How to Fix “We Received Your Information” on Facebook

Stumped by the “We received your information” error on Facebook? You’re not alone. This pesky hiccup pops up when Facebook’s algorithm mistakenly flags an account for being underage, even if that’s far from the truth. It’s frustrating to see the warning that your account could be disabled, but there’s hope. Another alternative is to consider options like buying Facebook account packages, which can offer a hassle-free way to maintain an active presence on the platform without the wait. These packages often come with verified accounts, ensuring you don’t face similar issues.

Don’t worry; you’ve got options. By tackling the issue head-on with the right forms and a bit of patience, you can get back to scrolling and sharing in no time. Let’s jump into the simple steps you can take to prove your age and reclaim your Facebook account.

What does “We Received Your Information” mean on Facebook?

We Received Your Information

Tackling the “We Received Your Information” notification on Facebook head-on is essential for keeping your social life uninterrupted. When this message pops up, it typically signals that Facebook’s algorithm suspects you haven’t met the platform’s age requirement of 13 years old. It’s a safeguard to ensure that Facebook stays in compliance with laws protecting minors online.

If you’re actually under the age of 13, creating an account is off-limits. Trust that your account will be disabled in such cases. But what if you’re confidently beyond this age threshold and you’ve still received the error? You’ve likely become entangled in an algorithmic mishap.

Facebook’s algorithms aren’t foolproof and sometimes they mistakenly flag the accounts of of-age individuals. This means it’s interpreted your account information incorrectly and believes you’re underage. It’s a frustrating hiccup, but it’s fixable. Don’t let this error message discourage you; instead, recognize it as a call to action.

To rectify this situation, reaching out to Facebook is your go-to move. They’ve got procedures in place for just such an occurrence. You’ll need to fill out a form, verifying your personal details to confirm your age. Make sure to input your date of birth accurately, as it is pivotal in proving your eligibility to use the platform. Patience will be your ally here as Facebook processes your information and works to correct the error.

Pro Tip: If you encounter the “We Received Your Information” error on Facebook, promptly navigate to and complete the “Report a Login Issue” form on Facebook’s official support page. Be precise and clear when describing your issue and attach a copy of your ID to confirm you meet Facebook’s minimum age requirement. This proactive approach can expedite the resolution of your account issue.

How to Fix ‘We Received Your Information’ in Facebook

When you’re facing the vexing “We Received Your Information” error message on Facebook, it’s crucial to take prompt and precise steps to address the issue. This section will guide you through the process of rectifying the mistake that Facebook’s algorithm has made in assessing your age.

Step 1: Go to the “Report a Login Issue” form

If you’re ready to tackle the age verification snag on Facebook, your initial step is straightforward. Navigate to the official support page dedicated to login issues. You can do this by searching for “Facebook Login Issue” in Google and selecting the first result. Alternatively, copy and paste the link here to proceed directly. This form is your ticket to reaching out to Facebook and initiating the correction process, so ensure your internet connection is stable before you begin.

Step 2: Complete the “Report a Login Issue” form

You’re at a pivotal juncture. In the “Report a Login Issue” form, you must provide accurate details that Facebook will use to resolve your problem. Enter an email address where Facebook can send updates—make sure it’s one you check regularly. Describe the issue clearly in the designated field; brevity and clarity are your allies here. Attach a copy of your ID to confirm that you meet the minimum age of 13 years sign-up requirement for a Facebook account. Double-check for typos or incorrect information, as these could lead to further delays.

Step 3: Submit the form and wait for Facebook’s response

Once you’ve filled out the form and attached your ID, it’s time to submit. Click the submit button and embark on the waiting game. Facebook generally responds within a week, but delays can vary depending on the volume of reports they handle. Resist the urge to submit multiple forms—this could potentially slow down the process. Maintain a calm approach and monitor the email you provided for any updates from Facebook. Remember, patience is key while Facebook works through their queue to get to your issue.

How long does it take for Facebook to confirm your identity?

How long does it take for Facebook to confirm your identity

When you’re dealing with the “We Received Your Information” error on Facebook, timing is crucial. After submitting your ID for verification, Facebook’s standard response time typically ranges between 1 to 3 business days. But, due to the volume of reports, the wait could extend beyond this window. It’s essential to remain patient and refrain from resubmitting your information within this period, as it could further delay the process.

Response TimeDetails
1 to 3 business daysStandard Facebook ID verification time frame
More than 3 business daysPossible with high report volumes

If the time since your account was disabled has surpassed 30 days before you initiated the review, be aware that your account might be permanently disabled. The key to a successful submission lies in providing accurate information that matches your legal ID. In cases where your age is below Facebook’s requirement of 13 years, account reactivation will be denied due to legal constraints on data collection from minors without parental consent.

Remember, if you haven’t received a response within 48 hours, you may need to check for potential rejection notifications. Any mismatch between the name on your ID and your Facebook profile can lead to delays, so ensure the information you submit is cohesive.


You’re now equipped to tackle the “We Received Your Information” message on Facebook with confidence. Remember to fill out the “Report a Login Issue” form with precise details and a bit of patience as you wait for a response. Keep in mind the potential waiting period due to high volumes of reports and the importance of submitting accurate information that aligns with your legal ID. If you’ve followed these steps and provided everything correctly, you’re on the right track to regaining access to your account. Stay vigilant for any notifications and be prepared for the possibility of a longer wait—but rest assured, you’ve done your part.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my identity confirmation on Facebook?

To fix your identity confirmation on Facebook, navigate to, locate the authorization with the error, submit an appeal by clicking the corresponding option, explain why you disagree with the rejection, and then submit your response.

Why does Facebook keep asking me to confirm my identity?

Facebook may ask you to confirm your identity to ensure account security, especially if you’ve entered your password incorrectly multiple times, logged in from various devices, connected to numerous accounts from the same device, quickly added many new friends, or if there’s suspicious activity hinting at a possible account breach.

How long does it take Facebook to confirm your identity?

Facebook’s review process for identity confirmation can vary, taking from 48 hours up to 45 days, depending on various factors such as the volume of requests they are handling and the specific details of your case.

How do I contact Facebook directly?

You can contact Facebook directly through specific emails:

Why can’t I confirm my identity on Meta Verified?

You may be unable to confirm your identity on Meta Verified if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria. When photographing your government-issued ID, ensure the area is well-lit, the ID is placed on a flat surface with a contrasting background, and that your ID is valid and has not expired.


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