How to Turn Off Your Birthday on Facebook

Wondering how to keep your birthday under wraps on Facebook? You’re not alone. Many people choose to keep their birthdate private for various reasons, whether it’s to maintain a low profile or simply to avoid the barrage of messages on the big day.

Luckily, tweaking your Facebook settings to hide your birthday is a breeze. In just a few steps, you’ll have control over who sees your birthday, ensuring your privacy is intact.

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Ready to find out how? Let’s immerse. Whether it’s about maintaining privacy or enhancing your social media strategy, these tips provide you with the tools to navigate Facebook effectively.

Why Hide Your Birthday on Facebook?

Why Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

Many users feel compelled to keep personal details such as birthdays private. You might be looking to protect your privacy, cut down on digital noise, or you simply prefer a measure of anonymity online. Let’s investigate into the reasons why turning off your birthday notification can be a smart move.

Firstly, oversharing on social media can be risky. With identify theft on the rise, including your birthdate in your public profile adds a layer of vulnerability. Privacy-savvy individuals often recommend you safeguard your birthday like any other sensitive personal information.

Another compelling reason is the overwhelming number of notifications and messages that flood in on the day. While heartfelt wishes are appreciated, you might not want to deal with the attention overload or feel obliged to respond to each message individually. Keeping your birthday under wraps can provide a peaceful and uninterrupted day.

Some professionals also opt for privacy to maintain a strictly business presence on the network. You may want to keep social chitchat separate from your professional interactions. Also, a hidden birthday ensures that your age remains just a number, not a factor that could influence professional relationships or opportunities.

Finally, remember that control over your personal data is vital in today’s digital age. Choosing what to share and not to share should be part of your routine online self-care. By turning off your birthday notifications, you regain a piece of that control, reinforcing your digital boundaries.

  • Protect your privacy from potential identity theft
  • Avoid attention overload from birthday notifications
  • Maintain a professional presence without personal details
  • Establish control over your personal data and digital boundaries

As you navigate through your Facebook settings, consider these points and decide if hiding your birthday aligns with your online presence goals. Adjusting your birthdate visibility is a proactive step towards a more secure and comfortable social media experience.

Pro Tip:To maintain online privacy and control over your personal data on Facebook, consider adjusting your birthday visibility settings. By navigating to the “Contact and Basic Info” section under your profile’s “About” tab, you can edit who sees your birth date and year. Opting for the “Only Me” privacy setting ensures your birthday information is hidden from everyone but yourself, helping to protect your privacy and reduce digital noise on your special day.

Step 1: Go to Your Privacy Settings

Before you jump into tweaking your profile, it’s essential to understand the role of Facebook’s privacy settings. Privacy settings serve as the first line of defense in managing who sees your personal information. Navigating these settings might seem daunting at first, but with a few simple steps, you’ll swiftly take control of your birthday visibility.

First, you’ll want to log into your Facebook account. Once you’re in, locate the small downward arrow in the upper right corner of the screen; this is the gateway to your account menu. Clicking it will reveal a dropdown list packed with options, but you’re looking for ‘Settings & Privacy’—select it.

Afterward, in the menu that unfolds, click ‘Settings’. This might seem like you’re going deep into the labyrinth of Facebook’s interface but stick with it—your privacy is worth the effort. Here, you’ll find a bunch of categories on the left side of the screen. Your target? The ‘Privacy’ tab. By clicking it, you unlock access to your Activity Privacy, How People Find and Contact You, and other customizable privacy options.

At this stage, you’re in the control room of what others can see about you. Your next steps will involve adjusting these settings to hide your birthday. Look out for sections that deal with your profile information and how it’s shared. Remember, the goal is to minimize unwanted attention and protect your personal data, so take your time here to familiarize yourself with each option available.

Steering through your privacy settings is the groundwork for a more secure Facebook presence. You’re not just hiding your birthday—you’re reinforcing your digital boundaries. Stay sharp as you review your settings; every change you make is a step towards a more private social media experience. Now that you’re in the right place, you’re ready to move to the specifics of hiding your birthday details.

Step 2: Choose “Edit” in the “Your birthday” Section

Choose _Edit_ in the _Your birthday_ Section

Once you’ve delved into Facebook’s privacy settings, navigating to your birthday details is your next priority. Your profile provides a quick access point to personal information and you’ll find the birthday settings nestled within.

Head to your profile by clicking your name on the upper right corner of your Facebook homepage. Scroll down to the About section located under your profile picture and cover photo. It’s here that Facebook consolidates various personal details, including contact info, work, education, and, crucially, your birthday.

In the About section, locate the Contact and Basic Info area. Your birthday will be listed among other basic information. You’ll notice that every piece of information has an “Edit” button next to it—this is your gateway to change who can see your birthday.

  • Who sees your birth day and month: This includes your friends, specific friends, or only you.
  • Who sees your birth year: Again, options include all friends, selected friends groups, or just you for maximum privacy. Bear in mind that these adjustments affect how or if your friends receive notifications about your birthday. The changes are instantaneous and Facebook saves them automatically—no need to click a save button. After adjusting these settings, your birthday information will reflect your current privacy preferences. If you decide to change who can see your birthday, you can always return to this section and follow the same steps to readjust the settings.

Step 3: Select the Privacy Level

Once you’ve reached the “Your Birthday” section and have clicked on “Edit,” you’ll notice different privacy options next to the birthday fields. This is the critical stage where you control who glimpses into your personal milestone dates.

Facebook provides several privacy settings for your birthday visibility:

  • Public: Anyone on or off Facebook.
  • Friends: Only people you’ve connected with on Facebook.
  • Friends except…: All friends except people you exclude.
  • Specific friends: Only friends you’ve selected.
  • Only me: Hidden from everyone but yourself.

Choose “Only Me” to ensure that your birthday doesn’t appear in anyone else’s feed, timeline, or as a notification. It’s your go-to option for maximum privacy.

If you opt for “Friends,” consider who you’re comfortable sharing your birthday with. Filtering out certain individuals or lists might be suitable if you prefer a more selective audience. Don’t hesitate to use the “Specific friends” feature to tailor your audience with precision.

For those with a large network, the “Friends except…” setting provides a balance, allowing you to share your birthday with most while excluding a few. It’s an efficient way to maintain a level of privacy with minimal social impact.

Tips for optimal privacy:

  • Review your friend list to ensure you’re only sharing with people you trust.
  • Remember to revisit your privacy settings periodically as Facebook often updates its privacy features.
  • Consider other personal data beside your birthday that might need adjusting.

After setting your preferred level of privacy, remember to click “Save Changes” to apply your settings. Any adjustments you make to your birthday visibility will take effect immediately. Stay in control of what personal data you share and with whom by regularly checking your privacy settings. Your information is in your hands, and you’ve got the right to keep it as private as you wish.

Step 4: Save Your Changes

You’ve successfully navigated to the birthday settings and selected your desired level of privacy. Now it’s time to make sure those changes take effect. Look for the “Save Changes” button – it’s typically positioned at the bottom or top-right corner of the settings page. Don’t overlook this crucial step. If you navigate away from the page without saving, your efforts will be in vain, and your birthday information will remain visible according to the previous settings.

Clicking the “Save Changes” button will apply your preferences immediately. Facebook is prompt in updating privacy settings, so as soon as you’ve saved, you can rest assured that your birthday information now reflects the level of privacy you’ve set – whether that’s “Only Me”, “Friends”, or any other tier you’ve chosen.

After saving, it’s a good practice to double-check your profile from the viewpoint of another user. You can use the “View As” feature on your profile to confirm that your birthday details are no longer publicly displayed. Here’s how you can do it:

  • From your Facebook profile, click on the three dots under your cover photo.
  • Select “View As” from the dropdown menu.
  • You’ll see your profile as the public or a specific friend would see it.

This feature is immensely helpful to verify that your privacy settings are working just as intended. Regularly reviewing your settings ensures that you’re in complete control of your personal information and how it’s shared. By taking these proactive steps, you not only protect your birthday details but also foster an awareness of the importance of privacy on social media.


Mastering your Facebook privacy settings is key to controlling your digital footprint. By following the steps outlined, you’ve learned how to hide your birthday, ensuring it’s no longer visible to the public. Remember, it’s always a good idea to periodically review these settings to keep your information secure. With this knowledge, you’re now equipped to manage what others see about you on Facebook, giving you peace of mind and a more private online experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hide my birthday on Facebook?

To hide your birthday on Facebook, go to your profile, click ‘About’, select ‘Contact and Basic Info’, hover over the ‘Birth Date’ or ‘Birth Year’, click ‘Edit’ and choose the audience you want to share your birthday with. Finally, click ‘Save Changes’.

What is the first step in managing who sees my personal information on Facebook?

The first step is understanding and navigating Facebook’s privacy settings. This allows you to control the visibility of your personal information, including your birthday.

After changing my birthday privacy settings, how can I ensure they are effective?

Once you have saved your changes, view your profile from the perspective of another user. Facebook allows you to see what your profile looks like to the public or specific friends by using the ‘View As’ feature.

Why is it important to regularly review your privacy settings on Facebook?

Regularly reviewing your privacy settings ensures that you maintain control over your personal information. Facebook may update its platform and privacy features, which could affect your settings or introduce new options for managing your privacy.

Can I completely remove my birthday from Facebook?

While you can’t completely remove your birth date or year from your profile information, you can set the audience to ‘Only Me’ to ensure that no one else can see this information on your profile.


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