4 Important Facebook Metrics To Track & How To Improve Them

Have you been wondering what Facebook metrics are important to track?

With so many metrics to track on Facebook, it can be difficult to know what’s important. The key is knowing which metrics are the most telling for your business and then focusing only on those.

In this post, we’ll cover Facebook Metrics Every Brand Needs to Track so you can ensure your Facebook marketing efforts are effective!

Facebook Video Metrics

Video Metrics are important because Facebook sees videos as a more engaging way to communicate than text.

The number of views on your video is also important, for the same reasons. It indicates how many times people watched it and how much they liked it.

It is important to track your Facebook video metrics is because it helps you figure out which type of Facebook post your audience likes and dislikes.

To track how many views your video has, go to the Facebook Page >> Page Insights >> Video >> Video Insights

Facebook Video Metrics

You’d want to track to know how long people have watched your video to see if people are interested in it. If the video is getting high engagement, Facebook will see it more.

There are 3 important metrics you can track in regards to the video:

  • Minutes Viewed – The total number of minutes viewed for the video.
  • Average Video Watch Time – The average amount of time people have spent watching the content.
  • Likes, Shares & Comments – This will show you how many people liked, shared, and commented on your video.
Total Facebook Video Performance

How To Get More Facebook Video Views

A great tip is to study successful videos from other pages in your niche, see what they’re doing right and how you can improve on it. For example, you can study the length of their videos, how often they post and what type of content is popular.

This will help you better understand what your audience likes and how to get them more engaged with your page.

Start planning on how often you want to post videos and what type of content you’re going to share on Facebook. You’ll have to research what your audience likes and once you find a winning formula, stick with it.

P.S. If you need help to get engagement for your business, we can help! Our team of social media marketers provides services to get video views on Facebook.


Facebook engagement is a key metric. Facebook engagement is the percentage of people who interacted with your content (liked, commented, or shared it).

Facebook posts should be engaging so that followers will want to interact with them and share them with their friends on Facebook.

To track engagement on Facebook, you can use Facebook Insights to see how your posts are doing.

Insights will show the number of likes, comments, and shares for each post, as well as a breakdown by age range, gender, and location.

When it comes time to make adjustments in content or strategy based on what’s working best with followers, this data is important to help determine what changes should be made.

Many marketers use Facebook Insights to figure out what type of content is most popular with followers, which might be different than the type of content that’s most engaging. For example, a post about an upcoming event may not generate as many comments or shares as a post about marketing strategy.

Engagement is Facebook’s metric for how much attention a Facebook page is getting.

A high level of engagement means that people are seeing and engaging with your content on Facebook, which can lead to increased visibility for both you and the brand or company you represent.

How To Improve Your Engagement on Facebook

To improve your engagement on Facebook, you need to know where your engagement is at and work to improve that area.

First, you need to identify the type of content that gets high levels of engagement and focus on posting more posts like it.

Once you’ve identified a successful post type, try testing new variations or approaches for future posts in order to keep things fresh without risking low-engagement rates from becoming too stagnant.

Second, start focusing on the types of posts that get low engagement rates.

You might need to try different approaches or work on improving your post’s content and targeting strategy in order for you to see improvements with these posts over time.

Thirdly, you must start focusing on the posts on Facebook that get no engagement.

If you’re getting zero likes, comments, or shares for a post, then it’s time to rework your content so people will be more willing to engage with what you’ve posted.

For more information, check out this article on the formula for posting on Facebook.

Pro Tip: Enhance your Facebook engagement by identifying posts with high engagement levels and focusing on creating more content of this type. Test new variations of these successful posts to keep your content fresh and maintain or improve engagement rates. For posts with low engagement, experiment with different content and targeting strategies to find what resonates best with your audience.

Facebook Reach

Reach is the number of people who see your Facebook post.

The number of views is how many times someone has seen your Facebook post, and it’s important to make sure that you’re getting enough impressions from every post so that more people will interact with what you’ve posted.

Even if you have a huge following on Facebook, it’s still important to make sure that you’re getting impressions on your posts because otherwise, the Facebook algorithm will be less likely to show it in their News Feed.

To track your reach on Facebook, you can see it on Facebook Page Insights.

Facebook Page Insights

Reach is a metric that you should always be tracking if you’re looking to grow your page and get more interaction with the posts that you publish on Facebook.

It’s important for brands to track their reach because it gives them insight into how many people are seeing each post, which ultimately helps them know what kind of content they should be posting.

If you’re struggling with getting any reach or engagement from your Facebook posts, then it’s time to try out a new strategy so that people can see your posts and interact with them.

How To Get More Reach on Facebook

You can start by publishing viral content to your Facebook page, or by starting an organic discussion with a controversial opinion to see if you can spark interest.

To get ideas for viral content, try looking on Facebook for trending topics that will get people talking.

It’s also important to be strategic with the time you post your content, so make sure you’re posting when people are most active on Facebook (anywhere from 12AM-noon) and publishing posts in between those times as well.

Facebook Followers

Facebook Followers are the number of people that follow your Facebook page.

It’s important to track because have a lot of Facebook Followers because it increases the branding and visibility of your brand.

It also gives you more leverage when trying to increase traffic or followers on your Facebook page, since they will see that people are already there following you.

This is why it is a good idea to get followers on Facebook who are in your target audience.

To check the total number of followers, you can just visit your Facebook Page.

For more detailed data, go to your Page Insights > Followers.

You’re able to track the following data:

  • Organic page follows
  • Paid Page Follows
  • Unfollows
  • Where Your Page Follows Happened (On Your Facebook Page, Uncategorized Desktop and Search)
Facebook Followers Insights

How To Get More Facebook Page Followers

There are many Facebook marketing strategies to get page followers. One of our favorite strategies is to run a Facebook Giveaway. This is because Facebook Giveaways are a great tactic to build long-term Facebook engagement. They also have the potential of growing your following on Facebook gradually over time, as people will keep entering to win more prizes and you’ll be able to engage with those individuals by giving them incentives for liking your page.

Another strategy that we’ve found success using is running Facebook Ads campaigns. This requires some upfront budget, but it has the potential to be incredibly effective if you target your ads well.

To learn more about how to get a huge following on Facebook, refer to this article: How To Get More Facebook Followers


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this post, but we can help you learn more. We hope that these Facebook metrics have been insightful and helpful for your business as well! If there are any other Facebook statistics or analytics you would like to know about, please let us know–we will be happy to provide them.

Our team is always eager to share our knowledge with others who want it. If you need some assistance tracking down those elusive social media numbers or boosting your online presence on platforms like Facebook, just ask!

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