How To Improve Facebook Ads Performance

Facebook ads are a great way to reach your target audience. But sometimes, they don’t perform as well as you’d like them to.

You want to run successful campaigns that generate ROI-positive results. And we want the same thing for our readers!

That’s why we put together this blog post with all sorts of helpful tips about improving your Facebook ad performance.

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Test Different Facebook Ad Creatives

You can test Facebook Ads with different creatives to see what kind of audience your ad will attract. Try adding a video, carousel or slideshow to create something new and exciting for your desired demographic.

For example, if you are marketing a mobile app that helps people find their lost pets, try adding visuals of adorable puppies to your Facebook Ad and see if this draws in more clicks from potential pet owners.

Remember: It’s not always about the text on your ad but also how it looks! Be creative with what kind of images or videos you display and you’ll be able to improve your Facebook Ads performance.

To test different Facebook Ad Creative, you can use the “Dynamic Creative” features under the Facebook Ads Manager.

Dynamic Creative enables you to test different types of creative and measure which one is performing the best on Facebook. Facebook will automatically create variations of your ad with different creatives, and then show them to people who are similar in their demographics to the original audience.  This will help you find the Facebook Ads types that works for your business.

Facebook Dynamic Creative

Test Different Objectives

It is a good idea to test different objectives on Facebook Ads to see which ones work the best. The ad objective is what you are trying to achieve with your campaign – whether it be app installs, video views or product sales.

For example, you can run a campaign with one objective to promote your app and another for driving website traffic.

The best way to find the perfect Facebook Ads objectives is by testing them out on different campaigns. We recommend to run a Facebook ads campaign with one objective for three-to-five days and then testing another objective on the following five to seven days.

This way you can see what works best for your purposes, whether it be app installs or product sales.

Using Facebook retargeting into your ad campaign

Remarketing ads is a Facebook ad strategy that allow you to reach people who have already visited your website. When someone visits your site, they will be listed as an interested visitor on Facebook. You can then create ads specifically for these visitors and show them when they are browsing other websites or on Facebook.

It is effective to run remarketing ads on Facebook because you will be able to reach people who have already shown interest in your products and services.

Remarketing can also help you personalize the ads so they are more effective for the viewer. For example, if someone has been viewing a certain product on your site, then Facebook might show that person an ad with a similar product or one from the same website.

Use Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Lookalike Audience

Using Lookalike audiences is a great way to improve Facebook Ads performance.

You create these audiences by uploading an email list or targeting people who have visited your site but haven’t converted, in order to find new potential customers that are likely similar.

What happens is that Facebook will use the information you upload in order to find other people like those who have already converted from your customer list or visited your site and then add them as a potential customer on Facebook.

However, you need to upload the right customer data to Facebook for this lookalike audience to work.

Pro Tip: To boost engagement and brand visibility on Facebook, consistently use a mix of trending and relevant hashtags in your posts. Search for current popular hashtags using Facebook’s search bar, and incorporate ones that align with your content. Always include your brand’s unique hashtag for easy tracking and to encourage user-generated content. Keep the number of hashtags between 1-3 to maintain clarity and avoid looking spammy. This focused approach will enhance your content’s discoverability and attract more meaningful interactions.

Broaden your audience

Facebook Detailed Targeting Expansion

When you creating an ad, you use “Detailed Targeting Expansion” option so that Facebook targets your ad to people who have similar interests, demographics and location as the audience you select. For example, if you are targeting women in Maryland, Facebook will expand your ad to show it to people who have the same interests, location and demographics.

The more broadly-appealing your audience is, the higher chance that someone will be interested enough to click on your ad and like or comment on it.


With Facebook Ads, you can really test the effectiveness of your ads and see what works for your business. If you are not seeing success with a particular campaign or ad type, it is time to try something new. This post has provided some strategies that will help improve performance in Facebook Ad campaigns across different industries so be sure to take advantage!

Have you tried any of these strategies yet? Let us know what worked best for you!

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