How to Tag Everyone in a Facebook Group

How to Tag Everyone in a Facebook Group

Key Takeaway:

  • Tagging everyone in a Facebook group post is a helpful feature that allows you to quickly notify all members of the group. This feature is especially useful when you have an important announcement or want to involve all members in a discussion.
  • The tagging feature can be accessed on both desktop and mobile versions of Facebook. On desktop, simply type “@everyone” in the post and Facebook will automatically tag the entire group. On mobile, tap the “tag people” option and select “all members”.
  • If the tagging feature is not working, check to make sure you are an admin of the group and that all members have allowed tags from group members. It is also important to note that not all groups allow tagging features and there may be limitations on the number of people you can tag.


Assembling groups on Facebook is a fantastic way to keep connected with a community. However, it can be challenging to tag everyone at once. It’s crucial to understand the steps required to tag each group member swiftly. In doing so, it promotes better communication among members and aligns the group’s goals.

If you’re struggling to build your online presence or looking for a quicker way to establish your network, one option could be to buy aged Facebook accounts. Purchasing pre-established accounts can provide an immediate foundation to interact and communicate with a larger audience. However, ensure that this method is used responsibly and ethically, following the platform’s rules and regulations.

It is vital to follow specific guidelines to tag everyone within a Facebook group. Firstly, go to the group page and click on the group members’ option to get a full list of all members. Next, type @ symbol followed by the member’s name you want to tag. Click on their name when it appears in the drop-down menu and repeat the steps for each member.

It is important to note that not everyone wants to be tagged all the time. It’s always good to consider each group member’s preferences before tagging them to respect their boundaries. Further, one should also make sure that the group members are active as the tag won’t work if the member is inactive.

How to tag everyone in a Facebook group post

How to tag everyone in a Facebook group post

Tagging everyone in a Facebook Group post can be an efficient way of notifying every member of the group about important information. There are different methods to tag everyone in a Facebook Group post. Here is a 4-step guide on how to do so:

  1. Compose the post by typing your message or announcement in the text box.
  2. Type the “@” symbol followed by the name of the group. This will bring up a drop-down menu with options to select the group name.
  3. Select the option with the group name to tag everyone in the group post.
  4. Click on the “Post” button to publish the post, and all members of the group will receive a notification.

It is essential to consider that tagging everyone in a group post can make the notifications overwhelming, depending on the size of the group. Therefore, it would be best to use this method for essential announcements only.

In unique cases where group members do not receive group notifications, it may be necessary to tag each member. However, this process can be time-consuming and may not be practical for larger groups.


Tagging every member of a Facebook group can be challenging due to various limitations. However, you can ensure that every member receives the notification by utilizing the ‘Tag Everyone’ feature in the group settings. If you encounter problems with this feature, consider revising the group settings or seeking help from Facebook support.

To successfully tag everyone, ensure that the group’s privacy settings allow for it. Groups with ‘Secret’ or ‘Closed’ settings may not permit tagging all members. Additionally, if the group has more than 1000 members, Facebook may restrict mass tagging. In such cases, consider tagging smaller groups of members instead of tagging everyone at once.

Sometimes, you may want to share information without revealing your identity to maintain privacy or protect your identity. Knowing how to post anonymously on Facebook group could be an invaluable tool in such instances, safeguarding your personal information while still enabling you to communicate with group members.

If you are unable to tag everyone despite the above measures, attempt to refresh the page or try using a different device or browser. If the issue persists, report it to Facebook support for prompt assistance.

Pro Tip: To make group members aware of a tag, post a message announcing the tag and notifying everyone that they’ve been tagged.

Pro Tip: When you have an important message for your Facebook group, simply typing “@everyone” in your post on desktop or selecting “all members” when tapping the “tag people” option on mobile lets you notify the entire group. This ensures no one misses out on crucial updates or discussions, making your communication more effective and inclusive. Just remember, this powerful feature works best for essential announcements to keep the group engaged without overwhelming members with notifications.


Properly tagging members in a Facebook Group is an essential way of communicating with them and ensuring that they are aware of the information that you want to share. Through tagging, they receive notifications and can respond to your post or comment without difficulty.

To start tagging, simply type the “@” symbol followed by the member’s name and select their profile from the list that appears. Tagging can be done in both posts and comments, making it easy and convenient to include specific members in the discussion.

It is important to note that individuals may not want to be tagged excessively, as this can lead to an overwhelming amount of notifications. Always be sure to be considerate and respectful of members’ preferences when tagging them.

Pro Tip: Ensure that you are only tagging individuals who are relevant to the post or comment. Excessive tagging can lead to members leaving the group and a decrease in engagement.


Five Facts About How to Tag Everyone in a Facebook Group:

  • The @everyone feature allowing Facebook group admins and moderators to tag everyone in a group on Facebook was introduced in 2022 by Meta. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Tagging @everyone in a Facebook group post results in a notification being sent to every member of the group. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The @everyone tag should be used sparingly to avoid annoying group members and causing them to leave the group. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The @everyone feature can only be used once a day in a Facebook group. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Group members cannot use the @everyone tag, as it is exclusive to group admins and moderators. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about How To Tag Everyone In A Facebook Group

1. How can I tag everyone in a Facebook group post?

To tag everyone in your Facebook group post, simply type @ and select “everyone” from the list of options that appear in the comments section. This will notify every member of your Facebook group that they’ve been mentioned in your post.

2. Is the @everyone feature available on Facebook group desktop?

Yes, you can tag everyone in a Facebook group post using the @everyone feature on desktop. Just login to your Facebook account from your laptop or desktop, go to the desired Facebook group, create your post in the “Compose Post” or “Write Something” section, and in the comments section, type @everyone and hit enter.

3. Can I use @everyone to tag members in an old post?

No, you cannot use “@everyone” in an old post. The tag will only work on the posts made after the feature’s release in 2022.

4. Who can use @everyone to tag members in Facebook groups?

The @everyone tag is exclusive to Facebook group admins and moderators. As a group member, you cannot use this feature.

5. How do I tag everyone in a Facebook group post via mobile?

To tag everyone in a Facebook group post via mobile, open the Facebook app on your phone, go to the desired Facebook group, create your post in the “Compose Post” or “Write Something” section, and in the comments section, type @everyone and hit enter.

6. What if @everyone is not working in my Facebook group?

If the @everyone tag is not working in your Facebook group, it might be that your group doesn’t have it yet as this feature is still being tested by Facebook. It could be rolled out in your group sooner or later. Additionally, please note that the @everyone tag is available to use only ONCE in a day.


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