Ways to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing

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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) could sound intimidating. As a LinkedIn user, you might be familiar with what people think of this strategy. The results could be endless. People know this can give you amazing results but you have to face challenges to successfully incorporate this strategy.

Now, if you decide to use this, you know you have to learn more about Account-Based Marketing. Preparing yourself and your LinkedIn account for a journey, like ABM, would help you a lot instead of diving head-first into something you’re not ready for.

If you’re looking for ways to supercharge your LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing, read on to know how to do just that.

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LinkedIn’s guide to Account-Based Marketing

LinkedIn Account Based marketing: A Complete Guide For 2024You might be asking yourself if you completely understand what Account-Based Marketing is. To better familiarize yourself with how to supercharge your LinkedIn profile, let’s look at how the site stepped in to help its members with Account-Based Marketing.

LinkedIn offers a guide to Account-Based Marketing success on their site. They’ve created and established a framework to guide their users on using the strategy on their platform. A lot of LinkedIn members made use of the site to start their Account-Based Marketing strategy.

The site decided to make use of the things they’ve observed to make a comprehensive framework so that you and other users can stay on course.

Accomplish coordination between Marketing and Sales

Like all strategy that involves teamwork, Account-Based Marketing requires coordination between the 2 teams. LinkedIn observed success more with members who are aligned with their team.

Identify your goal on LinkedIn

Identify what's most important to you - Defining and Achieving Professional  Goals

Before going straight to Account-Based Marketing, outline your objectives and what you want to achieve with the strategy. Defining this would help you plan your gameplay for Account-Based Marketing.

Choose the accounts you’d like to target

The success of your Account-Based Marketing strategy heavily relies on your target accounts too. So it would be easier to have a list of people you’d like to reach out to while grouping them according to who you’d like to prioritize first.

Determine the full buying committee on LinkedIn

The buying committee is a big part of your strategy as well. Since they are the people who influence the purchase decision, they can greatly impact your Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn. So take the time to really think about your approach.

Decide what the right scale would be

Determine how you’d like to approach your targets based on how much you can invest. Thinking about this part would help you determine what is more practical in approaching your target accounts.

Set your content on LinkedIn to match your audience

How much information should you include on your LinkedIn profile? - Quora

Account-Based Marketing is a really targeted strategy. So when you’re approaching your targets, you should create or use content that’s personal enough to make them feel special.

Measure your results

The numbers speak for themselves. Like all other strategies, measuring the results is important once you’ve finished. For more information, you can read this article to learn more on how to measure your Linkedin success.

How to supercharge your LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing

Now that you’ve identified some of LinkedIn’s guideposts for making sure you’re on track, it’s time to dive into how to improve your Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn with practices you could do.

Add the accounts you’d like to target.

The first practice is to identify and add your target accounts. Relating to the first signpost provided by LinkedIn, coordinate with your team to identify the accounts you’d like to target and add them to the site.

LinkedIn allows you to add a lot of companies so you could connect to more people. But keep in mind, the platform only allows you to successfully add potential connections if the email address you’ve input is the same as the one they use on the site.

Decide who to target on LinkedIn

Identifying your target audience would help you use Account-Based targeting. Knowing what characteristics or factors you’re looking for would help narrow down your focus.

Pick an ad type that’s suitable for Account-Based targeting.

Your content is at the center of all the work you’re doing. Make sure you’re choosing an ad type that’s perfect for your target audience so you could make a lasting impression.

Use contents that are perfect for Lead Generation.

Draw prospect’s attention with contents that would interest them and would serve as a perfect conversation starter. Optimizing your LinkedIn page would also help visitors to easily find what they need.

Conveniently set up your ads on LinkedIn.

You’ve reached the most exciting part of Account-Based marketing. It’s time to set up your ads. To get started, it’s preferable to post at least 2-3 ads for every campaign you’ll launch. When your posts are published and ready to go, review how well they’re doing after every day or so. Measuring results would determine whether you need to adjust something or keep things as is.

Convert Connections to Leads

A successful strategy should help you convert connections to leads easier. So to make sure you won’t fail at this step, set up your ad for lead generation and consider what would be more convenient to your possible leads. Should you send them to an external link or would a LinkedIn form be best?

Optimize your campaign for the best results.

Here’s the final practice we’d recommend. The success of your whole campaign would still depend on its optimization. Maximize your resources by checking on the performance of your ads regularly. Try Account-Based testing too.


Check out some of the questions we get on how to supercharge your LinkedIn Account-based marketing.

How can I measure if my LinkedIn Account-Based marketing is successful?

There are some aspects you could look at to measure success. Look at your click-through rate, generated leads, and deals you’ve closed.

How effective is Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Account-Based marketing has the highest percentage of success rates compared to Facebook or Twitter.

Supercharge your LinkedIn Account-Based marketing first by identifying your targets. In the success of every campaign, your close supervision and understanding of your goals are essential. Considering how using this strategy could be intimidating, take the time to learn everything you can. Take the time to map out your plans, prepare, and take the chance to try out this strategy.


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