Buy LinkedIn Followers (Person/Company)

Looking to buy LinkedIn Followers? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place! Here in SocialAppsHQ, we understand that the number of LinkedIn Followers to grow your brand. That is why we now offer our customers the option to buy real LinkedIn followers, especially if you want to boost and increase the traffic on your LinkedIn page much faster and easier.

Price & Packages For LinkedIn Followers

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About SocialAppsHQ’s LinkedIn Followers

The best part of it is that they are guaranteed to be real users and not bots, which makes it a lot safer. Gaining followers on LinkedIn is very important, but it’s no easy task either. However, with our help, we can improve your account’s presence quicker by giving you an authentic audience that will increase online traffic to your page without bypassing any of LinkedIn’s Terms and Conditions.

Here are some of the main points that you can expect if you choose to avail LinkedIn followers from us:

Premium Quality Followers

We aren’t just giving you bot followers who can possibly suspend your account, SocialAppsHQ reassures you that the followers that you will be buying are real. We can guarantee that we will be giving you active users who will help you boost your LinkedIn page.


Another thing that you don’t have to worry about if you choose to avail of this service is potentially losing the followers that you will be buying. Our followers are non-drop, so once you buy them, you will be having them permanently.

Unlimited Followers

Need a lot of followers from the get-go? No worries as with this service, you can buy as many followers as you want. There’s no limit on how many you want to avail so you have more control over what you think is the ideal number of followers that you should have.

Cheap Price Per Followers

You might be quite hesitant in buying followers and for a good reason because you have to spend money. We are aware of that, that is why we are offering you our services for a cheap price. We can assure you that the followers that you will be buying are worth every penny that you will be spending.

100% Safe

LinkedIn has a very strict set of rules for its users and we are aware of that. That is why again, we will be giving you real active followers and not just computer-generated bots. We want to help you boost your page without compromising your account.

24/7 Customer Support

Together, we can make this work. Here in SocialAppsHQ, there will always be someone who is going to be willing to help you with any of your needs. No matter where you are located, we can guarantee you 24/7 customer support.

Why Buy LinkedIn Followers

Still can’t decide if you want to buy LinkedIn followers?

Here are some to the reasons why purchasing followers on LinkedIn can benefit your brand.

Makes you more visible

The more followers you have, the more visible you become on the LinkedIn community. It’s not easy to traditionally gain followers, that is why buying them will definitely give your page a much-needed boost faster, especially if you want it to be really successful.

More time to focus on creating quality content

Sometimes we tend to do unnecessary things just to improve our online presence, which will sacrifice our brand’s content. But now that you don’t have to worry about getting attention on LinkedIn, you can focus more on generating high-quality content for your audience and target market.

Get Noticied By Recruiters and Companies

As you get more online presence, the chances of you or your company getting noticed by other recruiters and top companies drastically increase too. Aside from getting their attention, they might also want to connect with you and potentially be partners in the long run.

How To Buy LinkedIn Followers

If you are now convinced of the importance of buying LinkedIn followers, the next question is “how.” So here are the steps that you should follow to avail of this service from SocialAppsHQ:

Choose a package

Choose a package that you want, depending on the number of followers that you are targeting for your page, and then you can now proceed to the payment section.

Provide your LinkedIn profile URL

After paying, you will be asked to send us your LinkedIn profile link and provide any other necessary details. If your customer email and PayPal email don’t match, we might ask you to confirm it first.

Get More LinkedIn Followers

We will then process your request immediately, or at most 24 hours after the transaction. Please note however that the delivery time will take more than just 24 hours.

Other LinkedIn Marketing Services

Here in SocialAppsHQ, we understand how hard it is to gain traffic on your LinkedIn page. It takes more than just followers to really turn around your profile and tip it towards success. To get the maximum benefits from availing of our LinkedIn marketing service, you can also check here the other things that we can offer to our customers:

  • LinkedIn LikesNot getting enough likes on your content? Don’t worry, we also got your back on this one. Check this service out to further increase interactions and traffic in your LinkedIn profile with bought likes.
  • LinkedIn SharesAnother way of increasing your online presence is by having your content actually be seen by other users. We can help you with that by availing this service which will ensure that your content gets constantly shared by real accounts on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn ConnectionsHaving connections is different from having just followers. So if you want to really boost your image in the LinkedIn community, you should seriously consider buying relevant connections which will help you with your success, as well as attract other users from the same niche/community as you are.
  • LinkedIn EndorsementsHaving relevant endorsements on your LinkedIn page will surely increase the amount of traffic that you will be getting. You don’t have to worry anymore about being ghosted by your connections and keep your hopes up on their promises of endorsing you. Availing of this service from us makes sure that your skills will get endorsed by proper and relevant connections.
  • LinkedIn RecommendationsThe more recommendations you have, the more your profile and brand get promoted online. Creating a positive image of your account is important too, especially if you are trying to attract recruiters and other top companies. If you avail of this service, it’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll be getting that much-needed recommendation for your profile.
  • Aged LinkedIn Accounts – Want to get started on LinkedIn? You can get aged and verified LinkedIn account to get started. This will provide you an advantage as aged accounts usually get better organic search traffic if you start optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

FAQs About Buying LinkedIn Followers

Does Buying LinkedIn Followers really work?

Yes. As long as the followers are not bots, they will surely improve your profile’s online presence.

Can others find out if you buy LinkedIn Followers?

No. Usually, people don’t really dig into other users’ accounts just to check if their followers are real. Moreover, as much as possible, we promote relevant accounts interested in your niche to follow you, so it isn’t as if they are just random people.

How do you deliver Linkedin followers?

We’ll promote to active users who are interested in your business. It will be gradually delivered (drip-fed) to your account, to ensure that LinkedIn won’t notice the weird spike in the number of followers that you have.

Can I get followers from selected countries like the UK, US, Canada?

No. We will be promoting your account to users interested in your business all over the world. If your account isn’t available in all countries, you may contact us for further help.