Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Cheltenham

Looking for a Facebook marketing agency in Cheltenham? Look no further! We have compiled a list of the best agencies in town, so you can find the perfect one for your business. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we have done the hard work for you! Read on to learn more about each agency and what they can offer your business.

Best Facebook Marketing Agencies Cheltenham

The Best Facebook Marketing Agencies in Cheltenham

When choosing a Facebook marketing agency, there are several factors to consider:

First, you need to decide what your goals are for using Facebook marketing. Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Drive traffic to your website? Increase sales? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start narrowing down your options.

Next, you need to consider the experience and expertise of the agency. Do they have a proven track record of success in delivering results for their clients? What kind of campaigns have they run in the past? How well do they understand your industry and target market?

Finally, the cost is always an important factor when making any decision. You need to find an agency that offers good value for money without compromising on quality.

Now that you know what to look for in a Facebook marketing agency, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the best options in Cheltenham. Here are our top picks:

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Dashing Duck Marketing

dashing duck logo

Dashing Duck Marketing is a Gloucestershire marketing agency that produces high-quality, creative marketing content. The agency takes the time to understand their clients, their goals and objectives, and who and where their target audience is before coming up with powerful ideas that people connect with. This strategy is applied to all marketing campaigns to ensure that the content hits its marketing objectives.

The agency believes that businesses of all shapes and sizes will see growth and engagement through working with them.


Address:  B103 Bearland Lodge, Longsmith, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2HT

Contact Details:  01452 923870

Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 6 PM, Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Factory Pattern

factory pattern logo

Factory Pattern is a digital agency that was founded in Cheltenham, United Kingdom in 2008. The company focuses on web design, user experience, and digital marketing. Factory Pattern has worked with many clients of all sizes across the UK. Their services have helped these businesses reach their desired goals and objectives through research, design, and technology. Factory Pattern is a reliable digital agency that provides positive and profitable experiences for its clients.


Address: Parker Court, Knapp Lane, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 3QJ

Contact Details: 01242 321907

Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5 PM, Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Brace Creative

brace agency logo

Brace Creative is a digital marketing solutions service that strives for excellence, creativity, and loyalty in everything they do. They are also passionate about positive community impact and corporate social responsibility. Their goal is to provide innovative products and services that make a difference in people’s lives. Whether it be through the work they do or supporting their local community, Brace Creative wants to leave the world a little bit better than when they found it. That is what drives them and makes them who they are.


Address: Olympus House, Olympus Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4NF

Contact Details: 01452 729 953

Operating Hours:  Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5 PM, Saturday – Sunday: Closed


There you have it! These are the best Facebook marketing agencies in Cheltenham. We hope this list has helped you narrow down your options and find the perfect agency for your business.

If you’re still not sure which one to choose, we recommend getting in touch with each of them and asking for a proposal. This will give you a better idea of what they can offer and how they can help you achieve your goals. Good luck!

Whichever agency you decide to go with, we’re sure that you’ll be successful in reaching your Facebook marketing goals.