How to Mute Someone on Instagram

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

Ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and wished you could silence posts or stories from someone without unfollowing them? You’re not alone. With Instagram’s mute feature, you can do just that, keeping your feed tailored to your preferences without hurting anyone’s feelings. This nifty feature is a game-changer for those looking to curate their social media experience more personally and discreetly.

Understanding how to mute someone on Instagram can enhance your browsing experience, allowing you to focus on the content that truly matters to you. Whether it’s an overzealous friend who posts too frequently or a brand that’s become too promotional, this article will guide you through the simple steps to achieve a more peaceful and personalized feed. Let’s jump into how you can make your Instagram experience even better, ensuring it’s filled only with content that sparks joy.

Key Takeaways

  • Muting on Instagram allows users to hide someone’s posts or stories from appearing in their feed without unfollowing or blocking them, maintaining a curated and personalized social media experience.
  • There are several ways to mute someone, including directly from their profile, from a specific post or story in your feed, and through direct message settings for muting notifications from calls and chat activities.
  • Unmuting a person’s posts or stories on Instagram can be quickly accomplished by navigating to their profile or finding their previously muted content in your feed or direct messages and toggling the mute option off.
  • Instagram offers additional privacy features like restricting or blocking users, providing varying degrees of control over your interactions and visibility with others on the platform, beyond just muting their content.

Understanding Muting on Instagram

Muting on Instagram allows you to tailor your social media environment without severing connections. This feature proves instrumental in maintaining a balanced and enjoyable Instagram feed.

The Difference Between Muting and Blocking

Muting on Instagram is a discreet action that stops another user’s posts or stories from appearing in your feed without them knowing. In contrast, blocking someone on Instagram removes your ability to view each other’s profile, posts, or stories and prevents them from contacting you via direct message.

Muting is beneficial for lessening the visibility of content you prefer not to see regularly without the permanence or social implications of blocking. For example, you might choose to mute a coworker who over-shares personal details rather than block them, which could lead to awkward workplace dynamics.

What Happens When You Mute Someone

When you mute someone on Instagram, you effectively remove their posts or stories from your feed without unfollowing them. The muted account is not notified of this change, allowing you to customize your social media experience subtly. You can still view the muted person’s profile and their posts or stories by visiting their Instagram page directly.

Also, muting someone does not prevent them from seeing your posts or stories, nor does it restrict the ability to send direct messages. Your interaction becomes more intentional, as you choose when and if to engage with their content.

How to Mute Someone on Instagram

Muting on Instagram enables you to tailor your social media environment with precision. This section provides practical steps to effectively mute someone, ensuring a customized Instagram experience.

Muting Stories and Posts From Their Profile Page

Mute Someone on Instagram

Muting stories and posts directly from the profile you wish to mute is straightforward. Navigate to the profile of the user whose content you want to stop seeing. Tap on the “Following” button located beneath their profile information.

A menu appears; here, select “Mute”. You have the option to mute their posts, their stories, or both. Toggle the switch next to posts or stories to mute them. If you decide to mute both, their content will no longer appear in your feed, but you can still visit their profile to see their posts and stories.

Muting Directly From Your Feed

To mute someone directly from your feed, look for a post or a story from the person you intend to mute. For posts, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post and select “Mute”.

You can then choose to mute just their posts or both their posts and stories. For stories, press and hold on their story icon at the top of your feed, then select “Mute”. Again, you can choose to mute just their stories or both their stories and posts.

Muting Instagram Messages, Calls, and Chat Activity Notifications

Muting messages, calls, and chat activity notifications is essential for managing your interactions. Open the conversation with the person you want to mute in Instagram DMs. Tap on the name at the top of the conversation to access the details. Look for the “Mute messages” or “Mute call notifications” options and switch them on to activate.

This action ensures that you won’t receive notifications for new messages or calls from this person, but you can still receive and read their messages or answer calls if you open the conversation directly.

By following these steps, you streamline your Instagram experience, focusing more on content that genuinely interests you while maintaining amicable social media relationships.

How to Unmute Someone on Instagram

Unmuting someone on Instagram reinstates their posts, stories, or both into your feed, giving you the chance to catch up on what you’ve missed. This simple action can help you reengage with content from accounts that you previously muted, for reasons that may no longer apply. Here’s how to quickly and easily unmute someone on Instagram.

Unmuting Posts

  1. Navigate to the Profile
    Open Instagram and go to the profile of the person you wish to unmute. You can do this by searching for their username in the search tab.
  2. Tap on ‘Following’
    Once on their profile, tap the ‘Following’ button, right next to their profile name at the top.
  3. Select ‘Mute’
    In the menu that appears, you will see the option for ‘Mute’. Tap on it.
  4. Toggle Off for Posts
    You will see toggles for Posts and Stories. If you have muted their posts, the toggle will be on. Tap it to switch it off.

Unmuting Stories

Unmuting Stories
  1. Go to Your Feed
    Scroll through your Instagram feed until you find the stories bar at the top.
  2. Find Muted Stories
    Profiles with muted stories have grey circles and are placed at the end of the story queue. Swipe to the end to find them.
  3. Long-Press the Profile
    Long-press on the profile whose story you wish to unmute.
  4. Select ‘Unmute’
    After long-pressing, select ‘Unmute’. You can choose to unmute stories, posts, or both from this menu.

Additional Privacy Controls

Instagram offers several privacy options beyond muting, enabling you to manage your online presence and interactions more effectively.

Restricting a User Vs. Blocking

Restricting a user on Instagram is a discreet way to limit someone’s interactions with your account without their knowledge. When you restrict someone, their comments on your posts will only be visible to them unless you approve them. Direct messages from restricted users will move to your message requests, and they won’t see when you’re active on the app or when you’ve read their messages. This option is ideal if you seek to reduce a user’s presence in your feed without the permanence or the noticeability of blocking.

Blocking a user, on the other hand, completely removes your account from their view. They cannot find your profile, posts, or stories on Instagram. This action is more suited for cases where you want to cut off all interaction with someone on the platform. Unlike restricting, blocking is noticeable to the blocked party if they attempt to view your profile or search for your account.

Muting Someone From Seeing Your Posts

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer a direct feature that allows you to mute your posts from specific users. But, you can achieve a similar effect through Instagram Stories. You can hide your stories and live videos from particular users by navigating to your profile, tapping the three-dot menu (or the gear icon on iOS), and selecting ‘Settings’.

From there, go to ‘Privacy’, then ‘Story’, and choose ‘Hide Story From’ to select the users you want to hide your stories from. While this doesn’t directly mute your posts from being seen by specific users, it restricts the personal content that appears in your stories, which often comprises real-time updates and more personal interactions. For more comprehensive privacy, combining the restrict or block functions with story muting offers a layered approach to controlling who sees your content on Instagram.


Muting someone on Instagram is a straightforward way to tailor your feed and notifications to suit your preferences without severing connections. By following the steps outlined, you can discreetly manage what you see and from whom. Remember, the mute feature is just one of several privacy controls at your disposal.

Whether you’re looking to reduce distractions, avoid unwanted interactions, or simply curate your social media environment, Instagram’s privacy settings empower you to do so with ease. Embrace these tools and make your Instagram experience as enjoyable and personalized as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you mute someone’s chat on Instagram?

To mute someone’s chat on Instagram, simply swipe left on their name, and click on the mute option. You’ll see three options to choose from: mute messages, mute calls, or mute chat activity. Select the option you want, such as mute messages, to proceed.

What is the difference between restrict and mute on Instagram?

Restricting someone on Instagram limits their interaction with your profile, including comments and direct messages, without their knowledge. Muting, on the other hand, only hides their posts and stories from your feed. Restricting affects how they can engage with you, while muting changes what you see on Instagram.

Can you mute someone on Instagram without blocking them?

Yes, you can mute someone on Instagram without blocking or unfollowing them. This allows you to stop seeing their posts and stories in your feed without removing them from your followers or following list. You can still view their content by visiting their profile page directly.

How do you stop seeing someone’s story on Instagram?

To stop seeing someone’s story on Instagram, tap and hold their profile picture at the top of your feed. Then select “Mute” followed by “Mute story.” This will hide their stories from your feed without notifying them.

What happens when I mute someone on Instagram?

When you mute someone on Instagram, their posts and stories won’t appear in your feed, but you’ll still be followers and can see their content by visiting their profiles. No notification is sent to the muted user, so they won’t know that they’ve been muted.

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