How To Use LinkedIn Stories For Your Business

How To Use LinkedIn Stories

Do you want to learn how to use LinkedIn stories?

This article will show you how to get started with LinkedIn Stories and the benefits of using them. You’ll also find tips on what types of content work best for this new feature.

By the end, you’ll know everything there is about LinkedIn Stories and be ready to start your own!

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What is LinkedIn Stories and How Business Can Use it

LinkedIn stories is a feature that allows companies to post short, sharable visual stories on the platform. This is a great way for brands and organizations to share their culture in an engaging new format with your audiences. Businesses are leveraging LinkedIn stories to tell their brand story. They highlight the core values, showcase employees and share company news in a fun, short format that is easy for your audience to view on mobile devices.

For instance, highlighting recent business travel experiences, including team building activities, workshops, or training sessions, presents an ideal opportunity to delve into the fabric of the company culture. By sharing the narrative behind these stories, a fuller picture of the organization’s ethos emerges. Moreover, spotlighting benefits designed to enhance workflow efficiency, such as travel booking software, underscores the company’s commitment to supporting its employees’ professional development and well-being. This holistic approach not only reinforces the brand’s identity but also fosters a culture of transparency and employee empowerment.

LinkedIn stories are great for businesses because they allow you to post up-to-date content without cluttering your feed with repetitive status updates. Plus , LinkedIn stories can help you increase brand awareness, educate your customers and generate leads.

LinkedIn Stories

How To Use LinkedIn Stories into Your Marketing Strategy

Here are some LinkedIn marketing strategies you can use to get more views and shares:

Host a Q&A

It is a good idea to use LinkedIn stories to host a Q&A session with your LinkedIn followers. This is a great way to answer questions they may have about you, your company, or one of the products you offer.

  • You can do this by posting an update on LinkedIn that says “Q&A” followed by a question and then tagging people who might be able to respond such as a LinkedIn Group you belong to or a LinkedIn Company Page.
  • Make sure that the person answering questions is well versed in your company’s product, service, and/or industry.
  • If you’re using LinkedIn stories for a Q&A session, make sure not to include too many questions so as not to overwhelm your followers with information at once. It is best if each question can be answered in about 20 words or less.


You can use Linkedin stories to post announcements. Announcements are best for posting on social media when your company has something new or exciting happen- like a product launch!

This is because it will be seen by your audience in their feed and will give you more opportunity to stay top-of-mind with your followers.

For example, you can share Linkedin stories about new hires, promotions, or company milestones.

We suggest that you use Linkedin stories for announcements that are not time-sensitive, which means they’re relevant now and in the future. You can also use it to share more complex content such as a product launch or promotion timeline.

Behind The Scenes

It is a good idea to post LinkedIn stories that include behind-the-scenes footage.

Not only does this humanize your company and show that you’re real people, but it’s also a great way to share an upcoming event on LinkedIn or product launch!

This is because it’s a great way to build anticipation for what is coming.

Although it takes some time and energy, the payoffs are huge. Linkedin stories offer an opportunity to humanize your company while also directing traffic back to you when they show up in people’s newsfeeds!

Posts about behind-the-scenes footage have skyrocketed as being an effective way to add more personality and authenticity to your LinkedIn presence.

For example, you can post Linkedin stories of your team is working on a new product, or an event you attended, like a product launch party.

Promote Your Content

Have a new post that you want to promote? Linkedin stories are a great way to do that. It allows you to post a preview of your content that your audience can then choose to read the rest.

It is a good idea to post at least one a day with your content. You can use it for following up on previous posts that you have made in the past.

There is no better opportunity to promote your business and post updates about what’s going on than Linkedin stories!

We recommend that you use Linkedin stories to promote your content and share updates with your community.

Share Your Client Testimonials

You can use LinkedIn stories to share client testimonials and show your value to potential customers. Share stories from clients who worked with you on a new project or about the impact of one of your team’s recent projects.

It’s a great way to showcase what people have said about your company and how it has impacted their lives; in turn, this will help you establish credibility.

You can also use client testimonials to promote your services. For example, if you’re a design agency and one of your clients tells about how satisfied they are with the work that was done for them on their website redesign project, then it’s appropriate to share this information via LinkedIn stories as well.


I’ve given you a brief overview of how to utilize LinkedIn stories for your business. There are plenty of other ways that stories can be utilized to grow and engage with an audience, but these are some easy-to-implement basics that should give you a good start!

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