How to Find Recently Watched Videos on Facebook

Ever find yourself scrolling through Facebook, watching a fantastic video, and then accidentally losing it? It’s frustrating when you can’t seem to find that hilarious or informative clip you just watched. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this digital maze. Facebook’s got your back with a nifty feature that lets you jump into your watch history.

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Navigating to your recently watched videos on Facebook is simpler than you might think. With just a few taps in the mobile app, you can be reunited with that elusive video. Whether it’s been a few hours or a week, your watch history holds the key to all the videos you’ve enjoyed. Let’s get started on how to harness this feature and never lose track of your favorite Facebook videos again.

Why finding recently watched videos on Facebook is important

Why finding recently watched videos on Facebook is important

Discovering your recently watched videos on Facebook isn’t just about reliving a laugh or rewatching a clip that caught your eye—it’s about convenience and efficiency. Every day, 1.62 billion users visit Facebook, and videos account for over 8 billion views daily. Amidst that massive inflow of content, it’s easy to see how valuable it is to quickly find and reference videos you’ve previously enjoyed.

Imagine you come across a tutorial that perfectly explains a complex topic you’ve been struggling with, but you fail to save it. Days later, when you want to revisit the information, it seems lost in the endless scroll of content. Or perhaps you find an inspirational video that you feel compelled to share with a friend who’s facing tough times. Facebook’s watch history function ensures these important moments aren’t lost.

Having access to your watch history is a game-changer for content creators and business owners too. If you’re in the middle of market research or seeking inspiration, revisiting videos can clarify what resonated with you and help pinpoint successful strategies used by competitors or peers.

also, social media is all about connections. When you’re able to retrieve and share content that matters, you’re engaging with your network on a deeper level. This contributes to meaningful interactions, which are the cornerstone of a vibrant social media presence.

How to find recently watched videos on Facebook

The vastness of content on Facebook can often mean that tracking down a video you’ve recently watched feels akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Whether you’re recalling an insightful tutorial or that rib-tickling stand-up clip, Facebook’s built-in tools allow for a seamless retrieval of your watch history. Here’s how you can navigate this.

Method 1: Using the Activity Log

To pinpoint that must-see-again video on Facebook, your Activity Log is your go-to resource. By following a few simple steps, you can access all the videos you’ve recently consumed.

  • Log in to your Facebook account and head over to your profile.
  • Look for the Activity Log option. You’ll typically find this after clicking the three dots indicating more options.
  • Here, select Videos You’ve Watched. You’ll be greeted with the full list of your video engagements.

For a more targeted search, use the date filters to narrow down to the exact timeframe when you viewed the video. This can be particularly helpful if you’re trying to remember a video from several days or weeks back.

Method 2: Checking the “Watch” Section

Alternatively, for those who frequent the Facebook Watch section, there’s a straightforward way to revisit your visual history.

  • Open the Facebook app and tap on the Watch icon.
  • Once there, go to your profile within the Watch tab. This will show the option for your watch history.
  • By selecting the History option, a catalog of your video trail unfolds, including every Reel and clip you’ve paused to enjoy.

Whether you decided on a whim to revisit a funny sketch or needed to rewatch a step-by-step guide, Facebook’s watch history setting has you covered. Though keep in mind, this history is unique to your account and cannot be accessed via someone else’s login, ensuring your privacy.

Pro Tip: To quickly find a video you’ve recently watched on Facebook, use the Activity Log feature in your profile. This allows you to access a comprehensive list of videos you’ve viewed, with the option to filter by date for a more targeted search. This method is especially useful if you’re trying to locate a specific video from days or weeks ago, ensuring you never lose track of your favorite content​.

Tips for improving video recommendations on Facebook

Tips for improving video recommendations on Facebook

Engage with Video Content

The videos you interact with on Facebook pave the way for the recommendations you receive. Your engagement—likes, comments, and shares—sends signals to Facebook’s algorithm about your preferences. To enhance your browsing experience further, you might want to disable automatic scroll. This adjustment ensures that you stay in control of your feed, preventing it from moving on its own and allowing you to engage with content at your own pace. By actively participating in video discussions and sharing your thoughts, you’ve got the power to tailor the video suggestions to your interests. Remember, the more you engage, the more customized your feed becomes.

  • Like videos that resonate with you to see similar content.
  • Leave comments to join conversations and influence your video recommendations.
  • Connect with the community by sharing videos that spark your interest.

Provide Feedback on Video Recommendations

Facebook values your feedback to refine the recommendation system. When you come across a recommended video that doesn’t catch your interest, don’t hesitate to provide direct feedback. By doing so, you’re helping the algorithm understand what’s not working for you, and this impacts future video suggestions.

  • Click on Not Interested when a video doesn’t appeal to you.
  • Hide a video or report it if it’s inappropriate or not aligned with your preferences.
  • Use Recommendation Controls to manage what you’d like to see more or less of.

Adjust Your Video Settings

Tailoring your video settings can have a significant impact on the types of videos that show up in your feed. Facebook offers various filters and sorting options that allow you to customize your viewing experience. Whether you’re after specific content genres or you’re keen on managing how videos play on your feed, these settings are crucial.

  • Use Sorting options to discover new content based on what’s trending or most recent.
  • Update Autoplay settings to control if videos play automatically in your feed.
  • Explore different Filters to steer your video recommendations toward your content preferences.


You’ve got the tools you need to rediscover videos you’ve recently watched on Facebook and to enhance your future video recommendations. Remember, your interactions shape your feed, so don’t hesitate to like, comment, and share what resonates with you. Tailoring your viewing experience is in your hands—use these tips to make Facebook’s video content work for you. Keep engaging and adjusting your settings to keep your video stream as relevant and enjoyable as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find recently watched videos on Facebook?

To find your recently watched videos on Facebook, click the menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right of Facebook, select your profile, scroll to the Activity Log, and then filter by ‘Videos Watched’.

How can I improve my Facebook video recommendations?

Improve your recommendations by interacting with videos: like, comment, or share content you enjoy. Additionally, use the ‘Not Interested’ option on unwanted recommendations and customize your video settings for a more personalized experience.

What should I do if Facebook videos won’t play?

If Facebook videos won’t play, check if your device supports video playback, then try restarting the Facebook app or updating it to the latest version.

Can Facebook track my video viewership if I don’t click on the video?

No, Facebook only tracks video viewership data when you actively click and watch a video. Simply scrolling past a video does not count as viewership.

What’s the brief history of Facebook?

Facebook, launched in 2004 by Harvard students Mark Zuckerberg and associates, grew to become the biggest social network with nearly 3 billion users by 2021, with approximately 1.5 billion daily active users.

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