Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

As LinkedIn gets more and more popular, it becomes increasingly important to have a professional-looking profile. This is your chance to make an impression on potential clients or employers – so don’t take the opportunity lightly! Your profile picture is one of the first things that people see when they view your profile. Make sure you are using a high-quality image that shows off who you are as a person! Here are tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile picture stand out.

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1. Use High-Resolution Profile Picture For Your Linkedin Account

LinkedIn Profile Picture

When creating a LinkedIn account, you have the option of uploading your own profile picture. This is great because it gives you more control over how people view you!

Make sure that the photo is a 400 x 400px image so that it shows up clearly when someone views your profile on a mobile device or computer screen with a high resolution.

This is important because if you upload a low-quality image, it will look pixelated when people view the photo. By uploading a high-resolution photo, you can ensure that your face and details show up clearly.

When choosing your profile picture: choose one where the lighting is good (no shadows) and make sure it’s in focus! The goal is to have your face look as clear and defined as possible.

If you are uploading a professional headshot, make sure it’s recent so that you can show who you are today! And remember: always use the same profile image across every platform on which you share information about yourself.

2. Your Face should take at least 60% of the Profile Picture

It’s important to have your face clearly visible in the photo so that people know who you are! Remember: It’s a photo of YOU so make sure you are front and center.

If you use a closeup image, be sure that your face is in the upper 60% of the photo. This will ensure that people can still see you clearly when they view it on smaller screens!

The most common mistake people make is using selfies – which are great for personal use, but not so much on a professional profile. Make sure it’s someone else taking your photo so that you can control the lighting and focus of the image!

You also want to make sure that there isn’t too much going on in the background picture because this will distract your visitors!

Another mistake people make is using a photo from a group event where you are not the main focus of the image. This doesn’t allow viewers to see you as the main focus of your profile picture.

By using a professional headshot, you can ensure that people are seeing YOU first and foremost!

3. Wear Your Professional Attire

Make sure you are wearing your professional attire in your profile picture. This will make it clear how people should view you – as a serious, trustworthy and credible person!

Wearing casual clothes such as jeans or shorts will make it seem like you are not taking your LinkedIn account seriously enough. Make sure that the clothing fits with the industry in which you work!

You also want to make sure that your clothes are neat and clean. You don’t want to be wearing wrinkled or dirty clothing in a photo for all of the worlds to see!

It’s important that you look professional so make sure your outfit looks polished and well-fitting.

4. Use The Right Facial Expression

When someone views your profile, they should have a clear idea of how you are feeling or what type of person you are.

Your facial expression will give people insight into who you are – so make sure it matches the message that you want to send!

For example: If your LinkedIn is for a job in customer service where smiling and being friendly is important – make sure that you are smiling in your picture! This will give viewers a positive first impression of you.

On the other hand, if your LinkedIn is for an interview with a business where seriousness and competence take precedence- be sure to have a neutral facial expression so people can see why they should hire you over their competitors.

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As you can see, your LinkedIn profile picture is very important! When people are searching for professionals on social media – it’s the first thing they will notice about you. Make sure that you take these tips into consideration next time you decide to upload a photo so that everyone knows what type of professional person they are looking at.

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