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About SocialAppsHQ’s LinkedIn Shares

If you ever felt that you’ve been creating high-quality content but are not receiving the attention that it deserves, then maybe it’s time to look for some alternative ways of doing so. Getting more publicity through shares is something you can get much easier and faster now through availing one of our LinkedIn Shares packages here in SocialAppsHQ.

There’s no definite way for achieving success in promoting your brand on LinkedIn. However, there are some ways that you can do to boost your chances. Increasing traffic to your profile through shares is one of them.

SocialAppsHQ’s LinkedIn shares services are one of the best offers that you can find out there. We are confident that if you avail of this service, your content will reach the right market.

Here are some of the things that you can expect if you opt in to buy shares from us:

Shares From Real Users

We are not using any form of a third-party app or computer-generated bots to provide your posts with shares. If you avail of our service, we can guarantee you that the shares will be done by authentic accounts that are relevant to your brand’s niche.


Just like our other services in SocialAppsHQ, our per-share packages will stay once the transaction is done. We will be giving you the number of shares that you’ve asked for and we can reassure you that it’s non-drop.

Unlimited Shares

Another thing that we boast over our other competitors is your option to buy as many shares as you want. No matter how many shares you need, we have got your back. You can now focus more on creating content and never worry about receiving those much-needed shares.

Cheap Price Per Share

One of the perks in choosing to avail of our services is that they are reasonable and we cost cheap prices per share. We know how hard it is to start up a digital brand, that’s why most of our services are affordable and competitively priced, especially for those who are just starting their page on LinkedIn.

100% Safe To Use

Since we are using actual LinkedIn accounts, the way we deliver our service to you is 100% safe and within LinkedIn’s Terms and Conditions. There are no third-party apps involved so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of your account getting suspended if you do choose to buy shares from us.

24/7 Customer Support

We are with you all throughout! Whenever you need us, you can always contact our support and we will respond to you as soon as we can. Besides, we are reachable 24/7 with our expert digital consultants on standby.

Why Buy LinkedIn Shares

Reach a wider audience

Having more publicity on LinkedIn will definitely boost your profile’s image.

More people will be able to see you if your posts receive a lot of shares.

This also means that there’s a higher chance that you will be seen by top companies or recruiters.

Rank Higher on LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards pages that produce posts that attract a lot of engagement. May it be shares, likes, or reactions.

This means that the more shares you get, the more LinkedIn prioritizes showing your account when other users search for keywords that are relevant to your brand.

More time to work on new content

You should not forget that it’s also important to be able to create and post content on a regular basis.

Before you had to worry about getting shares. But if you buy them, you will have more time to focus on creating high-quality posts instead, which will definitely help you in the long run.

How To Buy LinkedIn Shares

After going through the importance and the boost that buying LinkedIn shares would give to your profile, the next question is now “how do you purchase?” So here are the steps that you should follow to avail of this service from SocialAppsHQ:

Choose a package

Choose a package that you want, depending on the number of shares that you are targeting for your page. Then you can now proceed to the payment section.

Track Your Order

After the payment, you will then be asked to provide the links to the LinkedIn posts that you want to be shared.

Wait For Delivery

If your customer email and PayPal email don’t match, there’s a chance we might ask you to confirm it first. We will then process your request immediately, or at most 24 hours after the transaction. Please note, however, that the delivery time may take longer than a day.

Other LinkedIn Marketing Services

Here in SocialAppsHQ, we are aware that shares alone aren’t the only thing that makes or breaks your LinkedIn profile’s popularity. There are other factors that also affect how much traffic your page will be getting.

To get the maximum benefits from buying our LinkedIn shares service, you can also check here the other services that we can offer to our customers:

  • LinkedIn Followers If you want to have an established number of followers to kickstart your LinkedIn account, we also offer packages for this kind of service. Even if you just want to add more followers to your account, we understand how important this is, that’s why we will be giving you real followers and not computer-generated bots.
  • LinkedIn Likes – Not getting enough likes on your content? Don’t worry, we also got your back on this one. Check this service out to further increase interactions and traffic in your LinkedIn profile with bought likes.
  • LinkedIn Connections – Having connections is different from having just followers. So if you want to really boost your image in the LinkedIn community, you should seriously consider buying relevant connections which will help you with your success, as well as attract other users from the same niche/community as you are.
  • LinkedIn Endorsements – Having relevant endorsements on your LinkedIn page will surely increase the amount of traffic that you will be getting. You don’t have to worry anymore about being ghosted by your connections. Availing of this service from us makes sure that your skills will get endorsed by proper and relevant connections.
  • LinkedIn Recommendations – The more recommendations you have, the more your profile and brand get promoted online. Creating a positive image of your account is important too, especially if you are trying to attract recruiters and other top companies. If you avail of this service, it’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll be getting that much-needed recommendation for your profile.
  • Aged LinkedIn Accounts – The best way to get started on LinkedIn is to have an aged account. This is because aged accounts performs better.

FAQs About Buying LinkedIn Shares

Does Buying LinkedIn Shares Really Work?

Yes. The more shares you get, the more visible your account becomes to the rest of the LinkedIn community.

Can others find out if you Buy LinkedIn shares?

No. This is because we’ll run a marketing campaigns to users to share your posts.

How do you deliver Linkedin shares?

We’ll promote to active users who are interested in your business. It will be gradually delivered (drip-fed) to your account, to ensure that LinkedIn won’t notice the weird spike in the number of followers that you have. It will usually take around 5-14 days to complete an order.

Is it safe to buy LinkedIn shares?

Yes. Contact us if you have any further concerns with this service.

What kind of users is going to give me LinkedIn shares?

It will be users from all over the world and we cannot guarantee that we can get users from a specific region or country like USA,UK or Canada to share your posts.

Are your LinkedIn shares real and legit?

Yes. They are 100% active users who will be sharing your posts.