How to Tell if Someone Has Snapchat Plus

How to Tell if Someone Has Snapchat Plus

Have you ever wondered if your friends are enjoying the extra perks of Snapchat Plus? With its premium features that go beyond the standard offerings, Snapchat Plus has become a tempting upgrade for many users. Figuring out who among your circle has upgraded can be quite intriguing—almost like solving a mystery.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify Snapchat Plus Users: Check for a Star Badge on the user’s profile, which indicates a premium subscription. Keep in mind users can hide this badge.
  • Look for Exclusive Features: Observe if any unique features such as extended story duration or post-view emojis are being used, which are exclusive to Snapchat Plus members.
  • Understanding Premium Features: Recognize that Snapchat Plus offers distinctive functionalities like Ghost Trails, Story Rewatch Indicators, and the Friend Solar System that enhance user interaction and provide deeper insights into activities within the app.
  • Troubleshooting Visibility Issues: If you can’t see expected features on someone’s profile, ensure your app is updated and consider privacy settings that may limit visibility.
  • Privacy Customization: Note that Snapchat Plus users have control over what is visible on their profiles, allowing them to hide certain indicators like their Star Badge or Ghost Trails.

Identifying Snapchat Plus Users

Discovering whether someone has Snapchat Plus involves spotting certain distinctive features. Here’s how you can identify these clues.

Look for the Snapchat+ Badge

One definitive marker of a Snapchat Plus subscription is the presence of a Star Badge on a user’s profile. This badge, shaped like a white star against a black background, signifies premium membership. To see this badge:

  1. Visit the suspected user’s profile.
snapchat profile

2. Check beside their display name for the star badge.

snapchat badge

Remember, users have control over this feature and can choose to hide it in their settings. If visible, this badge directly indicates that they are enjoying the benefits of Snapchat Plus.

Notice Premium Features in Use

Snapchat Plus members have access to several exclusive features that regular accounts do not. Recognizing these features when displayed or used can also indicate an active subscription.

  • Extended Story Duration: Regular Snapchat stories vanish after 24 hours; but, those belonging to Snapchat Plus users can remain accessible up to one week. Observing a story older than 24 hours may suggest they’re using premium services.
  • Post View Emojis: When viewing snaps, subscribers can set custom emojis to appear next to their names in friends’ chat tabs—an emoji appearing under such circumstances likely points towards a subscription.

By looking out for these signs—a prominent Star Badge and usage of exclusive features—you can quite accurately guess who amongst your contacts might be enjoying the perks of Snapchat plus.

Key Features Exclusive to Snapchat Plus

Snapchat Plus offers an array of unique features not available in the standard version. These exclusive elements enhance user interaction and provide insights into friends’ activities, making the platform even more engaging.

Ghost Trails on the Map

Ghost Trails let you see where friends who share their locations have been over the past 24 hours. Activate this by tapping on a friend’s Bitmoji on the map. Remember, visibility depends solely on whether your friend has location-sharing enabled. If privacy concerns arise or if they choose to hide their trail, toggle Ghost Mode on then off to clear or temporarily share your own location.

Story Rewatch Indicators

This feature reveals how many times friends have rewatched your stories. The indicator does not specify which friends viewed the story multiple times but displays a count next to a rewinding emoji under Stories where it occurs. To manage visibility of these indicators, go to your profile settings and adjust the Story Rewatch Count option according to your preference.

Friend Solar System

The Friend Solar System organizes contacts based on interaction frequency, displaying closest friends as planets orbiting around you in a playful graphic representation found only in Snapchat Plus. It provides a visual way to gauge whom you connect with most frequently within the app and reinforces close connections by categorizing relationships metaphorically as celestial bodies around a central star—yourself!

By exploring these features, users can greatly enrich their Snapchat experience and enjoy deeper engagements with their network.

Troubleshooting Common Questions

Navigating the features of Snapchat Plus can sometimes lead to confusion. Here, you’ll find answers to common questions that might arise when trying to determine if someone has Snapchat Plus.

Why Can’t I See Snapchat+ Features on a Friend’s Profile?

If you are unable to see Snapchat+ indicators such as the Star Badge or Story Rewatch Indicators on a friend’s profile, several reasons could explain this issue. First, ensure your app is updated; older versions may not support viewing these features. Also, your friend might have chosen privacy settings that limit what is visible to others. Finally, they might not have subscribed to Snapchat Plus at all. Checking for updates and understanding privacy preferences will help clarify this situation.

Does Everyone with Snapchat Plus Have Visible Indicators?

Not necessarily. Subscribers of Snapchat Plus have the option to hide certain features from their profile. For instance, users can choose whether or not to display their Star Badge or Ghost Trails publicly. This customization allows for enhanced privacy and personalization of user experience within the app. Hence, absence of visible indicators does not conclusively mean a person does not have Snapchat Plus.


Now that you’re armed with knowledge about Snapchat Plus and its exclusive features, spotting them on someone’s profile should be a breeze. Remember that not all indicators are always visible due to personal privacy settings or app updates so keep this in mind when browsing through your friends’ profiles. With these insights you’re now better equipped to understand the nuances of Snapchat Plus and its various functionalities enhancing your social media experience. Enjoy exploring and connecting in new ways!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if someone is using Snapchat Plus?

If you notice unique features like the Star Badge on their profile or special emojis and themes, they might be using Snapchat Plus. Alternatively, you can ask them directly.

What exclusive features does Snapchat Plus offer?

Snapchat Plus offers exclusive features such as Ghost Trails, Story Rewatch Indicators, Friend Solar System, custom app icons, Bitmoji backgrounds, and more to enhance user interaction and personalization.

Can Snapchat Plus users see who views their profile?

No, Snapchat Plus does not allow users to see who views their profile.

Is it possible to tell if someone is actively using Snapchat?

You can infer someone’s activity by checking for recent story updates or changes in their Snap score, but there’s no direct notification about active status.


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