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If you are creating content for Facebook, the most challenging part would be getting people’s attention on your post. To get the best result, you need to create great content on Facebook and post it at the right time when most of your audience are online.

You can only maximize your content when you know the best time to reach your audience.

So, to know more about the best time to post on Facebook, here is a complete guide to help you boost your reach.

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How To Find The Best Time To Post on Facebook For Your Business

In SocialAppsHQ, we have been testing various methods and we found that the steps below can help you to find the best time to post on Facebook.

Step 1: Your Target Audience On Facebook

Before planning your post schedule, you need to know who you are reaching out to. Determine your target audience by knowing their demographics and gender. You may also need to know where they live, what they do for a living, and their level of education.

By gathering these data, you can get to know your audience well. For example, your target audience is students. The best time for you to post on Facebook would be after their class schedule where most of them are active.

If your target audience is moms, then the best time to reach them is late in the evening. It is when their kids are already asleep.

To understand your target audience better, you can use Facebook Audience Insights for this.

This tool can be found in the Facebook Business Manager. You just need to click on the top-left menu and click on “Audience Insights”.

facebook audience insights

Step 2: When Your Audience’s Time Zone

Knowing where your majority audience’s country is essential when you are considering time zones. Aside from determining the time of day, you should also know the time zone where your target audience lives.

If your target audience is different from your country’s time zone, then you need to adjust according to their schedule. You can use Google Analytics if you are aiming for a global audience. Besides that, you can use this tool called Facebook Page Insights.

1. Go to your Facebook page and click “Insights” in the left menu.

Facebook Page Settings

2. Once you’re on the Facebook Page Insights. Click on “page views”

page insights

3. Click on the “by country” and you should see where your audience are from.

facebook page insights

When it comes to optimizing your account, analytics will be your best friend. It will help you track the time when your audience is most active. This will give you charts that show specific days and time slots where your audience is most engaged.

Once you determine the best time and day, try to make some tests and see if your research is correct. Start by using automation tools.

Step 4: Social Media Automation

To generate higher engagements from your audience, you should update your Facebook regularly. Despite your busy schedule, you can still keep them updated. by You can utilize social media automation.

There’s also an option in Facebook to schedule post.

  1. Go Just click on “Create a Post”
  2. Click on “Publishing Tools”

Facebook Publishing Tools

By using this, you can schedule your post on Facebook on a specified time and day even when you don’t have time to update. All you need to do is put your updates ahead and have them posted on your preferred time and day. By posting more regularly, you’ll have more data to understand when is the best time to post on Facebook.

Step 5: Running Facebook Ads

Another effective way to reach your audience is by running ads on Facebook. This can boost your post.

Based on your data that you previously collected, determine the day when your audience is most active.

And then determine the day where ads are on its highest traffic. From our own testing, we have found that selecting “Facebook News Feed” under Placements under the Adset tab would be the best option if you have a limited budget.

Facebook Ads Manager

Once you determine the two, balance them out and choose the day where both would best flourish.

Quick Facebook Ads Tip By SocialAppsHQ:

If you’re starting out. You can select “automatic placements” under Facebook Ad set.

Facebook adset placement

This will allow Facebook to optimize the best placement to reach out to your audience.

Let the ads to run for around 3 – 5days.

  1. You can login to your Facebook Ads manager.
  2. Go to “Breakdown”
  3. Click on “By Delivery”
  4. Click Placement

Facebook Ads Settings

With this setting, you know which is the best placement to run your ads to reach out to your audience.

fb ads result

The Best Time to Post on Facebook For Different Industries

There are many reasons why we post on Facebook and different people we want to reach out to. Here are some recommendations when to post on Facebook for each industry based on our own testing and research.

However, keep in mind that this is just our recommendation. However, you’d still need to do the steps above to know the best time to post on Facebook for your business.

B2C Businesses

If you are running a business-to-consumer (B2C) business on Facebook, the best days and times are on Wednesday at 1 PM and on Friday at 11 AM. Note that most consumer goods converts well during weekdays.


Media companies do not have a shortage of time to reach their audience. Seventy-four percent (74%) of Facebook users in the US use Facebook every day.

The best days for the media to post on Facebook is on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sunday is their worst day. Though not many people are active on the media on Sundays, they still check online for updates.


Even educational institutions use facebook to their students. For schools and institutions, the best time to get their audience’s engagement is during mornings and nights.

The best time and day is during Wednesday at 9 AM and Saturday at 5 PM. You can also consider their engagement from Monday to Friday at 9 AM to noon. And on Saturday from noon to 9 PM.

Non-profit Organizations

The goal of non-profit organizations is to create social campaigns. Make their audience start a discussion or interaction in the community. So, the peak time for them to post on Facebook is on Wednesday and Friday Mornings.

They should avoid getting low engagements which are on Saturdays and Sundays. It is considered as the worst day for them.


Software and Tech companies need to build their own social presence as well. And the best day for those tech companies to post on facebook is on Wednesday. It is where they can get the maximum engagement from their target audience.

Though Wednesday is their peak, they can still update their audience from Monday to Friday. But they need to consider posting between 9 AM and noon.


Not only influencers build their online presence, but also health practitioners. They can post on Facebook for marketing and promotional contents.

Aside from that, Facebook is also a great opportunity for them to be connected to their patients. The most reliable time for healthcare is from Monday to Friday at 9 AM to 3 PM. Outside that timeframe, the engagement could get low.

Healthcare practitioners should be wary of their peak schedules and avoid posting before 6 AM and after 7 PM every day.

For Finance

With Finance, the best time for them to post on Facebook is during the work week. Starting from Monday to Friday at 9 AM to noon. The audience’s engagement lessens at 6 PM every day when most banks and exchanges are closed.

For Recreation

Among these factors, recreational engagements is the hardest to track. The reason behind is that recreation companies and destinations vary by region, niche, and some other factors.

If you are looking for a consistent engagement, you may consider posting on Facebook every Tuesdays at 2 PM. You can also try posting every Wednesday at 1 PM, and Friday at 11 AM.

Every day before 5 AM and after 5 PM is the time for low engagements, so they need to avoid posting at this time frame.

To find the best sweet post to post on FB, you need to really commit with your posting regularly. Always monitor your analytics and audience. The trend in social media always changes and we have to keep up with what is trending.

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