Top 22 Facebook Marketing Agencies in London

Struggling to grow your online presence? You’re not alone! With the right marketing agency, you can reach the right audience and enjoy the benefits of increased visibility and engagement. In this article, we’ll cover the top Facebook marketing agencies in London that can help transform your business. Get ready to take your social media success to new heights!

Top Facebook Marketing Agencies London

List of The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in London

The power of Facebook marketing for social media strategies is gaining traction among businesses. In London, there are some of the best Facebook marketing agencies that can help businesses achieve their objectives on this platform with ease. In this article, we’ll explore the most sought-after Facebook marketing agencies in London, known for their exceptional services and support.

Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads​

Pearl Lemon Leads is London’s top Facebook Lead Generation Agency, distinguished by its dedication to driving client success on Facebook. With deep experience and a proven track record, the agency combines innovative strategies and technical know-how to deliver exceptional results.

Key Highlights:

  • Expert Team: Pearl Lemon Leads’ core is its team of digital marketing veterans, skilled in navigating Facebook’s evolving landscape. Their expertise ensures clients’ campaigns remain cutting-edge, leveraging the latest trends and tools for maximum effectiveness.
  • Customized Strategies: Understanding the uniqueness of each business, the agency tailors its marketing strategies to meet specific client goals. This bespoke approach maximizes campaign impact, whether it’s boosting sales, engagement, or leads.
  • Facebook Marketing Mastery: With extensive experience in Facebook marketing, the agency excels in audience targeting, content creation, and performance analysis. Clients benefit from a comprehensive service that optimizes investment and returns.
  • Proactive Support: Pearl Lemon Leads prioritizes ongoing client support and campaign optimization. This ensures sustained success and adaptability in the fast-paced digital arena, fostering long-term growth and client satisfaction.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:4 Holborn Viaduct London, EC1A 2BN United Kingdom

Heavyweight Digital

Heavyweight Digital

Heavyweight Digital is a distinguished digital marketing agency that stands out for its comprehensive expertise and innovative solutions in the digital marketing realm. 

Founded in January 2015 by Roy Dovaston and Dan Slay, the agency has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, earning prestigious recognitions such as Google Premier Partner, Microsoft Elite Partner, and META Certified Partner. 

Here are three key points to highlight about Heavyweight Digital:

  1. Innovative Solutions: Founded in 2015, Heavyweight Digital quickly addressed a critical market need with Click Guardian, an anti-click fraud app, showcasing their commitment to innovation and technology in solving digital marketing challenges.
  2. Diverse Services: The agency offers a comprehensive portfolio, including Google Ads management, local SEO, web design, and bespoke app development, demonstrating their capability to meet a wide range of digital marketing needs.
  3. Recognized Expertise: With prestigious recognitions as a Google Premier Partner, Microsoft Elite Partner, and META Certified Partner, Heavyweight Digital’s expertise and effectiveness in delivering successful digital marketing strategies are well-established.
Contact Details: [email protected]
Address: The Orangery, Lynderswood Court Lynderswood Lane, Chelmsford Essex, CM77 8JT


Hallam Logo

Hallam Internet is a trusted Facebook marketing agency based in London. With over 15 years of experience, their team consists of experts who have dedicated decades to helping businesses succeed online.

Their approach is agile and fast-moving, combining creative ideas with strategic thinking and technical expertise to ensure that clients thrive.


  • The Team – Hallam’s experienced team has been at the forefront of digital marketing for many years and has a proven track record of success when it comes to helping companies grow using Facebook as an effective platform. Their strong relationships with the social media giant mean that they are always up to date on the latest trends, tools, and strategies to help your business achieve its goals.
  • Hallam understands how important it is for each client’s needs to be met in order for them to succeed online. That’s why they take the time to get to know their clients and tailor their strategies around what works best for them. From bespoke campaigns designed specifically for business objectives, through to ongoing support after launch, they will guide you every step of the way so that you can achieve maximum results from your investments in digital marketing.
  • Facebook Marketing – Having worked closely with Facebook since its launch back in 2004, Hallam’s team knows exactly how best businesses can use this powerful platform effectively. With comprehensive knowledge across all aspects of FB marketing such as targeting audiences, creating content and measuring ROI, you can trust them when it comes delivering results from your campaigns on this channel.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:Hallam Internet, The Gridiron Building, 1 Pancras Square, London, N1C 4AG


brafton digital marketing agency logo

Brafton is a full-service content marketing agency that helps businesses succeed. With more than 10 years of experience and over 10,000 global enterprise users, Brafton has been the leading choice for organizations around the world.


  • The Team: The team at Brafton is comprised of experienced professionals in the content marketing industry who consistently deliver high quality work on time. They specialize in all areas of digital marketing including SEO, social media management, video production and more.
  • Facebook Marketing: As one of the most popular social networks used by businesses today, Facebook offers great opportunities for marketing success. Brafton’s experts are well-versed in developing effective Facebook campaigns to help you capture your target audience and drive more leads.
  • Search Performance Briefs: Developing an SEO strategy can be daunting but with Brafton’s Search Performance Briefs service they can help you create a plan that will improve your website rankings and visibility on search engines like Google and Bing.
Contact Details: [email protected]
Address: 37th Floor, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AB, United Kingdom

The Good Marketer

the good marketer digital marketing agency logo

The Good Marketer is a digital marketing agency that focuses on working with small businesses. They offer a full range of social media advertising services, including Facebook Marketing, to help small businesses reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.


  • They specialize in working with small businesses: The Good Marketer understands the unique challenges faced by small businesses and knows how to tailor their marketing strategies to meet their specific needs. They believe that small can be mighty and aim to provide dedicated support to help these businesses succeed.
  • Expertise in Facebook Marketing: With the largest and most diverse audience in the world, Facebook offers an incredible opportunity for businesses to reach their target customers. The Good Marketer’s team has extensive experience in running successful Facebook ad campaigns, utilizing highly effective targeting systems to identify ideal customers based on their likes, age, and location.
  • Full-service social media agency: The Good Marketer not only helps with Facebook Marketing but also provides comprehensive support across every stage of the marketing funnel. Their in-house creative team can create eye-catching graphics and videos for use in campaigns, ensuring that businesses have compelling content to engage their audiences.
Contact Details:[email protected] | 0203 576 2150
Address:4 Ravey Street, London, EC2A 4QP

The Brains Marketing

The Brains Marketing is one of the top Facebook marketing agencies in London, and for good reason. With a team of experts across all departments, The Brains has a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver extraordinary results.


  • Expertise: The Brains team is filled with professionals who are well-versed in many aspects of digital marketing, from Facebook Marketing to web design. They have the expertise to ensure your campaigns run smoothly and achieve great success.
  • Reputation: Over the years The Brains has gained an impressive reputation for delivering high quality work at competitive prices that clients can rely on. This consistent excellence puts them ahead of the competition when it comes to digital services.
  • Flexibility: Whatever your needs may be, The Brains will be able to tailor their services accordingly so you get exactly what you need within budget. Their friendly staff are always willing to help and provide advice whenever needed.

Agile Digital Agency

Agile Digital Agency

Agile Digital Agency is a top-notch Facebook Marketing Agency that provides clients with the technical complexity of modern technology. The team focuses on helping SMEs succeed and generate real, meaningful value for their businesses.


  • The Team: Agile Digital’s team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Facebook marketing which helps them to provide great results for all their clients. They strive to gain an understanding of their client’s needs so they can craft an effective digital strategy tailored around those needs.
  • They Focus on Results: Agile Digital works hard to deliver outstanding results for each unique business they work with. They have earned a spot on our list because of their dedication to providing superior services and delivering successful campaigns for their clients.
  • Facebook Marketing Specialists: The agency specializes in providing effective Facebook marketing solutions tailored specifically towards the goals set by the individual business owners. Whether it be boosting brand awareness or generating leads, Agile Digital can help you get the most out of your social media activities!
Contact Details:+44 20 8123 3376
Address:88 Wood St, London, United Kingdom

Mr Digital Ltd

mr digital seo agency logo

Mr Digital Ltd is an award-winning international digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven strategies to generate a real return-on-investment for businesses. Their team of certified digital marketing specialists removes the guesswork from marketing strategies by monitoring and analyzing data.


  • Exceptional Facebook Marketing: They are recognized as the UK’s Best Facebook Ads Agency and have certified Facebook Ads specialists who utilize advanced techniques to target relevant prospects, nurture them, and convert them into loyal customers.
  • Strategic Approach: Mr Digital takes a comprehensive approach to Facebook Ads, focusing not only on creating ads but also crafting a narrative that resonates with the audience and aligns with marketing objectives. They delve into the specifics of each brand to create customized ad campaigns that capture attention and drive meaningful engagement.
  • Expertise and Conversion: With a deep understanding of the Facebook platform and a focus on the unique brand essence of each client, Mr Digital’s Facebook certified experts deliver campaigns that not only attract but also convert. From eye-catching visuals to compelling copy, every element of their ads is meticulously crafted to stand out in the bustling Facebook environment.
Contact Details:[email protected] | 01273 942 329
Address:Mr Digital Ltd, 3 Warren Close, Brighton, BN2 6DT

Untapped Digital

Untapped DIgital Logo

Untapped Digital is one of the best Facebook marketing agencies in London. They specialize in Facebook advertising and social media management, making them experts in all aspects of online marketing.


  • The Team: Untapped Digital’s team has years of experience with digital marketing, so they’re sure to be able to provide everything your business needs. Plus, they offer training sessions to help you optimize your Facebook ads for better results and conduct effective A/B testing.
  • Proven Track Record: Untapped Digital has a proven track record of success on Facebook; many clients have seen improved ROI and increased sales as a result of their services.
  • Flexible Services: No matter what it is your business needs, Untapped Digital can provide an appropriate solution. From social media management to boosting your online presence, they have the expertise and know-how to get the job done quickly and effectively.
Contact Details:+44(0)2037510350 / [email protected]
Address:41 Old Street, London, EC1V 9AE

Datadial Facebook Marketing


Datadial is a Facebook marketing powerhouse that provides businesses with an effective strategy and approach to reach their goals. With the help of their team of experts, they are able to tailor individualized solutions for each client’s specific needs.


  • The Team: Datadial has a talented team of professionals who specialize in Facebook marketing and have years of experience providing successful campaigns across multiple industries. They understand the nuances of social media and how to use it to produce the best possible outcomes for their clients.
  • Cross Sectors: Datadial works in many different sectors including lifestyle, travel, health, recruitment, aviation, wine, gifts and training. This means that no matter what type of business you’re running, they can create a unique strategy just for you.
  • Streamlined Processes: Through years of experience and hard work, Datadial has streamlined processes so that smaller companies can take advantage of their services too; giving everyone the chance to rise among their competition regardless of size.
Contact Details:+44 20 8600 0500
Address:174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JP



Brandnation is the team to go to if you want effective results from your Facebook marketing campaigns. They specialize in designing and implementing multi-tiered, brand-led campaigns that break through the noise and drive genuine brand connection.


  • The Team: The team at Brandnation comprises experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of how brands work and what it takes to make them stand out from competitors.
  • Their Approach: Brandnation focuses on building brands that can rise up among competitors. They design and implement multi-tiered, brand-led campaigns that break through the noise and drive genuine brand connection.
  • Their Experience: With years of experience in their field, the team at Brandnation understand how different industries work, giving them an edge over others when it comes to delivering results for their clients.
Contact Details:+44 20 7940 7170
Address:Sterling House, 33 Union Street SE1 1SD London, UK


marketiu logo

Marketiu is the leading social media marketing agency in London, and they have a team of experienced professionals that can help businesses increase their ROI through digital channels.


  • The Team: Marketiu’s team has years of experience in online marketing, SEO, online reputation management and web design making them well-equipped to handle any project. They have a proven track record and have delivered successful campaigns for many companies.
  • Facebook Marketing: Marketiu provides comprehensive Facebook marketing services including content creation and curation, ad creation and optimization, as well as monitoring user engagement to ensure maximum impact from each campaign.
  • Reputation Management: As part of their overall service package, Marketiu also offers reputation management services to make sure that your brand stays positive in the public eye. Their experts will work with you to monitor customer sentiment and build strategies for proactively managing your company’s public image.
Contact Details:+44 7845 370910 / [email protected]
Address:20-22 Wenlock Road N1 7GU London, UK

Verb Brands

Verb Brands Logo

Verb Brands is a full-service agency that works with luxury and premium brands to drive business performance. Led by Chris Donnelly and Ben Askins, they use technology and data to understand high net worth individuals and affluent consumers, making them the agency of choice for many luxury brands.


  • The Team: Verb’s team is highly experienced in working with luxury brands to deliver results. With deep expertise across all aspects of marketing, from social media and influencer marketing to SEO and paid media services, the team have an impressive track record of success.
  • Facebook Marketing: Verb excels at leveraging Facebook’s suite of tools for maximum impact. From creative campaigns that capture attention to tailored ad targeting strategies that help reach key audiences, their team knows how to get the most out of this powerful platform.
  • They Use Data: Through data-driven insights, Verb can identify trends within target markets quickly and accurately. This not only helps them craft effective strategies but also provides valuable feedback on campaign performance so that future initiatives can be further optimized for success.
Contact Details:44 (0)20 8977 2994 / [email protected]
Address:86-90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE



Maade is a Facebook marketing agency specialising in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Founded in 2016, Maade has worked with renowned clients in London to help them launch, grow, or expand their businesses. The team at Maade brings together award-winning expertise in social media marketing and photo and video content.


  • Their experienced team: The team at Maade consists of experts from various industries such as marketing, web design, photography, video production and more. They have years of experience creating successful campaigns for their clients.
  • Facebook Marketing Strategies: Maade helps its clients develop effective strategies for running successful Facebook campaigns that will reach their target audience. Through data analysis and creative content creation they create engaging campaigns that drive results.
  • Creative Content Production: With an eye on detail and creativity, the team produces stunning images that power their Facebook marketing campaigns to increase bookings and customers for their clients’ business.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:London and Remote



Gripped is a Facebook marketing agency that specializes in helping companies with their digital transformation. With an experienced team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology, Gripped aims to create the best possible results for their clients.


  • Dedication: The team at Gripped is passionate about providing solutions to help businesses succeed and take pride in the work they do. They devote themselves to each project wholeheartedly, ensuring every customer receives outstanding service and value for money.
  • Expertise: Their employees have extensive knowledge in social media marketing as well as specialized tools such as Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor which enable them to create high quality campaigns tailored specifically for each client’s needs.
  • Results Driven: At the end of the day, it all comes down to results when it comes to digital transformation – and this is where Gripped excels. With years of experience behind them, they understand how important it is to track progress and use data wisely so that customers can see a return on investment from their efforts quickly and effectively.
Contact Details:+44 (0) 330 808 0988
Address:150 Borough High St, London, SE1 1LB

Truffle Social

truffle social

Truffle Social is a leading social media marketing agency that specializes in Facebook Marketing. They have a team of experts who are highly trained and experienced in creating effective strategies to reach your target audience and grow your business.


  • The Team: The team at Truffle Social consists of experienced professionals who understand the dynamics of the digital landscape and can create tailored solutions for every type of business. They work closely with their clients to ensure they get the best results.
  • Facebook Marketing Services: Their services range from designing campaigns, setting up ads, managing your page, analyzing data, optimizing content, and much more. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while they take care of all the marketing needs.
  • Results Driven Approach: Truffle Social’s priority is to help you reach your goals with measurable results. They use a combination of data analysis and creative problem solving to ensure that each campaign is successful and delivers tangible results for their clients.
Contact Details:+44 20 7193 0808
Address:Second Floor, HubHub, 20 Farringdon Street EC4A4EN London, UK.

Nautilus Marketing

Nautilus Marketing is a Facebook marketing agency that specializes in helping companies grow their business through social media. With an experienced team of professionals, they are able to create effective strategies and content that engages users on all channels.


  • The Team: Nautilus Marketing has assembled a highly experienced team of professionals who understand the importance of creating engaging content for each channel. They use innovative techniques to help clients reach their desired goals.
  • Facebook Optimization: Their experts are well-versed in optimizing pages and using the latest features from Facebook to enhance visibility and engagement levels. Additionally, they also create graphic design and web development services for clients looking to further improve their presence on the platform.
  • Proven Results: Nautilus Marketing has provided proven results for many clients by creating effective strategies that work and achieving high engagement rates across all channels. This makes them one of the most reliable Facebook marketing agencies out there today.
Contact Details:+44020 4513 9344
Address:87 Great Portland St, London W1W 7LU, UK

The Small Biz Expert

The Small Biz Expert is a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses grow. With their team of experts, they offer strategy and execution for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media marketing needs.


  • Team of Experts: Their experienced team specializes in SEO, PR, content marketing, and social media advertising—allowing you to make sure your business reaches its full potential with the right digital marketing strategy.
  • Proprietary System: Their proprietary system allows them to track the success of your campaigns’ digital presence so that you can see what works best for your business.
  • Impressive Clients: They have worked with clients from various sectors such as hospitality, property development, and law firms—showing their expertise in providing quality digital solutions.
Contact Details:+44 7824 330742
Address:17 Riefield Rd, London SE9 2QD, United Kingdom

Spin Brands

Spin Brands Logo

Spin Brands is a London-based marketing agency that specializes in Facebook marketing and offers web design and SEO services. Founded in 2016 with 20 employees, Spin Brands has quickly become the go-to for small businesses looking to expand their digital presence.


  • The team helped a UK health food company grow its Instagram following and engagement by utilizing advanced features of Instagram. They managed to deliver numerical deliverables that were praised highly by their client.
  • Spin Brands provides comprehensive Facebook marketing services, including content creation, targeted ads, analytics tracking, and more. Their team members have extensive experience in developing campaigns that get results.
  • With their comprehensive web design and SEO services, Spin Brands helps businesses create beautiful websites that are optimized for search engine rankings. This ensures customers can easily find them online while also providing an aesthetically pleasing website experience.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:126 Cornwall Rd, London, SE1 8UL

Social Awaken

Social Awaken Logo

Social Awaken is a social media marketing firm in London that helps brands find their voice and grow. With a team of experts, they offer services ranging from strategy development to content production.


  • The Team: Social Awaken has an experienced and creative team who works hand-in-hand to build high quality content for all platforms. This includes blogs, videos, articles, and more – all tailored to each client’s needs.
  • Facebook Marketing: One of their main focuses is raising the profile of a business or personal brand through Facebook channels. They manage the day-to-day tasks associated with running your account such as audience targeting, post scheduling, campaigns optimization and more.
  • Personalized Packages: Social Awaken offers personalized packages based on each client’s needs so that you can get the perfect service for your budget and goals. Their prices are competitive and they strive to provide quality work without compromising on results.
Contact Details:+44 20 8935 5654
Address:Suite 111 Pill Box Studios 115, Coventry Rd E2 6GG London, UK

Honest London

Honest London Logo

Honest London is a brand and celebrity reputation management agency based in the heart of East London’s Shoreditch. They specialize in reputation, social media, and crisis management for businesses who want to effectively improve their brand’s reputation, build their business’s social media presence, and protect it from damaging online attacks.

The team at Honest London are experts in all areas of PR & Marketing, SEO Services, Facebook Marketing and Website Design.


  • The Team: Handpicked for their values and commitment to boosting a client’s reputation on all channels – both online and offline – they have award-winning PR specialists to social media gurus and SEO experts that offer expert advice tailored to each individual client’s needs.
  • Facebook Marketing: Their experienced team specializes in creating campaigns that will help drive traffic to your website or boost engagement with your existing audience on Facebook. From creative content curation to analytics reporting – they can help you maximize ROI from your efforts on this powerful platform.
  • Website Design: Not only do they specialize in digital marketing services but also offer website design services as well. Their team can provide custom designs that will optimize user experience and ensure you’re delivering the best possible product or service for your customers via an easy-to-navigate website.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:Soho Works, Shoreditch.

System Social

System Social Logo

System Social is an award-winning content creation and social media strategy agency that creates organic content that demands attention, builds authentic cultural connections, and implements smart paid strategies to accelerate growth. The team of experts specialize in creating cut through content on social media platforms such as Facebook.


  • Social Strategy – The team at System Social are adept at devising social media plans to maximize engagement for their clients. They focus on developing a comprehensive plan that takes into account the client’s goals, target audience, and budget. With this approach they are able to create effective campaigns that can be tailored to various platforms such as Facebook.
  • Paid Social – System Social’s team of professionals leverage the power of paid advertising on Facebook to give their clients an edge in reaching people with their content. They employ a range of tactics such as targeting different audiences or areas with specific ads which helps them achieve maximum reach within budget constraints.
  • Influencers & Collaborations – System Social works closely with influencers on projects to help spread their message further than ever before. Their collaborations often result in highly successful campaigns due to the expertise they bring when it comes to finding the right influencer for any given project who will resonate well with their client’s audience.
Contact Details:[email protected]
Address:System Social Ltd Regent Studios, Holloway, London, N7 7PH

How We Test and Review Facebook Marketing Agencies in London

Facebook marketing agencies in London differ greatly in their quality and effectiveness. To help businesses find the best agencies, we have a rigorous testing and reviewing process. Our process involves several rounds of evaluations that assess various aspects of an agency’s work. We examine everything from their approach to strategy to their creativity in producing effective Facebook marketing campaigns.

To start our testing and review process, we first create a comprehensive list of all Facebook marketing agencies in London. We then use this list to narrow down our candidates until we are left with the top contenders for our evaluation rounds.

Our evaluation rounds consist of both individual and group assessments. Individual assessments involve detailed analysis of each agency, while group assessments bring together multiple individuals to evaluate factors such as team dynamics, collaboration abilities, and communication skills. During these rounds, we compile data on each agency’s strengths and weaknesses.

After all evaluation rounds are complete, we combine our data into a final ranking of the top 3 Facebook marketing agencies in London for businesses to consider using for their Facebook campaigns.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Facebook Marketing Agency in London

When searching for a Facebook marketing agency in London, several factors should be considered to find the right match. The best agencies are those that can help businesses reach the right audience and elevate their social media marketing game. Here are some elements to consider when selecting an ideal agency for your business.

  • Experience: An agency with experience in Facebook marketing will be better placed to create robust campaigns that are tailored to specific business needs.
  • Services provided: Most businesses require more than just social media advertising. Choose an agency that offers diverse digital services like web development, SEO, and PPC.
  • Pricing: Find an agency whose prices align with your budget while providing quality services.
  • Knowledge of your industry: Select an agency familiar with your brand’s industry intricacies so that they will adequately understand your target audience.

Some agencies excel more than others in creating top-notch digital marketing campaigns. It is advisable to investigate their past performance and client feedback before choosing one to work with. This knowledge can assist you in making informed decisions on which Digital Marketing Agency will work best for you. The agency may call themselves ‘London-based’, but their Facebook marketing skills are global.

Looking for Facebook Marketing Agency in a Specific Location?

Are you looking for the best Facebook marketing agencies in the UK? SocialAppsHQ has made it easy to find exactly what you need. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the top agencies that can get your campaigns soaring to new heights! Don’t delay – pick one today and start seeing results!

Final Thoughts

Each of these agencies has its strengths and can cater to specific needs of their clients. However, it’s important to note that there are many other agencies in London that offer expertise in Facebook marketing. Choosing the right agency for your business needs requires thorough research and assessment based on your goals and budget.

Don’t forget to also evaluate the agency’s communication style, track record, and client reviews before making a final decision.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, working with an agency can help you save time, improve ROI, and achieve better results. While this article provided information on some of the best options available in London, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are other agencies out there as well.

It can be overwhelming to choose an agency when so many options are available. Hence studying their portfolios becomes necessary. Once you’ve identified a few candidates that seem like a good fit for your brand, take the time to explore their websites or ask for examples of past work done by them.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions during consultations with each agency. This will give you an idea of whether or not they truly understand your business needs and if they have any innovative ideas on how to take your Facebook marketing strategy one step further.