Why and How to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn

Why and How to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn

You’ve been trying to find a way to make your LinkedIn profile more active, but there are so many different things you can do on the site that it becomes overwhelming. One of the most effective ways to get noticed is by posting content regularly. In this blog post, we will discuss why and how to schedule posts on LinkedIn!

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Why Should You Schedule Posts on LinkedIn?

Posting on LinkedIn

There are many benefits to regularly posting content on LinkedIn, even if you’re already active. In fact, it can be really beneficial in a number of ways:

1. Building connections with your target market

By staying active on LinkedIn, you are able to better connect with potential clients. Publishing articles allows them to see that you know what you’re talking about and increases their trust in your company. The more they know about who you are, the easier it will be for them to feel comfortable doing business with you.

In addition, publishing articles on LinkedIn is a great way to bring attention to your profile. In this day and age, it’s important for companies not only build connections with their target market but also to get exposure online. For potential clients looking for the services that you offer, being active in these channels will help them discover you more easily and will increase your brand awareness.

2. Build your reputation

By actively publishing new content on LinkedIn, you are able to build up a strong reputation. You can use this as leverage when marketing yourself and/or your business online by demonstrating expertise in the field through published articles. It also gives potential customers more confidence that you know what you’re doing because of all the work it takes to publish a well-written article.

3. Get more engagement

You can also increase your engagement on the site by actively publishing new content. By keeping up to date with what’s going on in your industry, you are able to write about news and trends that interest both yourself and others. Staying informed is a great way to get other users engaged as well! They will likely provide feedback and share anything you publish, which will increase your visibility on the site.

How to Schedule Posts on LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know why you should be scheduling posts on LinkedIn, let’s take a look at how to do it!

The first thing you will need to do is register a free account on Hootsuite.com. You can also use other scheduling tools like Buffer, but for this tutorial, we will be using Hootsuite.

Schedule Posts on LinkedIn

Once you’ve registered your account, you will see a dashboard that looks like this:

When you first get started, it will be a little confusing. Don’t worry! We’ll walk through each section and everything should become clear in no time at all.

1. Click on “New Posts” in the top right corner:

2. You can connect your LinkedIn account by clicking the “Select a Social Network” field. Once you do this, you will be prompted to connect your LinkedIn account by logging in to it.

3. Once you’ve connected your LinkedIn account, you can set up a new post by typing in the title of your article. You are also able to add tags at this time for later use!

4. Select a date and time for your post to go live on LinkedIn. You can schedule it a couple of days ahead of time. Once you’ve entered all of this information, click “Schedule Post” in the bottom right corner.

And that’s it! You have successfully scheduled your first post on LinkedIn using Hootsuite! Now you can go back to your dashboard and schedule more posts whenever necessary. This is great for companies who are not able to publish new content consistently on a daily basis.

FAQs About Scheduling LinkedIn Posts

There are a few questions that commonly pop up when it comes to scheduling posts on LinkedIn. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones here:

How often should you post on LinkedIn?

The short answer is, as often as you can! We recommend at least once a day. However, if this isn’t feasible for your company and/or personal schedule then posting less frequently will still be beneficial.

What time should I post my articles?

This question varies depending on who your target audience is and what industry you are in. If you have a better idea of when your audience is active on LinkedIn then you can use this to determine what time would be best for you. For further information, you can refer to this article on the best time to post on LinkedIn.

Why not just publish your articles on LinkedIn as you write them?

The biggest reason we recommend using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite is to save time! If you are able to write new content and schedule it ahead of time, then you won’t have to waste precious minutes publishing on LinkedIn as soon as your article has been written.


Now that you know how to schedule articles on LinkedIn, start publishing more content! This will help increase the visibility of your company and demonstrate expertise in your industry. We hope this blog post has been helpful for you!

Rajat Garg
Rajat Garg
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