Top 22 Facebook Marketing Agencies in London

If you are looking for a Facebook marketing agency in London, this list will help you find the best fit.

These agencies have been professional and successful at what they do – with many years of experience under their belts.

From Facebook marketing management to optimizing your campaigns, these agencies can help your business grow.

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies in London

The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in London

There are hundreds of Facebook marketing agencies in London, and it’s hard to know which one is the best. We did some research and found that these 22 agencies have been doing great work for their clients.

Our team at SocialAppsHQ has gathered the top recommendations for Facebook Marketing Agencies in London.

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Hallam Logo

For more than 15 years Hallam Internet has been one of the most trusted Facebook marketing agencies in London. They have a team that includes people who’ve spent decades helping businesses grow online and they’re now ready to help you too!

Agile and fast-moving, Hallam helps their clients thrive through creativity rooted deep in strategic thinking and technical expertise.


Address: Hallam Internet, The Gridiron Building, 1 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG.

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 5 PM, Saturday – Sunday: Closed

The Brains Marketing

The Brains Marketing has been in the business for several years now, and there’s no question that the agency has earned its place in our list of the top Facebook marketing agencies in London. The Brains has teams of marketing experts across every department, all ready to take on any challenge and deliver incredible results that you won’t find anywhere else.

This company offers a range of digital services from Facebook Marketing through to Web Design. So whatever you need, be it SEO services, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Lead Generation or another online service, you’ll no doubt find the perfect package to suit your needs with The Brains

Experts at The Brains are always happy to help, and over the years the agency has built up a solid reputation for delivering high-quality work at competitive prices.


Address: 9 Appold St, London, EC2A 2AP

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM, Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Agile Digital Agency

Agile Digital Agency

This Facebook Marketing Agency is definitely for you if you want to try something different but also want to see results. They’ve been assisting both small and large business owners in achieving their objectives when it comes to the welfare of their businesses.

Agile Digital Agency never fails to deliver the best results for all their clients and because of this dedication, they have earned a spot on our list. Their main goal is to help SMEs overcome the technical complexity of modern technology and also to generate real and meaningful value for them so you can make your business thrive and shine online. With Agile Digital, you won’t have to look for another agency for your Facebook Marketing needs!

Customer Reviews

Agile Digital has been helping the people of London for many years, never failing to provide the finest outcomes possible, so it’s no wonder that business owners love and trust them. One person had this to say about Agile Digital:

“We have worked together for many years, building and maintaining a charity website. In that time, we have built a good relationship, established effective communication routes, and a mutual understanding of work patterns. I am delighted with the website and infrastructure and think the maintenance package is good value for money.” – Martyn Robson


Address: 88 Wood St, London, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 20 8123 3376

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM, Sat-Sun: Closed

Untapped Digital

Untapped DIgital Logo

One of the best Facebook marketing agencies you can find in London is Untapped Digital. They’re a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook advertising, and they’re also experts on social media management, which is another great service you can get from them.

Their team has years of experience with all aspects of online marketing – so no matter what it is your business needs, they’re sure to be able to provide everything you desire. Furthermore, they even offer training sessions, so you can learn how to do things like optimize your Facebook ads for better results and conduct effective A/B testing.

Untapped Digital has a proven track record of success on Facebook, with many satisfied clients who have seen improved ROI and increased sales as the result of their services.

Just contact them today in the given information below if you need help boosting your online presence!

Customer Reviews

Many people have attested that Untapped Digital’s Facebook marketing services have been successful in boosting their sales and online presence. A loyal customer of theirs has even taken the time to give their insight on this subject, saying that they have seen a “huge increase in their return on investment”.


Address: 41 Old Street, London, EC1V 9AE

Contact Details: +44(0)2037510350 /

Operating Hours: Give them a call for more details

Datadial Facebook Marketing


You’ll be surprised to know how outstanding Datadial is when it comes to providing their clients with their Facebook marketing strategy and approach. Facebook marketing works as well for B2B as B2C. We work in all sectors including Lifestyle, Travel, Health, Recruitment, Aviation, Wine, Gifts, Training and more.

We have streamlined these processes and made them more accessible to smaller companies than ever before, giving you a chance to rise among the competition regardless of the size of your business.


Address: 174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JP

Contact Details: +44 20 8600 0500



If you want effective results for your Facebook marketing campaigns, then you should totally consider working with Brandnation. Just as their name implies, Brandnation focuses on building brands that can rise up among competitors.

They design and implement multi-tiered, brand-led campaigns that break through the noise and drive genuine brand connection. Whether industry you’re in, Brandnation’s can definitely help you!


Address: Sterling House, 33 Union Street SE1 1SD London, UK

Contact Details: +44 20 7940 7170

Operating Hours:  Mon- Friday 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Verb Brands

Verb Brands Logo

VERB work with luxury and premium brands to drive business performance. They do this through market-leading creative, which is underpinned by data and insights, whilst distributed through their full media stack. 

They use technology and data to understand high net worth individuals and affluent consumers, which makes us the agency of choice for luxury brands. A full-service agency, the core services span from social media, influencer marketing, SEO, and Paid media services. Led by Chris Donnelly and Ben Askins, the company looks after brands such as the Maybourne Hotel Group, Creed Fragrances, Agent Provocateur, and Calzedonia to name a few.

VERB offers brands the opportunity to scale and achieve tangible results within new and existing markets. The company continues to grow and is ambitious in its plans. 

Customer Reviews   

If you’re still not convinced on how amazing Verb Brands is, here’s an insight shared to us by a client who has been working for them for years:

“Verb is a great agency not just to have to work for you as a client, but to work for too. They offer a unique personal service that isn’t very common place nowadays and they really care about what they do. Creating not only beautiful but also functional products, they’re growing at an incredible rate and they are having fun doing it!” – James Clifton


Address: 86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

Contact Details: 44 (0)20 8977 2994 /

Operating Hours:  Mon – Fri: 9:00 AM- 5:30 PM, Sat – Sun: Closed


marketiu logo

When you want to expand your business’s online presence, then you should totally go for Marketiu. They are the best social media marketing agency in London and they can help you achieve your desired goals through a variety of digital channels. Being one of the largest agencies, you know that Marketiu will be able to deliver high-quality work for any kind of business – from large corporations to small startups or even individuals who want to start their own online business.

This company offers their clients the best social media marketing services, but they also can help you with SEO, online reputation management, and web design. Marketiu is a real go-to for any company that is looking to increase its ROI.

Customer Reviews   

Marketiu has received a whole lot of appreciation through their years of services. Many clients have left reviews about their work on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google reviews and here’s one:

“I highly recommend Marketiu’s services for the excellent digital marketing expertise delivered from the very beginning of our business collaboration. Great people, always responsive and resourceful in terms of on-the-spot solutions with a great understanding of the business!” – Bogdan Ionescu


Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road N1 7GU London, UK

Contact Details: +44 7845 370910 /

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details



Maade is a Facebook marketing agency for restaurants and the hospitality industry. Founded in 2016, Maade has worked with leading clients in London to launch, grow, or expand. The agency specialises in social media marketing and in photo and video content. They produce award-winning images that power their successful Facebook marketing campaigns and increase restaurant bookings and customers.

Whether you’re looking to start a restaurant or grow your existing business, Maade is a perfect partner.


Contact Details:



Gripped takes pride in assisting companies with their digital transformation, which is critical for their long-term success.

If you aim to bring the best out of your business regardless of how small or large your company may be, this is a great Facebook marketing agency for you. You’ll surely see an increase in ROI and an up-boost on your social media presence thanks to the never-ending devotion this digital company pours into its line of work.

Customer Reviews

Still not persuaded that Gripped is worth a shot? Here’s one testimonial from a happy consumer who has seen firsthand the high standard of work that the Facebook marketing agency can do.

“They really understand what they’re talking about. They’re always available if you want to ask questions and give you a better understanding of how to improve your business’s online presence!” – A client wrote on


Address: 150 Borough High St, London, SE1 1LB

Contact Details: +44 (0) 330 808 0988

Operating Hours: Contact their number for more details

Truffle Social

truffle social

Facebook marketing has been one of the biggest challenges when it comes to marketing online. But lucky for you, Truffle Social is there to help!

You won’t have to worry about anything else anymore because this agency offers a wide range of social media marketing services to help you to compose the best brand strategies, set up Facebook marketing campaigns, and many more which help you and your business thrive and prosper in this digital era.


Address: Second Floor, HubHub, 20 Farringdon Street EC4A4EN London, UK.

Contact Details: +44 20 7193 0808

Operating Hours:  Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Nautilus Marketing  

We all know how troublesome it can be to manage all your company’s social media sites especially when it comes to Facebook. However, with the help of Nautilus Marketing, you can easily focus on your company’s marketing efforts without worrying about anything.

Nautilus Marketing is the right choice if you’re looking for a Facebook marketing agency with proven results in terms of strategies that work and effective engagement levels through all channels. They have helped many companies to grow their business by creating engaging content, optimized pages, graphic design, web development, and many more.

Customer Reviews   

Nautilus Marketing has been in the digital marketing industry for years now and has been serving many business owners in London with their superb service. Here are some of what their clients had to say about them:

“Nautilus Marketing are the full package so to speak! Professional, fast and very good quality outcome. I would recommend this company every time. They are really, really good.”  – Grace Robinson


Address: 87 Great Portland St, London W1W 7LU, UK

Contact Details: +44020 4513 9344

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details

The Small Biz Expert

Just as their name implies, The Small Biz Expert is a digital marketing agency that is dedicated to making small and medium-sized businesses grow. When it comes to your company’s Facebook, Instagram, and other social media marketing needs, they have everything you’re looking for from strategy to execution. In addition, their team of experts will help you with website design and quality content creation among other things.

Furthermore, they’re among the experts of SEO, PR, content marketing, and social media advertising. In addition to this, they have developed a proprietary system for tracking the success of your campaign’s digital presence which will allow you to measure data that is not always available with other agencies.

With their impressive portfolio of clients from different sectors such as hospitality, property development, and law firms you’re sure to be working with London’s top digital marketing agency.

Customer Reviews   

Because of The Small Biz Expert’s dedication to giving their clients the best outcome possible, many people have taken the time to share their reviews about the company, and down below we listed what they had to say.

“These people really know their stuff, they were able to guide me through all elements of digital marketing, SEO, and Social Media, needed for my new start-up clothing business. I would highly recommend this company to all my fellow business owners out there!” – John Bright

“Great people to work with. Very professional. I would highly recommend!” – Craig Turner


Address: 17 Riefield Rd, London SE9 2QD, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 7824 330742

Operating Hours: Mon -Thurs: 8 AM – 5 PM, Fri: 9 AM – 5 PM, Sat: 9 AM – 1:00 PM, Sun – Closed

Spin Brands

Spin Brands Logo

Spin Brands are the go-to Facebook marketing specialists, delivering impact and expertise from day one.

They have experienced professionals who can help you to achieve your goals with a personalized strategy that suits your specific needs.

Whether it’s brand awareness, ROI, or engagement – they’ve got the right solutions for you!


Address: 126 Cornwall Rd, London, SE1 8UL

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details

Social Awaken

Social Awaken Logo

Social Awaken is a social media marketing firm in London that helps brands flourish and thrive. They work with influencers, creators, and more to help them find the perfect voice for their brand. From strategy development to content production, Social Awaken has the experience and creativity needed to grow your business.

Furthermore, the company’s team of experts works hand-in-hand to build high-quality content for all platforms, which includes blogs, videos, articles, and more to help you reach your goals.

They offer different packages based on each client’s needs with their main focus being on raising the profile of a business or personal brand through social media channels such as Facebook while also managing the day-to-day tasks associated with running your account.


Address: Suite 111 Pill Box Studios 115, Coventry Rd E2 6GG London, UK

Contact Details: +44 20 8935 5654

Operating Hours:  Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Honest London  

Honest London Logo

Honest London is a brand and celebrity reputation management agency that specializes in reputation, social media, crisis based in the heart of East London’s Shoreditch. If you want to effectively improve your brand’s reputation, build your business’s social media presence, and protect it from damaging online attacks then Honest London are the experts to call. They offer a range of services including PR & Marketing, SEO Services, Facebook Marketing, and even Website Design.  

The team at Honest London is made up of experts in their fields, from award-winning PR specialists to social media gurus and SEO experts who have been handpicked for the company’s values and commitment to boosting a client’s reputation on all channels – both online and offline. 

Customer Reviews   

Honest London is indeed among the best Facebook marketing agency you can ever find. Whether you want to increase your online presence or save yourself from the backlash that can affect your brand, this is the company for you. Some clients even took the time to share their experiences

“I loved working with Honest London, they really helped build our brand despite the COVID19 pandemic. The co-founders always listened to our ideas and made them a reality. Great, reliable, honest service.” – Naina Taylor


Address: Soho Works, Shoreditch.

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday: 9 AM –5 PM, Saturday: Closed, Sunday: Closed

System Social

System Social Logo

This London-based marketing agency focuses on Facebook marketing, but also offers web design and SEO services. Founded in 2016 with 20 employees, Spin Brands is changing the game for small businesses who are looking to grow their digital presence.

Spin Brands has helped a healthy food company in the UK to grow their Instagram following and engagement. They started by performing an initial campaign with content from the client’s marketing department, they then used advanced features of Instagram to attract more followers. The social media team at Spin Brands was praised for its ability in executing and providing numerical deliverables.

Customer Reviews

“It is always great to work with a company that actually cares about the product. They are so involved in their branding, it’s refreshing.” — Founder of Healthy Food Company


Address: System Social Ltd
Regent Studios, Holloway, London, N7 7PH

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details


Palm PR is a digital agency that operates out of London, and specializes in helping companies with their Facebook marketing, branding needs & more. They are the perfect solution for those looking to get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace!

Customer Reviews

“Palm PR has really improved our presence in the market place.” – Director of Sales and Marketing, Hotel


Address: 212 Curtain House 134-146 Curtain Road London, EC2A 3AR 

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details


Ceek Logo

CEEK is a London-based social media marketing firm that specializes in Facebook Marketing. With their team of 35 serving clients across the advertising, hospitality and business service sectors they have become a reputable agency for Facebook Marketing services in London.

Customer Reviews

“They were so helpful and supportive! They provided detailed reports to explain the process in detail from start to finish.” – Director of Construction Company


Address: 123 Buckingham Palace Road SW1W 9SH London, UK

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details

BMAS Agency

BMAS Agency is a small social media marketing firm operating out of London, United Kingdom. Their team provides all the services one could need in order to have an effective online presence as well as increase conversions on your website and more!

Customer Reviews

The service they provide is incredible. They really care about their clients, and it shows in all the little things they do for me that go above and beyond what I’ve come to expect from other Facebook Marketing Agencies!


Address: Unit 9, Imperial Studios, Imperial Road, Fulham SW6 2AG London, UK

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details

Digital Litmus

The team at Digital Litmus is ready to take on any challenge you can throw their way. They’re based in London and have around 10 employees, all of which specialize in different aspects of digital marketing like Facebook Marketing.

Customer Reviews

“They had a deep understanding of the needs that our type of business was going through.” – Co-Founder & COO, FinTech Company


Address: 3rd Floor 86-90 Paul Street London EC2A 4NE UK

Contact Details: 44 (0) 20 3633 4210

Operating Hours:  Contact for more details

Got Legs Digital

Digivate is a London-based digital marketing agency that specializes in social media advertising, content marketing, SEO and PPC. They work with clients across industries to create engaging campaigns for their target audience while driving measurable results.

Customer Reviews

“We are thrilled to have surpassed our initial target of 27% with Got Legs and we’re tracking around about 32%, up month on month.” -CEO, E-Commerce Firm.


Address: 7 Bell Yard WC2A 2JR London, UK

Contact Details:

Operating Hours:  Mon- Fri: 9AM – 6pm, Sat-Sun: Closed


The Facebook Marketing Agencies in London featured in this list are the best of the best, so if you need help getting your social media marketing campaigns on track, these agencies will be able to provide all that and more.

With their expertise and creativity, they should have no problem helping increase engagement with customers as well as generating leads through highly targeted ads.

We hope you find our selection helpful and be sure to save this guide for future reference!