The Admin of a Facebook Part That You Don’t Own

Finding the Admin of a Facebook page you are not directly managing is a bit complicated. This is because Facebook limits the amount of information you can access to protect other users. This means that if you aren’t necessarily involved in the Facebook page, you need to lower your expectations. Nevertheless, here’s how to find them.

  • First, start off by searching the page you are looking for in your Facebook search bar and picking the appropriate page among the given results.
  • Once you’re on the Page, you’ll notice that the layout is divided into two columns. The right column displays the page’s recent activity such as posts, photos, or shares. On the other hand, the left column displays information about the Page. Headings such as Photos, About, and Related Pages will be found here.
  • To find the Admin of a Facebook Page you are not a part of, you want to focus on the left column. Keep scrolling down in the timeline until you find the Page Transparency Box in the left column.
  • On the Page Transparency Box, click the See All button. This will display various important information about the page such as Page History ( when the page was created ), Page Advertisements ( the ads the page runs ), and the People Who Manage This Page.
    Facebook Page Transparency
  • Under “People Who Manage This Page”, you will see how many people are currently responsible for the Page and the country or countries they are residing in.
People Who Manage This Page Settings

For security reasons, Facebook will not show you any accounts, e-mails, or IDs. Facebook will only show you this much information if you are not directly involved with managing the page yourself. If you want to have more access to a Page’s information you must have more responsibility with managing that Page.

Pro Tip: To find the admin of a Facebook page you’re not managing, check the Page Transparency section by scrolling down on the page’s left column. Here, you’ll see “People Who Manage This Page” and their location, although specific names and contact information won’t be disclosed for privacy reasons. This insight is especially useful if you’re researching pages for marketing or networking purposes, providing a glimpse into the management behind the scenes.

How To Find The Admin of a Facebook Page That You Manage

If you are managing the page yourself, the method of finding the Admin is a bit different. You can start by going to the page.

  • On the left-most, you will find a column that says Manage Page. In this column, you can find different columns such as Page, News Feed, Inbox etc. Keep scrolling down until you find the button that says Settings.
  • Click on that button. Clicking it will take you to a new page that says Page Settings.
  • Once again on the leftmost column, click the button that says Page Roles. Here, you’ll see the information of the managers of the page under “Existing Page Roles”
Facebook Existing Page Roles

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we get about Facebook Page

Is the owner of the Facebook Page and the Page Admin the same?

No. While the Page Owner might also have the role of being an Admin for the Page, they are not necessarily the same. A Page Owner is an account that created or was transferred ownership of the page. The Admin, on the other hand, is responsible for the overall management of the Facebook Page.

Can anyone see the Admin of a Facebook Page?

No. This is because Facebook will protect its user’s privacy and information. You will need to have a certain level of clearance to access more sensitive information regarding the people managing a Facebook Page. The Transparency Box will only show the number of managers as well as their countries at most.

How do I become an Admin of a Facebook Page?

To become an Admin of a Facebook Page, you will need to get an Administrator of that Page to assign you a role as Admin. Only Administrators can assign the Administrator role to others.

Can there be more than one Facebook Admin?

Yes. In fact, there is no maximum amount of Admins that a Facebook Page can have. Keep in mind however that once someone becomes a Facebook Admin, they are capable of removing other Admins themselves so be careful with who you give permissions to. Facebook itself warns that Admins should take care with the roles they assign.

Can I contact the Facebook Admin of a Page?

Yes. You can do so by messaging the page itself. Go to the Page and click on the message button to shoot them a message. One of the Page managers should get back to you.

Can I request to become an Admin of a Page?

Yes. If you know the Admins of the Page yourself, you can directly message them to grant you the Admin role. If you don’t know them, you can simply go the Facebook page. Once there click on the message button to show them a request that they grant you the role of Administrator.

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