Why Is My Facebook Ad Still Stuck in Review?

Why Is My Facebook Ad Still Stuck in Review?

You’ve spent hours perfecting your Facebook ad – the copy, the visuals, the targeting. But now, it’s just sitting there “in review.” Frustrating, isn’t it? Understanding why your ad hasn’t moved forward is crucial to not only get your campaign up and running but also to ensure you’re not left in the dark about potential reach and engagement.

In some cases, the issue could be related to the account used to run the ads. This is where the option to buy Facebook accounts comes into play, especially for businesses looking to streamline their advertising process and run ads more effectively. By having a reliable account, you can avoid common pitfalls that delay ad approvals.

In this article, you’ll uncover the common reasons ads get stuck during Facebook’s review process and what steps you can take if you’re caught in this predicament. Let’s jump into the world of Facebook ad reviews and get your campaign from pending to published.

How Long Does It Take Facebook to Review an Ad?

How Long Does It Take Facebook to Review an Ad

You’ve crafted your ad, set your target audience, and clicked ‘submit’—now begins the waiting game. The question on your mind: how long does Facebook take to review ads? While Facebook typically reviews ads within 24 hours, several factors can impact this timeline.

Common Factors Affecting Review Time

Delays can be due to high ad volume or the complexity of the ad’s content. During peak advertising periods, like holidays or major events, the sheer number of ads submitted can result in longer wait times. Your ad might also require a more detailed review if it includes certain types of content that need a closer look to ensure compliance with Facebook’s advertising guidelines.

Variability in Review Timelines

It’s notable that review times aren’t set in stone. While some ads are approved in a matter of hours, others might end up in review for days. This variability can be nerve-wracking, but understanding that review times can fluctuate will help set realistic expectations for your ad campaigns.

What If Your Ad Review Exceeds 48 Hours?

If you find yourself in the position where your ad hasn’t been approved after 48 hours, take a proactive approach. First, double-check your ad against Facebook’s ad policies to see if there might be any obvious issues. If everything seems in order, reaching out to Facebook’s support channels can sometimes expedite the process.

In the ever-evolving world of social media advertising, waiting for ad approval is a test of patience. By familiarizing yourself with the factors at play, you’re better positioned to navigate the wait time effectively. Always be prepared for the unexpected, and remember that the review process is a crucial step in maintaining the quality and safety of ads on the platform.

Why Is My Facebook Ad Stuck in Review?

When you’ve put in the effort to create an ad campaign, having it stuck in review can halt your marketing strategy in its tracks. Understanding why your Facebook ad hasn’t moved past the review stage is essential to mitigate any delays and get your campaign up and running.

Possible Reasons for Ad Review Delay

There are several factors that might cause a hold-up in Facebook’s ad review process. Remember that while it’s designed to be a streamlined system, it involves both automated checks and human oversight to ensure ads meet community standards, which means there can be unpredictability.

  • High Ad Volume: At times, Facebook experiences a surge in ad submissions. During these peaks, the review queue can get backlogged, leading to longer waiting times.
  • Complex Content: If your ad features nuanced content or falls into a sensitive category, it might require a closer look, which often takes additional time.
  • Technical Glitches: Occasionally, Facebook’s automated system experiences glitches that may delay reviews.
  • Manual Rechecks: Ads may initially pass through automation but later be flagged for manual review, which can substantially extend the review timeframe.

Understanding these reasons can guide you on what to expect and whether you might need to take action or simply require a bit more patience.

Common Mistakes That Prolong the Review Process

Certain missteps can inadvertently cause your ad to be stuck in the review process longer than necessary. Awareness and proactive measures are key to avoiding these pitfalls.

  • Embedded Text in Images: Too much text on images can be a red flag for the automated system, often causing ads to get snagged for manual review.
  • Ad Policy Violations: Unintentionally breaching Facebook’s ad policies is a common error that will halt your ad’s approval. Double-check that your ad content, including images and language, complies with the guidelines.
  • Changes During Review: Editing your ad content while it’s in review can reset the review clock. Avoid making changes unless absolutely necessary and duplicate the ad if you must tweak it.

Being cognizant of these common mistakes allows you to refine your approach and improve the chances of a swift ad review process. With careful attention to Facebook’s ad requirements and a strategic approach to your ad creation, you’ll be better positioned to navigate the review process seamlessly.

How to Prevent Your Facebook Ad From Getting Stuck in Review

Preventing your Facebook ad from getting stuck in review doesn’t have to be a game of chance. By following specific guidelines and best practices, you can set your campaigns up for a smooth approval process right from the start.

Ad Content Guidelines and Requirements

To ensure your ad sails through the review process, you’ve got to be well-versed in Facebook’s ad content guidelines. These rules are designed to keep the platform safe and welcoming for all users, which means strict no-gos on controversial or restricted topics.

  • No promoting banned items like tobacco or weapons.
  • Always check regulations around controlled products like alcohol or gambling.
  • Steer clear of inappropriate content—no offensive or dishonest material.

Remember, these guidelines are subject to change, so staying updated is key. Your ad’s imagery, language, and overall message must reflect a straightforward representation of your product or service. Transparency isn’t just ethical; it gets you through reviews faster.

Best Practices for Smooth Ad Review Process

Want to dodge delays in the ad review process? Here’s where seasoned advertisers shine with their know-how:

  • Schedule your campaigns at least two weeks in advance—crucial for peak periods like Black Friday. * Duplicate your ad if necessary. Sometimes, a fresh submission can reset the review clock.
  • Use broader targeting options to sidestep audience-related flags.

A common pitfall is making changes to your ad while it’s being reviewed. Doing so restarts the clock, so set it and forget it until the review’s done.

Tips for Avoiding Ad Policy Violations

To stay on the right side of Facebook’s policies:

  • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of Facebook’s ad guidelines.
  • Favor honesty in your ad copy—avoid misleading potential customers.
  • Before making another submission, make necessary changes if your ad violates any policy.

Keep in mind that going through the rules with a fine-tooth comb before submitting could save you the headache of rejections. If you specialize in an industry with specific regulations, like gambling or pharmaceuticals, focus on those sections of the guidelines. Knowledge here isn’t just power—it’s your fast-pass through review.

Pro Tip: If your Facebook ad is still under review after a considerable time, a practical action is to turn the ad off and then back on again. This simple process can refresh the ad’s status in the Facebook review system, potentially expediting the review process.

What to Do if Your Facebook Ad Is Still Stuck in Review

What to Do if Your Facebook Ad Is Still Stuck in Review

When you’re caught in the snag of a delayed Facebook ad review, there’s a set of actions you can take to resolve the situation. It’s important to be proactive and use the resources available to get your campaign up and running.

Contacting Facebook Support

One of the first steps you should consider is reaching out to Facebook support directly. You can do this by visiting the Facebook Business Support page. Navigate through the available menu options, which might already contain the answer to your issue. If you don’t find what you need, look for the “Still need help?” section. Here, you can contact support through chat, telephone, or email, depending on availability. It’s worth noting that live chat typically provides a faster response, though availability may vary based on advertiser level, country, and time.

Requesting an Expedited Review

Should you require immediate assistance, selecting the “my ad is pending in review” option after contacting support can Help an expedited review of your campaign. It’s essential to be prepared to engage with the support representative and provide any requested details or clarifications about your ad. Bear in mind that if your ad requires alterations, the 24-hour review clock may reset.

Turn the Ad Off and On Again

Sometimes, a simple trick of turning your ad off and then back on can nudge the review process. This act creates a fresh signal in the Facebook review system, potentially leading to movement in your ad’s review status. To do this, go to your Ads Manager and toggle the status of your ad. Wait a couple of minutes before turning it on again.

Duplicate the Ad

If you’ve tried the previous steps with no success, consider duplicating the ad. This involves creating a new ad that’s automatically submitted for review. While there’s no guarantee that the duplicated ad will be approved faster, it gives your campaign a second chance at passing through the automated system and potentially being reviewed by a different specialist. If you duplicate your ad, ensure the new version contains minimal changes from the original, unless you’re addressing specific compliance issues.


Navigating the Facebook ad review process can be tricky, but you’re now equipped with the knowledge to tackle it head-on. Remember, it’s all about playing by the rules and being proactive with your campaign management. If you find your ad stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out for support or use the troubleshooting steps provided. With these strategies in place, you’ll minimize delays and see your ads go live more smoothly. Keep these tips in mind for your next campaign, and you’re sure to see better, faster results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid my Facebook ads getting stuck in review?

To prevent Facebook ads from getting stuck in review, follow these guidelines:

  • Adhere strictly to Facebook’s advertising content policies.
  • Schedule your ad campaigns well in advance.
  • Opt for broader targeting settings.
  • Avoid editing your ads once they’re submitted for review.

What should I do if my Facebook ad doesn’t get approved after a long time?

If your ad is in review longer than expected, try the following:

  • Submit a manual request for expedited review.
  • Turn the ad off and then on again.
  • Duplicate the ad set and submit it as a new campaign.

How do I reach out to Facebook support for ads in review?

There are a few ways to contact Facebook support:

  • Use the live chat feature on the Facebook Business Support page.
  • Email Facebook support using the address associated with your account issue.
  • Request a review or report a problem directly through the Facebook Ads Manager.

Why does Facebook review ads, and how long does it usually take?

Facebook reviews ads to ensure they comply with the platform’s advertising policies. The usual review time ranges from 24 to 48 hours, though it may vary based on the complexity of the ad and other factors.

What are the best practices to follow while creating Facebook ads to avoid delays?

To minimize review time delays, create ads that:

  • Use clear, accurate, and concise language.
  • Avoid using prohibited content or making sensational claims.
  • Have all necessary permissions for intellectual property used.

Can editing my Facebook ad extend the review process?

Yes, making changes to your ad during the review process can reset the review timer. To avoid delays, refrain from editing your ad until the review is complete.

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