How to Tag Someone on Facebook Reels After Posting

Ever found yourself scrolling through your freshly uploaded Facebook Reel only to realize you’ve missed tagging a friend? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us. Luckily, Facebook’s got your back with a simple way to add tags even after your Reel is live.

You might think it’s a hassle to tag someone after the fact, but it’s actually a breeze. Whether you’re looking to give a shoutout or just bring someone into the loop, tagging on Facebook Reels after posting is a feature you’ll want to master. Let’s jump into how you can keep your friends in the spotlight, no matter when you remember to tag them.

Why Tagging is important on Facebook Reels

Why Tagging is important on Facebook Reels

Tagging on Facebook Reels isn’t just a nod to your friends; it’s a tool that can amplify your social media presence. When you tag someone in your video, you’re not simply giving them a shoutout. You’re opening doors to higher engagement rates and broader audience reach, as Reels can then appear on the tagged person’s profile, subject to their privacy settings.

The act of tagging creates a network effect. Consider the following points:

  • Increased Visibility: Each tag has the potential to put your Reel in front of the tagged person’s friends and followers, drastically increasing the number of people who see your content.
  • Community Building: By tagging, you’re actively involving others in your content, which fosters a sense of community and encourages more interactive and social experiences around your Reels.
  • Acknowledgment and Appreciation: Tagging other users is a way to credit collaborators or showcase appreciation, promoting positive reactions and interactions.

Also, when the tag notification pops up, it prompts the tagged individual to engage with the Reel through likes, comments, or even shares, which further boosts your content’s position on Facebook’s algorithm. Engagement is key in the realm of social media, and getting your Reel seen by potential new followers is crucial for growth.

Finally, tagging can serve a practical purpose for brands and influencers. It allows for strategic partnerships to be highlighted and merchandise or services to be advertised indirectly. By tagging a brand or collaborator, you’re effectively tapping into cross-promotional opportunities that can be mutually beneficial.

Remember, the names you tag can reflect on your video’s theme or content, so you’ll want to consider whom you tag and why. Not only does it notify others about your content, but it can also lend an air of credibility and relevance depending on the individuals or brands you choose to include.

Similarly, in the realm of enhancing your Facebook presence, the decision to buy reviews on Facebook can be a strategic move. Authentic, positive reviews can significantly bolster the credibility of your content or brand, making it more appealing and trustworthy to your audience.

In this way, tagging on Facebook Reels is far more than a basic feature—it’s a potent tool for strategic social media marketing and personal branding that should be used wisely to maximize your online impact.

How to Tag Someone on Facebook Reels after Posting

Realized you forgot to tag someone after your Facebook Reel went live? No worries. Tagging someone after posting is a breeze and amplifies your reach even after the initial upload.

Start by navigating to the Reel you’ve already posted. You’ll find it on your Facebook profile or page. Once you’re viewing your Reel, look for the three dots or the ‘More’ icon located at the bottom or top corner of the post. Tapping on this will bring up a menu with a range of options – here’s where you’ll find ‘Edit Post’ or ‘Edit Privacy’ depending on the version of the app you’re using.

After selecting ‘Edit Post,’ the next screen might feel familiar since it’s akin to when you first uploaded your Reel. In the editable text box where your caption lives, simply type the ‘@’ symbol followed by the individual’s name you want to tag. As you type, Facebook will show a list of friends or pages corresponding to your input. Choose the correct person or brand to seamlessly tag them in the post.

Remember, tagging isn’t just for individuals. For wider traction, consider tagging relevant brands, especially if your content features their products or services. This could foster professional relationships and unlock potential business collaborations.

Upon tapping the person or page you wish to tag, their name will become highlighted, indicating the tag is in place. Simply save your changes, and voilà – the tag is now part of your Facebook Reel. The late tag still notifies the person or page, bolstering the likelihood of increased engagement on your content even post-creation.

As an added benefit, tagging after the fact could spark a new round of visibility for your Reel. The tagged users’ friends and followers can now see your content, perhaps at a different time from your original audience, ensuring your Reel gains traction across various user groups at various times.

Pro Tip: When tagging someone on Facebook Reels after posting, prioritize relevance and strategic engagement. Ensure the tags are meaningful and connected to the content or context of the Reel. This approach not only enhances the tagged individual’s experience but also maximizes the content’s reach and impact, fostering a stronger sense of community and interaction among your audience.

Step 1: Open your Facebook Reel

To begin tagging someone on your Facebook Reel after posting, you need to first access the content from your profile. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone or jump onto the desktop version to get started. Locating your Reel is a breeze, just head to your profile by tapping on your profile picture which is typically found in the lower right corner of the app. If you’re on the web, simply click your name at the top right corner.

Once on your profile page, scroll through your posts until you find the Reel you wish to edit. It’s essential to know that Facebook Reels is a relatively new feature, so ensure your app is updated to the latest version to avoid any hiccups during the process. By keeping your app updated, you’re not only streamlining the tagging process but also tapping into potential enhancements and bug fixes that can improve the overall performance and feature set of Facebook Reels.

After locating the desired Reel, select it to view it in full screen. Here, you can watch your Reel to make sure it’s the correct one. Pay attention to the video itself and any previous tags or descriptions you might have included in the initial post. This will help in determining the new tags you want to add to boost your reach and engagement. Remember, the power of tagging lies in its ability to connect and cross-promote content among different user bases, which in turn can significantly enhance visibility and interaction rates.

Once you’ve confirmed it’s the correct Reel, look for the three dots or an ‘Edit Post’ option near the content. These icons or labels are your gateways to modifying your post, and you’ll typically find them located near the Reel’s description or at the bottom of the screen when viewing on a mobile device. If you can’t immediately spot these options, a quick swipe or tap on the screen usually reveals the editing controls you need to proceed.

Step 2: Tap on the three dots icon

Once you’ve located the Reel in question on your profile page, look for the three dots icon—typically found in the upper right corner of the Reel. This small, yet significant feature is your gateway to updating and managing your posted content. Tapping this icon reveals a menu packed with actions you can take to enhance or alter your Reel. Remember, these options only appear for the content you’ve posted, ensuring you have full control over your creations.

As you access this menu, you’ll see the ‘Edit Post’ option emerge among others. It’s this choice that paves the way for you to bring new individuals into the conversation or acknowledge friends after the fact. The ‘Edit Post’ feature is designed to be user-friendly, so even if you’re not overly tech-savvy, you’ll find it straightforward to navigate.

Selecting ‘Edit Post’ opens up your Reel in an editable format, making any changes a breeze. Here, not only can you tag friends, but you can also modify your caption, tweak your audience settings, or even add a location to give more context to your Reel. Keep in mind, the ability to edit and tag will depend on the privacy settings of your Reel. If your content is public, anyone can view it and potentially be tagged. But, if you’ve chosen a more restricted visibility, tagging will be limited to the audience scope you’ve set. Adjusting privacy settings can also be done through this editing feature, so take a moment to ensure your Reel reaches the intended viewers.

As you gear up to tag someone, it’s essential to consider the relevance of the tag to the person or people you’re mentioning. Make sure that your tags enhance the Reel, adding value or recognition where it’s due. This can lead to increased engagement, fostering a stronger connection between you, the tagged individuals, and your collective audiences.

Step 3: Select the “Edit Reel” option

Select the _Edit Reel_ option

After tapping on the three dots icon, you’ll see a drop-down menu with various options. Look for the “Edit Reel” option and tap on it to proceed with tagging. It’s essential to note that the edit feature may not be available if you’re looking at someone else’s Reel. You can only edit Reels that you have posted.

Once you’ve selected “Edit Reel,” your Reel will open in edit mode. Here, you’re empowered to make several alterations to your content, not just tagging someone. This includes tweaking your caption or even changing the music. But let’s focus on the tagging part for now.

You’ll find an area where you can add or edit tags—often it’s indicated by a person icon or simply a text field awaiting input. If there are existing tags, they’ll be displayed here. If you wish to add a new tag, start typing the name of the person you want to mention. Facebook’s intuitive system will begin to suggest friends as you type. Once you see the correct name, simply tap on it to add the tag. Remember, the person you’re tagging will receive a notification and their name will be linked to their profile in your Reel, increasing your potential reach.

Here are some scenarios where tagging can be particularly powerful:

  • Mentioning a friend who appears in the Reel
  • Giving credit to a creator or influencer for inspiration
  • Highlighting a brand or business in a promotional Reel

Before you finalize the tags, pat yourself on the back for your savvy content-boosting strategy. Editing Reels to tag friends or relevant pages not only enriches your post but also strengthens community ties and enhances engagement. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, make sure to save them so that others can interact with the tags in your Reel.

Step 4: Tap on the “Tag People” button

After selecting ‘Edit Reel’ from the drop-down menu, you’ll notice several options available to refine your Reel further. Locate and tap on the “Tag People” button as your next move in maximizing your Reel’s exposure. This is a crucial step to involve other users directly and increase the probability of your content being viewed by a wider audience through their networks.

Upon tapping this button, Facebook presents you with a search bar where you can type in the name of the person or page you wish to tag. As you type, suggestions will appear based on your friends list, pages you follow, or your past interactions. This feature is particularly responsive and tailored to help you find and tag the right person or entity swiftly.

It’s important to ensure that the person you’re tagging is relevant to the content of your Reel. Tagging relevant users can spark conversations and drive more engagement, which is key for making your Reel stand out in a crowded news feed. Whether it’s a friend who appears in the video, a collaborator, or a brand you’re featuring, appropriate tagging contributes to the content’s value and appeal. Remember, inappropriate or irrelevant tags can lead to negative user experiences and even privacy complaints, so tag wisely.

Once you’ve found the individual or page you want to tag, simply tap their name to add them to your Reel. If you’re tagging multiple people, repeat this process for each person. Facebook’s intuitive interface makes it easy to add or remove tags as needed. Keep in mind that once tagged, the individual or page will get a notification about being mentioned in your content. They’ll also have the option to share the Reel further, compounding its reach.

Remember to review all tags before finalizing the edit. Double-checking the tagged names against the content ensures accuracy and avoids any potential mishaps, like tagging the wrong person. After you’ve reviewed and made sure that all tags are correct, you’re ready for the next step to fine-tune your post even more.

Step 5: Type in the name of the person you want to tag

Once you’ve selected “Tag People,” it’s time to pinpoint the individuals you’re keen on tagging in your Reel. As you begin to type in their name, Facebook’s autocomplete feature springs into action, bringing up a list of friends whose names match the text you’ve entered. It’s crucial to ensure accuracy when choosing the person to tag – mistagging could lead to confusion or even a bit of social faux pas.

Here’s how to navigate this step seamlessly:

  • Start typing the name of the friend you wish to tag in the given search box. – Watch closely as Facebook generates a list of suggestions. These are based not only on the letters you type but also on factors such as your interaction frequency and mutual friends, making the system quite intuitive. – From the list, tap on the correct name. Their profile will instantly link to the tag within your Reel. Remember, if you’re trying to tag someone who’s not on your friend list, their privacy settings might not allow tags from non-friends. In these scenarios, tagging might not be feasible.

If you’re tagging a public figure, brand, or creator, ensure that their profile is set to public, which typically means they welcome tags and interactions from a wider audience. For profiles like these, adding a tag could potentially broaden the reach of your Reel as their followers might also see the content.

As tagging on Facebook can dramatically increase the visibility of your content, it’s essential to consider who you are tagging and why. Tags are a nod towards collaboration and community; they create a sense of shared experience and can often drive engagement through curiosity and social connection.

Step 6: Select the correct person from the suggestions

After hitting the “Tag People” button and starting to type the name of your friend, Facebook’s intuitive system springs into action. Suggestions begin to populate based on the characters you enter. It’s crucial that you carefully review this list to find and select the right person.

  • Begin typing the person’s name.
  • Scan the list of suggested friends.
  • Look for the profile picture to confirm their identity.
  • Select their name to add the tag.

Remember, tagging the right person is essential. If your friend has a common name or uses a nickname, there could be multiple profiles popping up in the suggestions. Mistagging can lead to notifications going to the wrong person and potentially confusing or misleading your audience. To avoid errors, pay attention to the details:

  • The profile picture is a quick visual confirmation.
  • Mutual friends can be a helpful indicator of the correct profile.
  • Be mindful of similar or duplicate names; double-check the profile information if you’re unsure.

Once the correct name is chosen, their name will be automatically linked to their profile, creating a direct connection to them in your Reel. They’ll receive a notification that they’ve been tagged, and their name will now appear on your post, offering them a slice of the spotlight.

For optimal results, keep these best practices in mind:

  1. Confirm the tag with your friend beforehand, especially if it’s for a significant shoutout or collaboration.
  2. If you’re tagging someone you don’t know personally, such as an influencer or public figure, ensure the tag is relevant and respectful.
  3. Consider the privacy settings of the person you’re tagging, as this can affect who sees the tag and how it’s interacted with.

Successfully tagging individuals in your Facebook Reels after posting is a powerful way to increase engagement, give proper acknowledgments, and build a closer community around your content. Keep interacting and watching how it benefits your social media presence.

Step 7: Save your changes

Once you’ve ensured the tag is correctly placed and you’re happy with any other alterations you might’ve made, it’s time to lock in your changes. Saving your edits is crucial; otherwise, all your work is as good as never done. Look for the “Save” or “Done” option, which is typically located at the top-right corner of the screen on the Facebook app, and on the desktop version, it may be at the bottom or the top of the editing window.

Tap or click this option to finalize your edits. After doing so, Facebook processes your changes and updates the Reel with the new tags. This doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye – give it a moment. Once saved, your Reel will reappear on the timeline, now featuring the name of the person you’ve tagged. They’ll get a notification, and their profile link will be attached to the Reel, clickable by anyone who views it.

What’s great about editing posts on Facebook is that there’s room for error. If you notice a mistake after saving or decide on changing the tag or any other aspect of your Reel, you can go back and edit it again. The process is similar – tap on the three dots, select “Edit Post” or “Edit Reel,” make your changes, and remember to hit save.

Be especially mindful when tagging multiple users. As you add more tags, cross-reference with your list of names to ensure everyone’s included. Facebook allows you to tag businesses and public pages as well, which can amplify your content’s reach.

Drafting your tags and edits carefully before hitting save not only spares you potential rework but also maintains the professional and attentive look of your content. You’re curating not just a Reel but your online presence and the connections it fosters. Ensure every tag and edit reflects that intention. When you hit that “Save” button, you’re not just updating a post; you’re enhancing the network of your digital community.

Tips for tagging on Facebook Reels

Tips for tagging on Facebook Reels

When tagging someone on your Facebook Reels, it’s crucial to understand your audience. You’ll want to make sure the tags are relevant to the people who will be watching. Think about who’ll find value in your content and tag accordingly. Keep these pointers in mind:

  • Quality over quantity: Don’t over-tag. It may seem tempting to tag a bunch of people to get more views, but this can often backfire. It’s better to tag a few relevant people than many who have no connection to your Reel.
  • Review privacy settings: Privacy settings can be a roadblock. The visibility of your Reel to others may depend on the tagged person’s privacy preferences. Make sure the tags align with both your and their privacy considerations.
  • Content relevance: Make sure the tagged individuals are relevant to the content of your Reel. Tagging someone in a post they aren’t related to can appear as spam and might annoy your friends.

For the best engagement, here are some smart practices:

  • Inform before you tag: Especially when tagging influencers or public figures, it’s polite to inform them beforehand. This can build rapport and potentially foster more engagement from their side.
  • Double-check for accuracy: Before hitting save, double-check the tags. Ensure that the names under the tagged profiles match the individuals you intend to mention.
  • Timeliness matters: If you’re posting about a timely event or trend, tag relevant users quickly. Timing can be everything in garnering attention and engagement.

Remember, tagging can go beyond just friends and acquaintances. Businesses, brands, and public pages can be tagged to increase the visibility of your Reel. This is especially beneficial if you’re mentioning a product or service, as it can create a direct link to the featured page.

By following these tips, you’ll likely see an uptick in engagement and create Reels that resonate with your audience and the wider Facebook community. Keep these strategies in play to ensure your Facebook Reels tagging is on point and beneficial to all involved.


You’ve now mastered the art of tagging on Facebook Reels after posting. Remember, the key is to edit thoughtfully and tag responsibly. Whether you’re aiming to boost engagement or simply share moments with friends, tagging is a powerful tool. Be sure to double-check your tags for accuracy and keep your online presence professional. With these tips in hand, you’re ready to enhance your Reels and connect with your audience in meaningful ways. Happy tagging!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tag someone in a Facebook Reel after I’ve already posted it?

To tag someone in a Facebook Reel after posting, use the ‘Edit Post’ option on your Reel. Within this feature, you can add tags by typing your friend’s name and selecting the correct person from the suggestions.

Can I edit my Facebook Reel caption after posting it?

Yes, you can edit your Facebook Reel caption after posting by accessing the ‘Edit Post’ option and making your desired changes to the caption.

Is it necessary to update the Facebook app to tag people in Reels?

Keeping the Facebook app updated is crucial as it ensures you have access to the latest features, including any improvements to the tagging functionality in Reels.

How do I make sure I tag the right person on Facebook?

To ensure you tag the right person, pay attention to their profile picture and mutual friends when selecting from the suggested list of names. Double-check to avoid tagging similar or duplicate names.

Should I inform someone before tagging them in my Facebook Reel?

Yes, it is considerate to inform people before tagging them in your Reel, especially if they are influencers or public figures, to ensure they are comfortable with being tagged.

Why is it important to tag accurately on Facebook Reels?

Accurate tagging on Facebook Reels is important to maintain relevance and respect towards the tagged individuals, and to foster a professional online presence.

Is it possible to adjust privacy settings for tags on Facebook Reels?

You can adjust privacy settings while tagging through the ‘Edit Post’ option, which allows you to control who sees the tag on your Reel.

Should tags on Facebook Reels be timely for events or trends?

Yes, it’s beneficial to tag relevant users quickly for timely events or trends to increase engagement and resonance with your audience and the Facebook community.

What is the benefit of tagging businesses or brands on Facebook Reels?

Tagging businesses, brands, and public pages can increase the visibility of your Reel and potentially lead to higher engagement with those entities and their audiences.



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