How to Edit iPhone Photos for Instagram

How to Edit iPhone Photos for Instagram

The attractiveness of photos you post on Instagram can make your page trend. You could be working hard to become an influencer or spread awareness about your brand. It could be that you love sharing your great moments with followers. What makes a difference is the thin line between great-looking and poorly edited photos.

Your iPhone has a great camera and many photo editing tools. You can use them with third-party editing apps to improve the look of your pictures. Understanding several editing tricks helps you make eye-catching posts. Here is an easy-to-follow guide on how to edit photos on iPhone to look professional.

Begin with a good photo for editing

A good photo comes from a well-prepared shooting session. Adjust to achieve the best iPhone camera settings for Instagram. Shoot your pictures in natural light especially in the morning or towards evening. Brighter sun will make your pics look too bright and with unattractive shadows.

Your iPhone photos could go missing or you might delete them by mistake. If this happens to you, do not worry. You can find deleted photos on iPhone with ease. Open your photos app and scroll to the Recently Deleted folder. You will likely find your missing pictures here.

If the photos missing from iPhone are still in this folder, it is easy to recover them. If the pics are missing here, you might have permanently deleted them. In this case, you need an iPhone photo recovery tool. Every photo matters, regardless how important or less important it is. This is why a good recovery tool is a must-have on your phone.

Exposure is an important aspect of achieving great Instagram photos. Adjust focus on the subject by moving your finger up and down to adjust brightness. Tap your iPhone camera grid to align the subject well. Ensure your phone is stable to avoid blur. You can do this by holding the phone with both hands or using a tripod.

Crop and align to perfection

Your pictures will look good on Instagram if you crop and align them perfectly. The first thing you should focus on is the aspect ratio. Instagram uses varying photo shapes. The square 1:1 and portrait 4:5 are the most common. Use the ratio that will make your pictures look stunning.

Alignment requires making your pics look straight. Work on the horizontal and vertical alignments. You can use a straightening tool to make pics look professionally made. Another important iPhone photo edit hack is cropping. Your iPhone has a cropping tool that works perfectly.

Use the tool to cut off uneven edges or remove distractive sections. Cropping ensures you post the important subject. It creates engagement on Instagram. Be careful not to overdo cropping and remove parts that could make a difference on Instagram.

Use your iOS inbuilt photo editing tools

Your iPhone comes with several built-in apps for creating stunning photos. Practice using these tools for the perfect Instagram photos. For instance, you use auto-enhance for automated enhancement. Use the iPhone filter to improve the look of your pics. Here are some tricks for this.

1.    iPhone filter. The filter helps you add unique effects to your pictures. They are simple tools that make your pictures on Instagram look professional. Use iPhone filters for:

● Color adjustments. Adjust colors to darker, brighter, cooler, or warmer.

Adjust mood. Add mood by making the scene look more or less dramatic.

Adjust style. Make the photos look old-school (black and white) or add another unique style.

● Saturation.  Bring out more sharpness, brighter shadows, and more.

2.  Photo auto-enhance tool. This tool lets you change sharpness automatically. You can use it for automated contrast and color adjustments.

Step up to advanced editing techniques

You can woo your Instagram followers with unique photos edited with advanced techniques. It is easy to learn the editing basics but you must improve these skills. Move on to scaled editing tricks and make your pictures look much better. Here are some advanced tricks that you can use.

Use the healing brush. The healing brush removes undesirable photo aspects before posting on Instagram.  You might want to remove acne spots or a stray object from the photo. Several third-party apps can help you clean up the pictures. An example is Lightroom and Snapseed.

Make adjustments selectively. Most picture adjustments made with basic tricks apply changes to the entire photo. Sometimes you might want to make changes in parts of the picture. For instance, you might brighten one section of a building and darken another. You may want to brighten the sky without affecting the other parts of the photo. There are unique tools for selective adjustment that you can use.

Add blur. Blurred backgrounds make your pictures look the best and most professional. Blurred pics show more depth and focus. Greater depth creates pics that stand out on your Instagram page. They add a cool effect that attracts and engages everyone.

Use third-party editing apps

You can use your iPhone photo edit settings formula to create great pics. Third-party apps provide you with more editing options. This makes your Instagram photos look excellent on your page. There are many popular apps that you can use depending on the outcomes you want to achieve. Examples include the following apps:

1. Snapseed. Snapseed contains tons of features for making your pictures stand out. You can use it to add text to your pics, add borders, and remove unwanted objects, and spots. It lets you crop, rotate and add details. You can use the app to apply filters, make selective adjustments, and add glamor.

2. VSCO. VSCO is a powerful app for editing and sharing pictures. Its features include photo adjustments and advanced settings. You can use it to add contrast, saturate, and change exposure. The advanced features let you crop, rotate and straighten uneven lines. The tool lets you create a collage, add frames, and text, and create presets.

3. Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is an advanced editing tool for creating professional-looking photos. Use it to create and apply presets, crop and straighten, or edit colors. The app removes defects and sharpens your pictures. You can use it to create and organize your Instagram photos into albums.

Fine touch before posting

Check your photos to ensure they are perfect before posting them. You may apply a few fine-tuning touches to make pics look stunning. These tasks may include final sharpening, adding resolution, and other adjustments. Try out and use filters from different apps.

They can help you achieve a better and more consistent look. Look for enhancements beyond drama and the right intensity beyond overprocessing. Post your content on Instagram when everything is set. It will attract more likes, shares, and followers.


Many built-in and third-party tools let you edit your Instagram photos on your iPhone. The process is easy and full of fun, but it makes your photos stand out on your Instagram page. Make the process creative and use features like filters. Use automation, cropping, and alignment. Practice and improve your editing skills to achieve a trending Instagram page.


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